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April 27, 2012 @ 12:12 am
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Schiano Says Martin Is The Total Package

Written by Eric
Eric Dellaratta


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers caught many off guard by trading back into the first round and selecting Boise State running back Doug Martin. General manager Mark Dominik and head coach Greg Schiano spoke about the trade and what Martin brings to Tampa Bay. The entire transcript of their press conference is below.
General manager Mark Dominik’s opening statement:
“We’re excited upstairs. There was a guy that we targeted that we had a lot of interest in. There were a couple of reasons we made that trade for Doug Martin. Number one is who he is. He’ a great young man and a team leader at Boise State, running a fantastic football program. He was voted team captain and is a productive football player, a guy that can play all three downs for us and work with LeGarrette Blount, and I’ll let coach deal with all that stuff. He’s a guy that we really think compliments Blount. As for us again, we talk about guys that great strength. He’s got good explosion numbers, he catches the ball really well, and when you watch him on tape, that’s all the exciting things about it. For us, as an organization there were also a couple of reasons I thought the trade made sense. One, we wanted to get a back in this year’s draft and we thought he was a very complete back. Number two, we decided to move up to the second round into the first round. To do that, not only do you get a four-year deal on a contract, but you end up with a five-year deal on a first round pick. That’s important to me because that’s extra value that you get that sometimes isn’t seen. The other thing is we just took the fourth we acquired when we made the trade for Mark Barron, moving from the top of the fourth to the bottom of the fourth, so we didn’t lose a fourth-round pick, we just moved down in the fourth. I felt like that was good value too so we could continue to have more selections in this draft. We obviously have five more selections to go and a lot of work ahead of us and an excited two more days to go.”

Do you see Doug Martin as a number one running back?
“Well I think he’s going to work. I’ll let coach dig into that a little bit, but I think this league as we all know is a two to three back league and we felt that Doug Martin really can contribute in all phases of the football game and has been a productive player and can do that. We’re looking forward to him doing that with us.”

Was the fourth-round pick you received when you traded down ear-marked for this pick?
“You know it really wasn’t. It was something that we knew that we had. I liked where the value of that fourth rounder was because it was such a high fourth and that gave it some extra value. As we let the draft kind of slowly unfold upstairs, we had our running list of names that we always consider and Doug started popping up and I felt like there was going to be a run, and I just realized the Giants took Wilson from Virginia Tech, so there was concern that there was going to be a run on running backs here really quick and to me I thought the value of the running back over night was going to become more expensive and I thought it would be better to take the opportunity and do it now.”

Do you think he would have been there at pick 36?
“You never know, but the reality is when you have 18 hours to sit back and decide and you’ve got teams that are in front of you that could come up, to be able to move up or if somebody trades in front of you, there’s a good chance that becomes a more expensive trade. Again, a big addition to me was getting that fifth year on the contract. That’s a big deal now, so now instead of the four-year deal that the second-rounders get, first-rounders get the chance at five years and that was a big reason that we also wanted to move up and take advantage of that in the new CBA.”

How close is Martin’s grade to Richardson?
“I think that they’re close, but Richardson’s a special back. We feel very good about Doug Martin, so I’m not surprised he’s the second running back off the board. Obviously we made him the second running back off the board, but I also think he was garnering that grade. I think if you talk to scouts around the National Football League, I think if you talk to the coaches at Boise State and I think if you talk to his teammates you’ll understand why no one is really surprised he’s a first-round running back in the National Football League.”

How important is it to have an every-down back?
“I think it’s very important. It’s nice to have a guy that you feel like can go in there on first down and carry the ball, on goal line situations, short yardage and third down and catch the ball out of the backfield. I think that’s very important and that’s why we felt he was a good compliment to LeGarrette.”

