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May 21, 2012 @ 5:17 pm
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Bucs Add Clark, Winslow's Days Numbered

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers reached an agreement with free agent tight end Dallas Clark on Monday in an effort to bolster their tight end position. Clark will compete to replace Kellen Winlsow as the Buccaneers' primary receiving tight end. Winslow announced Monday he was told he is no longer part of the Bucs' future plans and will be traded or released.
The Buccaneers wasted no time in finding an eventual replacement for tight end Kellen Winslow, signing former Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl tight end Dallas Clark to a contract Monday, according to multiple Internet reports.

While Winslow is still technically a Buccaneer, the veteran tight end announced on Monday morning that head coach Greg Schiano told him Saturday that Tampa Bay was moving in a different direction and would no longer need his services. He said the Bucs would attempt to trade him or release him. Winslow was not at last week's OTAs (organized team activities).

Clark, who will turn 32 in June, has been hampered by injuries the last two seasons, including a wrist injury in 2010 that required surgery.

In 2010, Clark had 34 receptions for 357 yards and two touchdowns in 11 games for the Colts. During his nine-year NFL career, the former Hawkeye in has totaled 427 receptions for 4,887 (11.4 average) and 46 touchdowns. In Tampa Bay's 24-17 victory over Indianapolis on Monday Night Football last year, Clark caught three passes for 46 yards, including a season-long 21-yarder.

