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May 9, 2012 @ 3:56 pm
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Underwood Set To Reunite With Schiano

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Former Jags and Patriots receiver Tiquan Underwood is set to join the Buccaneers and will be the seventh former Scarlet Knight on Tampa Bay's roster. Underwood is best known for being waived just one day before New England faced the Giants in this year's Super Bowl.
Tampa Bay is quickly becoming “Rutgers South” as the Buccaneers are set to add another Greg Schiano coached Scarlet Knight to their roster. Former Patriots receiver Tiquan Underwood will be the seventh Rutgers player on the Buccaneers roster and fifth signed since Schiano took over as head coach.

Underwood is probably best known after being released by the New England just one day before the Patriots faced the Giants in this year’s Super Bowl. Underwood was released so New England could add Alex Silvestro from the practice squad. Three days later he was re-signed, but was cut again May 3 so the New England could make room for Florida receiver Jabar Gaffney.

Last Sunday Schiano addressed the former Rutgers players in his post mini-camp news conference.

“Some of the guys I’m very familiar with if they’re available and I think they have a chance to help us,” Schiano said. “But again, it will never be because of my previous relationships that will ever cloud my vision on what’s best with the Buccaneers. That’s exactly what I share with them. I want you to be here and I want this to work because I appreciate your skills and your work ethic but at the end of the day, I have one responsibility and that’s to the Buccaneers. So I’m going to do what’s best for them.

“As long as everyone understand that going in…not that it’s easy when you have to tell someone they’re not going to work here anymore, that’s the way that it is. That’s professional sports. Quite frankly, that was one of the parts that I did not enjoy in professional football. But there’s a lot that I do so you take the good with the bad.

“Everyone of the guys that I’ve coached or coached against, that feels they have a special relationship or different relationship with me from familiarity, I make it clear out the gate, I do what’s best with the Bucs. If you’re good with that, let’s roll. All of them understand.”

In four seasons at Rutgers under Schiano, Underwood had 132 receptions for 1,931 yards and 16 touchdowns. Underwood's best year came as a junior in 2007, with 65 catches for 1,100 yards and seven scores.

The other Rutgers players who are currently on Tampa Bay’s roster are CB Derrick Roberson, G Desmond Wynn, C Jeremy Zuttah, DL George Johnson, DT Gary Gibson, and Eric LeGrand.

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    I think some of our insiders are way to negative. It is only May. Come on Ladies and Gentlemen. Let us all chill a little and see what happens. Let us face the facts that this team is in a rebuilding mode and as a wise man once said, "Rome wasn't built in a day". I do not think that we can expect miracles this season but we can at least be in a positive, supportive frame of mind. This Glazers are making an attempt to mend fences with the fans and get rid of the apathy that has plagued us all for quite a while. The only thing that is going to help us as fans is to be patient and positive with this new regime and see what happens.Positive attitudes and unity breed success. It is really tragic about Bowers but the Bucs are no different than any other team when it comes to the injury bug. SH** hapapens. I pray that the Bucs address more of the Denfesive issues such as CB, LB, D Line. They certainly do not have enough depth. That is my major concern. Just one old mans opinion. GO BUCS!!!!!
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    The funny thing to me is Schiano getting the big check while Horse and par4101 really know so much more about the game than he does. I don't get it!!!!
  • avatar

    jrwilson85, I have always said, just my opinion. I never ever said or hinted that I know more than Schiano. It's obvious that that any Soundoff doesn't know that much; that's why they ask questions and give their opinions based on that knowledge. So what you are really indicating is that we shouldn't say anything unless we know as much as the coaches. I guess we can now shut down all the radio, TV, and email sites. I am glad that you have solved the way? No cummunication unless you are all knowing and perfect.
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    Hoss I like your retort and you make an excellent point. I apologize for being kind of a cyber bully I guess. It's just that I watched this guy up close for the last 5 or 6 years and Leavitt couldn't beat him and Leavitt was a heck of a coach (even if he was a little wacko at times). What I noticed most about his Rutgers teams is how well conditioned they were. Under Leavitt, USF was a very physical team and I saw Schiano's Rutgers teams wear them down in the 4th quarter and steal victories time after time. It was painful to see Ray Rice just sap the Bulls energy at crunch time. The other thing I noticed about Schiano was that he had no loose cannons on his team. Rutgers players did their talking on the field. They never furnished the other team bulletin fodder. Football has a psychological side to it as well. I found myself wishing Schiano would come to coach USF. Now he's a Buc and I couldn't be happier. This man is organized, intelligent and a great example for his players. He really did a marvelous job at Rutgers if you consider how bad the school had floundered before his arrival. Just ask Doug Graber!!! Rutgers is thee oldest football program in America as they fielded their first team in 1866....right after the civil war. You hear coaches talk about changing the culture of a program. Schiano took a program with a hang dog attitude and converted them into a constant contender for the Big East Title. He never got over the hump, but he came very close and he laid the groundwork where maybe his successor can win a Big East title. I'll tell you something else, the Big East is a highly under rated conference. They aren't on a par with the SEC....BUT WHO IS THAT ISN"T IN THE NFL. But I think they play a heck of a lot better defense than the Big 12 or the Pac 12. I'm a born and bred Florida cracker and have no ties to Rutgers or New Jersey. I just believe in fair judgement unimpeded by personal biases. I think athletic contests are honest dramas. Nothing matters but performance. Everything else is just conversation.
  • avatar

