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June 13, 2012 @ 12:50 pm
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Schiano Confirms Wright's Non-Football Related Health Issue

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Bucs' Head Coach Greg Schiano met with the media following the second day of Tampa Bay's mandatory mini-camp and discussed the team's conditioning, the offensive line's potential and the health of Eric Wright.
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano took a few minutes after Wednesday's mandatory mini-camp practice to discuss a number of subjects including the progress made so far, Mark Barron and Ronde Barber and the health of cornerback Eric Wright, a story first reported by PewterReport.com on Tuesday. Below is a transcript of the entire press conference.

Pleased with today’s practice?
“Yes, I was. Not necessarily all the execution or the details, but pleased with their effort and enthusiasm. As long as they keep bringing that we will get better.”

More mistakes today than other days?
“No. There have been mistakes every day so kind about the same, but I shouldn’t say that. Might have been a little better. We will see when I watch the tape.”

Is the evaluation different of these guys this week because of mini-camp?
“There really is no difference. We were on the same kind of workout. We have kind of built it on that kind of platform that we had 13 opportunities to install and practice our scheme. So we are nearing the end now.”

You do want to see some progress because of the 13 workouts you mentioned, and you should be at sharpest here?
“Yes, although at this point you don’t have a training camp schedule where you meet all day and have this extensive meeting time. So the reality is we have put the same amount of stuff and by the end of this OTA/minicamp period we will have probably about 85 [or] 90 percent of everything we do in. There will be some specialty things left, but you don’t have the time to install it so you can’t expect to be as sharp as you would in training camp. When you walk through for an hour and then you go meet for two hours and then you go out and practice for two hours. So that’s probably why the execution isn’t where it needs to be. I am a big believer in you give it to them and then you give it to them again. Then every time they hear it they have a place to store it in their brain because they have heard it already. They just get a little bit better each time. They pick up little nuances each time.”

What are your plans for the next six weeks?
“We will take some time. I think you have to get away. It is a long season. The reality is for the guys who came from college [is] we were just finishing recruiting. So there was no break. The season went from August 5th. We started training camp. Last year there has been no break. So I want the guys — everybody to get a break. Then we will get back at it come training camp. We will get in a little bit before training camp. Make sure all the loose ends are tied up. Players will get here and we will get after it.”

Will the level of intensity change a lot from what we have seen the last couple of weeks here?
“I don’t think the effort level will. What changes it is the physical contact. You get to hit each other. That will change intensity for sure.”

Have you seen Barron up his sense of urgency?
“I think he is getting more comfortable with what we are doing. I think he has been able to let it fly a little more. You know how it is. When you are thinking it slows everything down. He is becoming more comfortable. I see him playing better. So I would agree with that.”
On Freeman’s throws downfield and accuracy:
“I think it’s been pretty good. You’re return on those shots is not going to be nearly as high as your intermediate and shorter passing game, so you hit some, and he’s hit a couple, and then he’s missed a couple. That’s really the risk return on that shot play. One thing I always talk about it with our staff is, one of those shots takes a lot of plays, a lot of execution.”

Are you pleased with the condition of the team?
“I’m pleased with our effort. I think these next six weeks are going to be critical for them to get themselves to a level of conditioning that will, No. 1 allow them to pass our conditioning test and No. 2, to be able to get into real in-season shape in training camp. We don’t want to peak when we get to training camp, but you need to be at a certain level that we expect.”

What does that test consist of?
“We’ll get into that when we come back but it’s a fair test. It’s demanding but it’s fair. It’s not over the top.”

On Eric Wright having a physical problem, as reported by PewterReport.com on Tuesday:
“Without getting into real particulars, it was a non-football related health thing that he was able to ... and he was very good at communicating where he was and how he was dealing with and the thing that excites me is he did quite a bit yesterday and again today, he’s getting better. He did well. He made some plays out there today. I’m excited, that’s encouraging.”

Is it behind him?
“I hope so.”

On the play of Ronde Barber at safety so far:
“He’s a joy to coach. He’s into it. He takes great notes, the way he works in the meeting room, that’s a true professional, out here on the practice field he gives tremendous effort. He’s a role model for our guys.”

On what the pass rush will look like:
“It will be a mix. I don’t think you ever want to be just overly reliant on a down four, because no matter how good you are there will come a day when they just block it up. And you better be good enough at blitzing. You never want to be totally reliant on blitzing. Otherwise you leave yourself susceptible to some things. So my thing has always been a good mix. But I think we have guys that can get after the quarterback, so I don’t think that’s going to be an issue.”

On offensive line being a  strength:
“I think right now it has a chance to be. But it’s early. We haven’t hit anybody, so I can’t tell you that. It would be premature of me. I do see how strong Carl Nicks is. I see him on video and it’s like, wow. And Davin Joseph. So I do think we have some pieces that can really be really good, but until we get to hit each other and see how those pieces come together, it would be premature for me to say anymore.”

-Mark Cook and Victoria Horchak contributed to this report

Last modified on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 13:30

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    Horse: It's kinda like taking work home and doing it under more relaxed conditions.
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    Scubog, sorry but I never did it that way. Always separated work and play. I never took work home because I believed in keeping the two separated. Now that was good and bad? I spent less time with my family, but more quality time with my family. I can see where you are coming from though.
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    Sorry coach but you did not make any sense to me this time. You want everybody to take a rest but you want everybody to be in top shape within 6 weeks. Huh? I hope everybody enjoys the no vacation. Please don't burn them out too early coach.
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    I really really hope Wright can be at least as good as he's was last year! With the money we're paying him, he should be a Pro Bowler but I know thats not going to happen.
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