Head coach Greg Schiano’s opening statement:
“As Mark said, we’re really excited. I have experience with his coach, we go back a ways and I just love this kid. I loved him when we evaluated him and as the round kept going down he was still there and that got exciting. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have him here and I think he and LeGarrette can really be a great team. In this league I don’t think you can do it with just one back, you need two. These guys will work together and competition is great for everybody so it will rise them up. Again I’ll say it, I think you need two backs and as Mark said, he is a three-down back. He can pass protect and there aren’t a lot of them in college football and he can catch the football. He can do it all. He was also a great special teams player in college. He was their leading rusher and had unbelievable production scoring touchdowns and those kinds of things as a gunner on their punt team. That’s the kind of guy he is. The captain of the team and the hardest working guy – one of those guys that you love to bring in to your organization and I just feel really blessed tonight at the end of this night to have the two guys that we have. You’re talking about captains, leaders of very good football programs having just come from college. Those are the programs that have won consistently over time and to have the two guys that are leaders of those programs on our football team, I can’t wait to get them in here.”

Is there a Greg Schiano kind of player?
“I think it’s a Buccaneer player and the kind of guys we want are the guys who love football, the guys who are going to lose track of time as their doing football, studying it, working at it. It’s in them. It’s in their bones and these guys are leaders because you’re not a leader if you don’t love the game you’re playing because you don’t work harder than everybody else if you don’t love the game. So that’s the kind of guy we’re looking for, the guys that just love what they’re doing and then throw everything they got into it. This is a guy that does it at his position and has been incredibly productive over time. He had something like 18 100-yard games, and you’re talking about some quality competition and this guy has done it over time, so it proves out; those guys perform for you and they’re fun to work with.”

What did you see on film that put Martin ahead of the other RBs?
“I think the totality of what he can do. You’re talking about a guy who can run the football for sure, has patience as he runs. He’s a mature runner. He can block, can receive and then you see the stuff he does on special teams. I think it was the bowl game, he takes the opening kickoff and right to the house. So you’re talking about a guy that does it all for his football team and a team that’s won. When they lose it’s a rarity. They’re 60-something and five in Coach Peterson’s tenure. This is a guy that’s won consistently.”

Do you see a little Ray Rice in him?
“I do see some of it. I do. I see a guy that’s an incredible competitor and runs hard and plays hard. So there’s probably some of that. We all have our guys that we coached that you like.”

How fortunate are you to come out of first day with two first-round picks?
“Blessed, no doubt about it. I feel like we’re in a position where we got two great football players and great men, young men that are going come in and have an impact and just themselves add an energy to our organization.”

How valuable is another starting-caliber running back?

“When you have LeGarrette and now to have Doug and LeGarrette, we can play a little bit of keep away. I think our offensive line is going to be really good. It’s not maybe what’s in vogue in the National Football League right now, but I think it can be very successful and so we have to go grind it out and get tougher and those types of things but we have some pieces that are very capable of doing that.”

Is Martin shifty and does he make people miss?
“He does, no doubt about it. He’s a physical back. He’s 220-something pounds so he can come at you and run over you if he has to but he’s very athletic and can make you miss. You don’t line up as a kickoff returner if you can’t, so he’s got that kind of shimmy.”

Did you get a chance to spend a lot of time with him?
“Not as much (as I did with Barron). But our scouts did and again, my relationship with his coach and those people out there in that part of the country that have a ton of respect for him. There was a lot of research done on this guy and he’s a Buc. He’s what we want.”