    jrwilson85, Very good points. I do feel better about it now after your explanation. Thank you. You are right about Schiano wanting as many people around who have previously bought into his discipline and style, I know that this will help since so many of the past players didn't get this under Morris.
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    bowers is out torn achilles tendon happen today at a practice or something r u serious here we go i really like bowers and clayborn on the edges now our dline cant even stay healthy in the off season we neeed to bring in a CB an DE
  • avatar

    C Jeremy Zuttah, DL George Johnson and Eric LeGrand shouldn't really count as players brought in by Schiano. Zuttah, Johnson were here under Raheem & LeGrand isn't even going to be playing obviously. So basically he has added 4 players not 7. I like Zuttah taking over for the highly overrated Faine & Johnson made some plays on the defensive line especially in pre-season so I think he's worth a look & adds competition. Zuttah is a lock to make the roster but other than that they are all question marks. Added competition at all positions will make everyone better so I see no problems with it. Who knows these players better than Schiano anyway? Excited for the direction of my team, Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Coach Schiano has a mind like a beartrap and I'm thinking he has his previous players on some sort of scale based on their performance for him at Rutgers. Comparing them with other NFL players on a daily basis should bring him up to scale on the difference in the level of competition quicker than normal. While Horse states the obvious about the difference between Alabama and LSU vs Rutgers, it should be noted that the Bucs had some big time busts come out of Alabama as well. The names of two first round DE flops Keith McCants (1989) Eric Curry (1993) stick out like 2 sore thumbs. That was when "BIG HUGH BABY" Culverhouse and Ray Perkins were trying to prove to the world that Alabama was the king of football. Out of 11 drafted Alabama players in Bucs history, only Jeremiah Castille and Charley Hannah really distinguished themselves. Rutgers 10 year record before Greg Schiano was 35 wins and 74 losses. Schianos 10 years produced 68 wins and 67 losses. The record is deceptive because the first 3 years were rebuilding years. Since 1960 Rutgers has had 38 players drafted into the NFL, 16 of those players came from Greg Schiano's watch. Of those 16 players 10 are still in the leaguee and 7 are starters. Ray Rice is easily in the top 5 RBs in the league and Kenny Britt is a stud horse receiver for the Titans. The McCourty brothers are starting CBs for the Patriots (Devin) and the Titans (Jason). Ryan D'Imperio starts at FB for the Vikings and Big Anthony Davis is the starting RT for the 49ers. Schiano passed on Rutgers' Sanu in the 2012 draft because WR wasn't the larget need, so at least he didn't try to force feed us the way Culverhouse used to. All the Rutgers players with the exception of Jeremy Zutah (Who earned a new contract based on his excellent play at the Center position) were picked up as free agents. I tell you right now Schiano is a winner and totally above reproach when it comes to choosing the best players for the 2012/13 Bucs. Positions will be earned strictly on merit.
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    You can't love our new coach, that is, love the "Schiano Way" in one post and second guess his decisions in another post. I take the simplistic view - If you say you are Superman and can fly, I take you at your word because I know one day you're going to have to go up on the roof! I will let Schiano's results speak for themselves!
  • avatar

    macabee, I disagree. I believe it is okay to be critical based on decisions that are being made at that time.
  • avatar

    I'll take this one, but no more from or connected with Rutgers.
  • avatar

    Sorry Coach, but Rutgers is not a big power house nor does it have many productive NFL players, nor is it in a strong Conference. I'm just saying that I would feel a lot better if all the NEW Rutger Players were from Alabama, LSU, Oregon, USC, even Wisconsin.
  • avatar

    I remember pulling for the Bucs to draft Underwood when he was coming out of college. I thought then that he had some promise in the NFL. If I remember correctly, he really had some good speed and had some height, which I like. I am not usually a fan of those little WR's. Just adds some more competition to the team at the WR position. I think they will really push each other to be the best they can be. I like ALL the competition that the Bucs seem to be adding across the board. Go Bucs ! ! ! ! !
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    It should be noted that Schiano did not sign Tim Brown(his Rutgers Tim Brown); if he was just signing players out of loyalty to them, he would have signed Tim Brown; he didn't.
  • avatar

    I just like this coach he tells the players right up front,in the past some of the coaches would not be up front. I really like the new bucs-go bucs
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