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May 18, 2012 @ 2:30 pm
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Bucs' Price Dealt Another Tragic Blow

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Brian Price wasn't at the Bucs OTA on Tuesday prompting some to wonder about his health. And while his surgically repaired hamstrings appear to be fine, Price's heart was heavy and broken after losing his oldest sister in a car accident last week.
Sometimes you wonder just how much one person can handle. Bucs defensive tackle Brian Price may be asking himself the same question after losing his third sibling to a tragedy. Price's sister Bridget was killed in a car accident last week, leaving behind two young sons – and a grieving brother.

When Price wasn’t seen on the practice field Tuesday for the Buccaneers OTAs, it raised a red flag. While no one suspected Price was blowing off the workout or was disgruntled, nobody could have ever imagined the scope of the tragedy that the former second-round pick was dealing with.

PewterReport.com spoke to Price’s agent, Chuck Price, who explained the circumstances behind the absence.

"There is just no way to explain the grief he's feeling as a result of this loss,'' Price, no relation to Brian said. "It's really taken quite a toll on him.

“He was ready to go with the OTAs (organized team activities) starting up on Tuesday, but between a complete lack of sleep and all that he has been dealing with from this loss, he just couldn't do it.”

Chuck Price said that mental and physical exhaustion landed Brian Price in the hospital from Monday until yesterday.

Price lost two brothers as a result of violence. At age 10, Price’s 18-year-old brother Eddie was killed a block from his family home in a drive-by shooting while walking to a bus stop in the L.A.'s Crenshaw district.

Then, just five years later, Price’s 24-year-old brother Damon was also shot and killed.

The second death really took a major toll on Price, and his schoolwork and grades slipped to the point he wasn’t even sure if he would make it into college. Price rebounded enough to earn a scholarship to UCLA where was a star defensive tackle for the Bruins, eventually ending up as the Bucs second-round pick in 2010.

A pelvic injury cut his rookie season short and landed him a quick trip on injured reserve. It was during that time Price contemplated quitting football altogether. Being 3,000 miles away from home, alone and unable to contribute to his football team, took a major toll on Price.

“The biggest thing was being on injured reserve and being so far away from his family and home,” Chuck Price said. “Brian really felt like he was on an island alone. He really wanted to contribute and prove his worth.

“And that is something that really bothered him about the latest situation. He was planning on participating at the OTAs. He never wants to let people down. Brian is a pretty private guy and doesn’t say a lot. But it bothers him that he has been hurt somewhat in his career. He never wants to let his teammates, fans or the organization down.”

Price isn’t letting his late sister down, as according to his agent he will take care of his two nephews who were left behind after the unfortunate accident that took their mother at the way too young age of 30.

"He's planning to adopt those two boys,'' Chuck Price said. "I've actually been assisting him with some of the legal stuff on that. Again, that's just the kind of guy he is.

"No one has been struck by more bad luck and personal tragedy than this kid. But he'll be stronger for it, because that's the way he is.

Last modified on Friday, 18 May 2012 14:51

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  • avatar

    It seems that this young m,an has had a lot of problems that half of the time is not his fought. May God Bless Him and His Family. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Prayers to the Price family....and to all of ours.
  • avatar

    This guy seems like a great person. We cannot comprehend what he is going through. Hopefully, football will help him to not only heal but press him on to bigger and better days on the field. I was a bit surprised when they drafted this kid, but if he ever gets a break and breaks out his talent our defense should be back up in the top 10 level we as Buc fans grew used to back in the day... Go Bucs
  • avatar

    Brian Price, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. You are a great part of the Buccaneer family and that will always be true. Football is just a game, it sounds like you are on the right path in life, and that is what is important. Peace and love to you and your nephews, and my condolences on your loss.
  • avatar

    Poor Guy. He really has had to go through more pain than most. Not to mention his injuries. I really hope he can contribute this year and make an impact. Lord knows we need him. We are really unlucky on the Defensive line in recent yrs.
  • avatar

    Brian Price's story is the saddest I have ever heard. Hopefully he can make a better life for his nephews.
  • avatar

    I hate to say this, but i feel compelled to point out the very big difference between two men who have come from very difficult, violent backgrounds. Talib is off shooting people or being around people being shot or whatever, while this kid is always doing the right thing and keeps getting kicked in the teeth by bad luck. A tough background does not excuse being a thug. Brian Price is an amazing kid. Let's all agree to ask whatever God you believe in to help Brian during this time. He is my idea of a Buccaneer man. We've got your back, Brian. God bless.
  • avatar

    See, sometimes players have a valid reason for not attending an OTA. Yet the media loves taking roll so they can announce who, out of the 90 players, is missing. Then we fans immediately want to cut them for not attending a voluntary practice session when the NFLPA would certainly follow up with a grievance. So let this be a lesson to wait until facts are known before declaring, "off with his head." That said, unless Desmon Briscoe has some excuse of which we are unaware, as a borderline player, his absence is foolish. With the new staff, K2 is also pushing it. Both, as Ricky Ricardo would say, "got some splainin to do."
  • avatar

    Brian's a standup guy. I think things will start falling into place for him in the future. My prayers go out to him and his family. Especially those boys who have lost their mom.
  • avatar

    Brian we all pray for you and your family..
  • avatar

    Brian, I know that you are in a lot of pain for your loss, but I also know that time, your nephews, and football will help you get thru this. Your sister is gone, but her sons need your help in many ways. Just keep the love in your heart and all will get better.
  • avatar

    Very sorry for your loss Brian. You are a great man and a great football player. Take care of your personal responsibilities and then get back to football. We will wait for you. Hang in there and use this to be a better stronger football player. Best of luck with your nephews, they are getting a great man for a guardian. My prayers are with you. Good luck.
  • avatar

    My prayers for you and your family, Brian.
  • avatar

    My condolences and prayers for Brian Price and his nephews. They say what does not kill you only makes you stronger, but Brian has suffered far more than the normal share of life's tragedies. But he is the epitome of the "Buccaneer Man" Coach Shiano keeps talking about. A class act who has been tested in the fire and developed the strength to fight through all the adversity in the past, and I hope it has helped him prepare to fight through this latest tragedy too.
  • avatar

    Very sad news to hear about his sister and his brothers. A very responsible move to adopt his sister's kids. We're all rooting for you Price; hang in there man!
  • avatar

    I hope having his nephews around brings him some peace.
  • avatar

    Wow what terrible news ...my prayers go out to him and his family.
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