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May 15, 2012 @ 11:53 am
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Schiano: "Really Good Effort Out There"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs' head coach Greg Schiano briefly met with the media following Tuesday mornings OTA's and talked about the progress the team is making.
Opening statement:
“I thought it was a pretty good start. The guys had great effort, energy, focus – that was good. What we put on tape wasn’t so good. But that is ok. We have got to get it cleaned up. It is the second go around for some things. It is the initial go-around for other things. When I say go-around I mean initial installation on some things, second installation for some other things. So hopefully the second installation things will start to look better and more detailed. But again, really good effort out there.”

Is it too soon to determine how the running back’s carries will be divided?
“It is way too early for that. We have to see who performs. As we talked about earlier, you earn your touches. So depending on how you practice and play in the preseason – that will determine how many touches you get by percentage. Whether is it ball carriers, pass catchers or whatever. Pass catchers, sometimes the defense can dictate a little bit more. But ball carriers, we pretty much make that decision.”

What are you trying to accomplish in the OTAs?
“Well we look at the OTAs as an extended period of practice. I look at the OTAs and last mini-camp as on extended period of practice. So we have 13 opportunities to install, teach and progress. So now after initially putting in all the plays, or most of the plays – about 85 percent of the plays – now we will start talking about situational football. Today was first and second down in the redzone. Tomorrow we will get into some other things. Each day we have a little bit different flavor to the situational football team. Become a smarter football team as we go.”

How do you go forward after losing Da’Quan Bowers?
“It is certainly a great loss for Da’Quan not to be here with us, hopefully we will get him back at some point during the season – but that is the nature of team sports. When someone goes down then it is another man’s opportunity. We will work at it. Michael Bennett and George Johnson and some of the other guys are going to step up. We will make sure we have a group out there.”

How has Ronde Barber looked at safety?
“I like the way he has performed so far. The final piece will obviously be live play. But I don’t have any hesitation. I’ve watched enough of him playing nickel and dime where his is fitting into the box and he is a fearless guy. I think he can do it. But it is just a matter of who are our best 11 guys. But right now that is where he is still playing.”

Could we also see him in the slot this year in addition to safety?
“Our whole deal in each personnel group is to get the best 11 on the field. The best 11 at what we are asking them to do in that personnel group. Ronde has had years of playing underneath in nickel and dime. That would be foolish to totally abandon that I think. But again you have to find the best 11. If we don’t have anyone who can play deep as well as well as he an play under that we have to do the trade off game.”

What can George Johnson bring and what type of player was he at Rutgers?
“At Rutgers we flip-flopped. He played both sides. He was a good player because he flip-flopped depending on the offensive set. George is a different player than when he played at Rutgers. He was like a 250-pound gut now he is a 280-pound guy.”

How does Vincent Jackson help this team get better?
“I think one of the things we looked forward to in signing Vincent Jackson was not only his play, but his leadership. We have several connections to Vincent and we had really good reports on him not only as a good player, but also as a practice player and a true professional. And that has proven to be true. And that is something we needed especially with a young group of receivers. And in comes a guy who is an experienced vet, and I think it is becoming a real good mix. I like the way that group is coming together.”

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    The game has become so big that today's coaches are asked to spend a lot of time with the media on a weekly basis (especially during the season). Vince Lombardi was never faced with this much media pressure during his time. Sometimes I don't know how the coaches stand it. I think back to Ray Perkins and the guy used to crack me up the way he handled the media. His piercing stare and his sudden walks from press conferences were totally unpredictable. That in itself was entertaining. Ray was kind of refreshing because of his honesty. He just couldn't play the medias game and made no bones about it. Coach speak has been going on forever. The movie "Bull Durham" layed it out for the novice pretty clearly and accurately I think. I think a novel approach would be if the media made their judgements based on their observations as well. Then we could see the difference between the talented media versus the flip floppers and hangers on.
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    Horse: I want all of the inside scoop I can get too; but it looks like our new coach has better things to do than cater to our quest for information. I'd much rather have him be so focused on the task at hand that he ignores us a little bit at an OTA. We don't need a media hound who seeks out the camera instead of watching film to evaluate our roster.
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    Winslow not at OTA CUT EM Now Cancer Cancer Cancer Briscoe also CUT EM Now Cancer Cancer Cancer Brian Price also Our beast D Lineman even injured and there isnt even a close second Cut EM Connor Barth made it and he isnt under contract
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    scubog, after reading Scott Reynold's OTA's 5-15, I got my answers. Funny how it was no problem for PR to put out information that Schiano could have easily done, but at least a lot of questions did get answered. I was just disappointed that the Coach couldn't have said the same thing unless PR had already agreed that they would put out the OTA information for Tuesday, but I doubt that. I might be the first one whinning about this, but there will be many others if the Coach doesn't talk a little more via the media sessions.
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    Horse, I agree that Barber is small but I wouldn't say he was thin. Pound for pound I think he is thicker than T-Jack. That's what I remember from the training camps I went to anyway. I believe the train of thought in moving him to safety is that he's been throwing his body at huge RB's and TE's all his career and he hasn't missed a game. That and the fact that he's getting a little too slow to match up against 21 year old WR's. Also, I share your enthusiam for more info from Schiano but I went on record a few months ago as saying the #1 thing I disliked about Morris is he gave too much info away about his team to the media. Yeah the fans want to know, but every team follows the local media of other teams, especially in their division. The less they know the better. I would rather Schiano be vague but PR watch practice and give their own account of how the players are performing. That keeps the other teams guessing a little more because the info isn't coming straight from the horse's mouth (Schiano and Dominik) but also let's the fans know how the team is coming along.
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    pinkstop; here's my thinking on Barber? Use him as the nickel and back up CB and he will last the season for sure. I'm on Schiano as a fan and ticket holder because the media can't at this particuliar time. I'm looking for more information about the basics and the Coach can surely talk a little more than what he is doing so far. He got a pass so far pertaining to learning what his team is about and what he needs and doesn't need. I am not asking him to disclose that at all; I would just would like to hear more basic information about the physical condition of the players compared to last year and now.
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    I listened to the video and I have got to admit that Schiano said absolutely very little. The questions that were asked by the media was like he was Ray Perkins; remember that era when the media had to walk around on their tippy toes? Schiano answered them just like he was a Senator or House of Representative; Coach I would not take that to mean anything but as a fan and ticket holder that your responses SUCKED!!!!!!!!! I mean you couldn't say anything of any benefit in less than 5 minutes????? Come on!! We're dying for some real information here Coach. How about these questions? Did the OL look faster than last year since you did watch the films ? Is there legit competition at the TE spot? How was Price? Did Black, Heyward, Watson, Foster look faster and stronger than last years film? Who the heck is playing CB if Talib is not here and who is playing at Barber's old spot? Oh and by the way, why would you put a 37 year old small thin CB at Safety? Do you actually believe that he won't get injured? I am sorry, but I really disagree with even attempting to move Barber to Safety. Explain why that move is good for the team again?????
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    pffttt!!! Coach provided more information in a couple of minutes than all of the coachspeak of Gruden and Morris. It looks like nothing can satisfy you. I, for one do not want him to give away anything that can be used against our team during the season, so I expect some restraint on his part.
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