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May 22, 2012 @ 12:49 pm
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Schiano: "Time Is Our Enemy"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Head coach Greg Schiano met with the media following Tuesday's OTAs and discussed a number of subjects including new tight end Dallas Clark, the players not in attendance and the progression of quarterback Josh Freeman. Below is a transcript from the press conference.
How the OTAs have gone so far:
“It went well. We had a really good first week. Guys are working really hard. Yesterday and today went well too.”

On the signing of Dallas Clark:
"I think he is definitely a proven player. He has had some health issues as of late. Some things have kept him from playing at the level of football he played earlier in his career, but I believe wholeheartedly that he is going to return to his form and play the way he is capable. And that [will be] what we need. I think he can do everything we are going to ask him to do. And it is really good to have a strong veteran presence in that tight end room as well.”

Any concerns about Clark’s health?
“Well you do your homework – physicals and all those things with doctors and trainers – but we feel good. There are no guarantees on anything, but we felt like it was the best thing for the Bucs.”

On the release of Winslow:
“The one thing I am gong to do over time here, when we do make decisions to do things I am going to hesitate to look back and really just talk about and focus on guys that are here and Bucs right now. Certainly there is a business side to this game at this level. I’m going to kind of leave it at that.”

Followup to Winslow question:
“We are going to talk about the guys that are Bucs now. As of last night Kellen is no longer a Buc. I’d like to focus on the guys that are here.”

What kind of message is being sent to players who aren't in camp?
“There is really not a message. It's not one of those situations. The only message I want to address is we need to be the best football team we can be. Time is our enemy. We are running out of time. Teams in our division have a head start on us.”

There are a few guys not here like Barron and Briscoe:
“First of all, this is not mandatory, let’s make that clear. Second of all, guys have different things that come up. Family issues [and] those things. My whole thing is communication. Everybody communicates. I wish life was just clean but it’s not. Life is messy. We work together and we work through situations. That’s how I approached our football team. I think that’s common decency. You communicate and you let each other know what’s going on and usually there aren’t issues when that happens.”

Is there still plenty left in Dallas Clark’s tank?
“I think he takes great care of his body. One of the downsides is he didn’t play a lot last year. One of the upsides is he didn’t play a lot last year so he’s kind of rested.”

What does Clark’s one-year deal say about Luke Stocker?
“I don’t know if I would read into that. I think they fulfill different needs as far as the offense. When you get to be at the age where you’re getting toward the back age of your career, take it one year at a time. No one wants to get too far ahead of themselves. It’s a perfect situation for the Bucs and all parties involved.”

What do you see in Zuttah at center?
“[With] Jeremy, believe it or not, we were really struggling. He played every position on the O-line for us [at Rutgers]. Sounds kind of like what he did here. I’m glad he’s settled into the center position. I think he has the perfect temperament for it, he’s got the intelligence for it and he’s got the toughness for it. Is he the biggest guy in the world? No. But I think at that position you’ve got help on both sides and he’s got a lot of help on both sides. I think he’ll be very productive.”

On communication with Dez Briscoe:
“We’re communicating fine. Again guys, there is a business side to this whole game. My responsibility and Mark [Dominik's] responsibility is to do what’s best for the Bucs. And we will always do that. Do you get personally attached to these guys? Sure you do when you work, even in this short time, and you develop relationships. But at the end of the day you can’t let that be the guiding force, so everybody is doing a good job communicating. I don’t have a problem.”
 How’s Josh Freeman looking?
“He looks good. I mean, there’s a lot to it and when you kind of go forward and it’s not full season days. You take a day off or you have a couple of days off, but he’s grasping it well and working very, very hard, so I’m encouraged. I’m encouraged by the progress that we’re making.”
On details being the difference between winning and losing:
“Well, I think if you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves. I really do believe in that. But you can’t get paralyzed by the little things because as a leader you have to have the overhead view of things. I think it’s got to be a balance between those two.”
On if adding more free agents is a possibility:
“We’re always looking. If the player fits the need of the Bucs then we’ll do something as long as we can afford to do it and it’s within our cap space. Like I said, we’re always trying to make our football team better and it’s not always the top one-through-16 players, it might be the last guy on the roster. You never know. You just try to strengthen your team as much as you can in every spot and see where that leaves you at the end.”
How has your message been received?
“They’re doing a great job. I enjoy working with them. I know it’s different. It’s different for me, too. This isn’t what I’m used to. So we’re all growing together and I’m enjoying it and I hope they are.”

Are the players adjusting to the tempo?
“I think so, and that has to become our advantage. Having coached at the University of Miami and then having coached in the north, when you get teams out there in that stadium and it’s really hot and you push the envelope, I think it becomes an advantage. And that’s something that is important to me. I think that’s got to become part of our advantage.”
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    I actually have some simpathy for Winslow because he is going to have to play on artifical turf which will be worse for his knees, and lets not forget the damp cooler weather in Seattle much less a not so good coach. The best to you Kellen.
  • avatar

    There was not a great locker room last year and there was the opportunity for a veteran like Winslow to provide veteran leadership and lead by example on the field too. Instead he was a divisive influence, did not produce anywhere close to his contract, and certainly was not a "Buccaneer Man" the way he behaved. Good riddance. I think Dallas Clark with a superbowl ring on his finger will seize the opportunity to make a veteran difference on this team, and I hope he heals well and produces as we all know he can, and helps teach Luke Stocker how to prepare and play like a pro. If you will recall the year the Bucs went to the Super Bowl they had two veteran TEs the age Dallas Clark is now. Schiano is a breath of fresh air! He is bringing discipline, great new ideas, and is so well grounded and principled. He is like Dungy in a lot of ways, but with more passion and animation. I can't wait to see him in action when the real season begins.
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    The legendary baseball pitcher Satchel Paige says "don't look back" because the sobs may be gaining on you!
  • avatar

    I agree. The past no longer exists minute, by minute. Also true for the future. So taking care of business each minute of the "now" without looking ahead or behind gives anyone their best opportunity in all aspects of life. Sounds easy. Hard to really do. But not impossible.
  • avatar

    Why the heck would Barron not be there?
  • avatar

    There was no reason given, but I assume the fact he is unsigned may be a reason. His agent may have advised him to skip until a deal is done. Lots of money to lose if he blows an Achilles or ACL. Just me speculating however.
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  • avatar

    What a good lesson for all of us, "don't look back."
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