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  • avatar

    Great pick. We got a great player and didn't give up much at all to go get him. A+
  • avatar

    I say these two big additions gives Tampa Bay some head room for the rest of the draft. It gives us two starters espically in the defense back field. I am so glad we got back a 4th rounder. and now we will be able to get today a LB or a CB-I like that corner from Center Fla or CB from Nebraska, Or how abound finally aolb or Ilb in Rd-3, I think that some teams did there homework but other teams didnot. GO BUCS.
  • avatar

    Trading down and getting Barron was a nice surprise, and snagging Martin with a nifty swap was purely genius. I love both picks! Now, I would like to see them trade maybe a KW2 or Talib for a 2nd rd pick to get CB Robinson from UCF and then pick up a LB inthe 3rd. Nice job Dominik! I love your strategy, but doubt that Barron was your original target in rd 1.
  • avatar

    Love the first two picks! Now if we can get either Kendricks or Wagner with our third pick, it will have been a great first two days of the draft. Love going down and getting Martin as he is not that far behind Richardson at all!
  • avatar

    Pick 1 physical. Pick 2 physical. I took off from work (4:30 am wake up) for the 1st round. So very worth it. With the 1st pick I think we made a play to cover Grahm and Cam. With the 2nd pick I think we made a play to make the NFC South play defense. Sure, the Bucs' need to learn how to stop the run, but now so do you.
  • avatar

    We are gonna bludgeon the Saints, trounce the Falcons and crush the Carolina kitties this year. Just think about the offense at WR and RB. I can not wait!
  • avatar

    Huh, slow down Tiger..
  • avatar

    I am so excited for these new Bucs! It's gonna be awesome! Watch a few highlight reels and a few interviews of Doug Martin...this guy is great! He's a leader and a baller. I couldn't be happier for our two first rounders and for Bucs fans everywhere. Mark Dominick : You're the MAN!!! Nice selections!
  • avatar

    Welcome to the BUCS "Muscle Hamster"!
  • avatar

    I know a bad decision when I see one and I made one last night when I criticized Mark Dominik for not getting more for the trade down to #7. I never criticized the pick, I love the pick, but I was irritated with the price paid – so much so that I never got to see the trade for Doug Martin at the end of RD1. I could make excuses for my judgment because I started my draft party early, but I won’t, I just completely misread what was going on. This morning with things being a lot clearer, it turns out to be a clever move without which the move back into the 1st round would have been much more difficult if not impossible. So I’m not too proud to man up and say to Dominik and crew “Ya did good” and keep up the good work. Every fan gets a one-time “stupid card” and I played mine last night. So I’m back on the boat firing cannons at full mast! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    macabee, we all say things we would like to take back from time to time; there's nothing wrong with changing your opinion.
  • avatar

    Character is high this year for the draft picks, but if Jenoris Jenkins is still there in the 3rd, I have to wonder if they won't take a shot at him based soley on talent. I'm looking for a solid LB and probably 2 more DB's for depth, and a TE to push Stocker.
  • avatar

    halifaxbucsfan, He won't be there.
  • avatar

    it was really a hope more then anything...Despite the problems off the field, he still is a top talent and that will most often trump the issues. Though from what I've seen so far with this coach, the character issues might have stopped him from being our pick even if he were available. More headaches like Talib and Jackson are the last thing this team need this season. If he's not there, then I know there will be others available who can play behind Ronde and Wright for a year, and put pressure on Biggers and Lewis to step up their games. And who knows, maybe Talib will beat the charges, not be suspended, mend his thuggish ways and become a pillar of the Tampa community. And maybe we'll win the Superbowl this year too.
  • avatar

    Another solid pick. You can tell that character matters now and I am loving that. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't trade a couple players and I will not mention names, but character does count. It was very wise to go up and get Martin. He would have not been there at the 36th pick. It was a shocker at 30 when I saw that Tampa Bay was going to pick again. I thought for sure we were going to take a LB because I thought David and Hightower would be gone by 36; Martin was the better value and it was a good choice. Scubog, I was wondering if you ever sleep because of some late night and early morning posts, now I see that you do. I'm in the same boat as you and lucky if I can get 3-4 solid hours of sleep.
  • avatar

    I can't believe I dozed off on the couch after one of the Patriot's selections and missed this Richie McKay like maneuver. Outstanding !
  • avatar

    Great choice, I think the FO did their homework - and took a little reach to go get a guy that's a difference maker.
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