The 2003 first-round pick by the Colts has his best season in 2009, earning a Pro Bowl nomination after catching 100 passes for 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns.
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    I agree, would rather have had Shiancoe. He would have REALLY helped us RUN the ball and I thought that is what we were trying to do. I like both guys as receivers, though. Clark might be a little bit more football smart and maybe can help Freeman out a little bit, but I think that might be the only positive. I am also OK with a lot more 3 and 4 WR sets this year when we need to pass, can also put in a Tackle to block on run and pass downs if we really need the protection. I also believe that with the addition of Nicks to the o-line, we might not need the blocking help unless we suffer some injuries.
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    One more thing to consider about this whole situation too I think guys...regardless of the outcome, I think we've seen Aquib Talib's last game as a Buc last season if Personel cuts as of late are any indication...Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem what so ever with cutting lose the bad apples..especially the ones that are repeat offenders and just won't learn...but I also thought like the rest of us were told that everybody got a clean slate...I admire Schiano's honesty with Winslow, he straight up told him he wasn't coming back and that they were looking to trade him, but then where exactly did he get the clean slate?? Don't get me wrong on it not seeming to me or probably the rest of us that he didn't want to be in Tampa anymore...but if your coach tells you that he doesn't want you and you know you're being shopped during the draft what's your motivation to act like you want to be here again??
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    This was about bringing in a team player and will do things the shiano way. the shiano way is coming to work, and being about the team. clark is also an iowa guy and they always come ready to do what it takes for the team to win. production smuction we went 4-12 last year. a bad record is more than just bad stats, its bad attitude and being about me which is what winslow is about. im all for youth, but you need to have balance of veteran and youth and now were adding solid veterans to this team. jackson, nicks, clark, and barber gives our teams guys that have been there and done that. mindset is the first thing that needs to change, once that happens, thats when we will start to win.
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    If visanthe shiancoe is out there and available,I agree we should/should have taken a look at him..
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    At least Clark will be a good vet in the locker room. You know, come to work on time?? Like the rest of us??
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    Two Words...Visaante Shiancoe (probably didn't spell it right) but I can gurantee not signing him over Clark was a bad move...Shianco is a very good blocker and a beast at first down receptions...Clark will offer no offensive blocking skills and has the same kind of "veteran knees" at 33 that K2 has at 28 and six surgeries...Leadership qualities and work ethic aside...Mark or Scott, can either of you gather the stats on how many 16 game seasons Clark has been able to play?? To my knowledge, not that many, and that was when he was "young." Shiancoe would have been a FAR FAR FAR better pick at potential production AND leadership option than Clark...I guess Schiano and Dominik are REALLY REALLY hoping that Stocker or Pianalto are the real deal because they just passed on a legitimate real deal at TE with not signing Shiancoe...I have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with ALL of the personel decisions that Schiano/Dominik have made so far..but this one REALLY has me disappointed...Does anyone remember the hit that T-Jack laid on Clark in Indy a few seasons back when #55 was still on the field?? Do Schiano/ Dominik honestly think that every defensive coordinator the Bucs will face this year will not know how to handle Clark by simply knocking him on his veteran !@#?! To which will instantly result with his head being on a swivel for the rest of the game if the hit doesn't send him to the sideline injured yet again!!!??? To put it mildly...WTF were they thinking on this one?? Oh, I know...V-Jax's presence instantly makes every reciever, Wideout or TE otherwise better right?? Yeah sure...and how predictable will our offense be YET AGAIN, when Clark comes off of the field because ALL the 31 other teams in this league know, he has NO blocking skills...This move flat out sucks and for the first time since the "Schiano era" began, I'm very disappointed...this was just STUPID...Painter/Orvlowsky aside, does anyone think that Clark will be able to duplicate K2's numbers from the last 3 seasons??? Without a DOUBT...Schiancoe could..and I'll bet money that he'll do it again this year unless he lands on a team where he's under-utilized...Clark on the other hand....STUPID STUPID STUPID. Geese man I thought the days of bad personel signings were over with this new "regime." Not trying to diss on Clark either here...just telling it like it is. I know Schiano is all about chracter and ethic and Clark has that no doubt..but young players need that example out on the field with them for it to really make the desired difference...Don't see Clark being able to do that for 16 games where as Schiancoe...Don't get me wrong here guys...I HOPE I"M WRONG...I do..but Ask Brett Farve who he would have preferred at TE during his time in MINN...He had Schiancoe...does anyone really think he would have preferred Dallas Clark over him?? Apples to oranges, night and day difference between the two in my opinion...again...I hope I'm wrong. GO BUCS!!!!
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    Holding out on judging till we see some production. Hope it works out.
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    Does Lorig give up #44 to D. Clark now??
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    From what I've read this sounds like a wash. Winslow with no knees and the habit of practicing sparliy to save his knees after 6 surgeries but who was one of our top producers sFOR Clark with injusries, who will come to practice and may be oust of gas.... A weird kind of wash transaction and the first sign of ego in Schiano that may not work for him long term....however, we'll see what comes out in the .....wash.
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    I see what you did there Ladyfan...well done...and I agree. Winslow = more ability, worse attitude, little to no leadership if not somewhat poisonous. Clark = less ability, better attitude and possible leadership (and hopefully some fairydust of quarterback wisdom from Peyton to sprinkle on Josh) Add in the likely de-emphasis of the TE in our offense, and I agree. . .wash.
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    Really seems like Schiano is seriously committing to the "my way or the highway" life. i'll be bummed because i did like what winslow brought to the field. he was deadly effective in 2010, i remember watching the seahawks game when he caught two TD's, especially a miraculous one, but it is what it is. i wish the best for him. I'm not stoked about bringing a 32 year old TE with two years work of injuries however, but we'll see who produces this season.
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    Welcome to Tampa, Dallas. That is kinda a weird sentence, but I like the signing of a veteran with leadership and past success in this league on a top team. As one of the only vets in the pass catching portion of the team, KWII sure didn't do much but whine for the ball. Whether the PI penalties were phantom or not, they didn't go away and I agree that his leading stats for receptions were not truly meaningful to the success of the team. I think Clark can bring a lot more in terms of leadership and actually helping Josh to become a better quarterback this year than K2 ever did in 3 years. After all this is a team sport, and I would rather have a winning team than a TE who led the team in receptions. I think this gives us a better shot at that.
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    I'm not going to get too excited over this signing just yet. To think he's the caliber of the soon to be departed Kellen Winslow is wishful thinking given Clark's recent history as compared to Winslow's. Let's hope he can at least show the leadership that K2 seemed to lack.
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    Love the signing. He will bring professionalism to the tight end group.
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    Winslow did not seem like he wanted to be in Tampa. Hit the bricks.
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