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June 14, 2012 @ 11:45 am
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Bucs Wrap Up Last Day Of Mini-Camp, Work Left To Do Schiano Says

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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The Buccaneers wrapped up their last day of mandatory mini-camp Thursday afternoon and head coach Greg Schiano talked about several subjects, including how much was accomplished, the intensity and the play of LeGarrette Blount and Vincent Jackson.
Schiano on what Donald Penn has been telling him the last few weeks about his athleticism after Penn caught a punt to end practice:
“Well the rumors, they abound – being an all-state basketball [player] and all that stuff. He proved himself today under pressure. He stepped up.”

On the uncertainty of the Aqib Talib situation and Talib’s status going into the fall:
“Well any time that you have a guy with an off-the-field situation that can affect his on-the-field situation, you get concerned. The thing that I can tell you is that since I’ve arrived here on January 26, he’s been awesome. The way he’s worked. He’s been here every day. I hope it’s left behind him and if there is anything, we can move forward. Because again, I can only judge people since I’ve been here. I can’t stick my head in the sand, as I’ve said before, but he’s extremely focused and here doing everything we’ve asked, so I’m pleased with that. I hope everything can just kind of sort itself out and we can get back to life and a normal situation.”

On if he feels like he’s accomplished everything he wanted to in this offseason program:
“Never, especially as a new coach. But they worked extremely hard and, really, that’s what you ask for. They had a great attitude and they worked hard. Sure there was some feeling-out process of 'what does he expect?' and 'what do they expect?' But I thought as time went on that got better and almost became a non-issue. We worked very hard so it was fun to give them a little shortened day today and let them get started with their six weeks until training camp.”

On if the intensity stayed where he wanted it:
“Throughout the spring it did. There’s a very fine line because there are certain rules of what you can and can’t do, so our intensity was more about speed and muscle and I think they were very smart about the way they practiced. We already talked about the one injury that really hits the defense with Da’Quan [Bowers]. Other than that we’ve maintained relative health, which is critical to be able to learn a system the way they did, yet be smart about the way they did it; staying on the field and keeping your shoulders out of it. We have to learn. As you know better than I, that’s the way you practice in this league. You get 14 padded practices so they need to learn to practice with a high speed and high efficiency without banging each other around, and I think they got better at doing that.”

On if he sensed an attitude adjustment from the players or if they bought into his program from the get go:
“I think everybody kind of had different levels. Some guys were fully in on day one and other guys were feeling it out and seeing how they fit in. That will continue. That’s really [the same way] on any team but it certainly magnifies when you get a new coach.”

On if he has an update on Brian Price:
“There’s contact, but I don’t expect there to be any point of delineation right now. It will come later.”

On how LeGarrette Blount was catching the football:
“I thought he did a pretty good job. Just watching what I saw out here and on tape, his hands are fine. I don’t know how it will translate into our game plan, but he can catch the football and that’s a plus.”

On Vincent Jackson and how he coaches and mentors the young guys and if he has been impressed with Jackson so far:
“I really have been. His work ethic, study habits, attitude, effort on the field – he’s a true professional and it’s what you would get from a true professional. So that helped a lot especially since we have a young [receiver] group.”

On how much time rookie Keith Tandy played at safety:
“He probably got the last five workouts where we split him. He played a little safety and a little corner. I really like the job he’s doing. He’s a very sharp football player, mentally. He’s played nickel, dime, safety and corner, and he’s played all four and done it with some efficiency. Certainly not perfect, but for a young guy to be able to do that ... as I tell them all, make yourself as irreplaceable as you can.”

On if the linebacker position is settled or if it still is going to be a battle:
“I think it’s going to be a battle. There are too many good players here that want to be a starter, so I like that. It’s going to be good.”

On Tiquan Underwood’s skill set and why you brought him here aside from your history with him:
“Well number one, I know him as a person. He has the core values that I think we’re looking for. Number two, he can run. There are different kinds of speed, and I won’t go into specifics, but he can do it and I know he’ll work hard. Will he make the team? I don’t know. That’s going to be up to him, but certainly he’s come in and done a good job and dove right in full force. It’s fun to see a guy leave as a senior and have the experience of professional football. He’s become a pro, and it’s just nice to see.”

On if he is going to take a break away from football during the next six weeks before training camp:
“I will a little bit. I still have some stuff to finish up here, especially in the first year, but before we get started you have to otherwise one year turns into the next. We’ll get away for a little bit.”

On if he is prepared for contingencies in case anything happens to the current defensive backfield depth:
“You always, as a head coach, have to have those plans just in case. I hope that we never have to dust them off, but we have to plan in case so I’m hoping that we don’t need it.”

-Andrew Scavelli and Mark Cook contributed to this report
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    I am very pleased that the Coach has gotten the attitude turned around. I am still concerned about the Defense. I hope we make some trades. We've got plenty of depth ar Wide Receiver so let's make some trades for a LB or another CB incase Talib doesn't come back. This team has already shown that they are on the way back to being competive again. Go Bucs!
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