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July 9, 2012 @ 2:57 pm
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Bucs' Turner Sees Freeman's Potential – And Desire

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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With over 30 years of coaching experience Tampa Bay's quarterbacks coach Ron Turner will rely on all of those years to try and get Josh Freeman back on track. Turner says Freeman is already well on his way and is embracing the challenge.
New Bucs quarterback's coach Ron Turner has always admired Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman, even if it was from a distance. After meeting with him and seeing him up close, the admiration has grown even more.

“I am very impressed with him as an individual and obviously as a player too,” Turner said. “I remember when he came out of college and I was with the Bears and I evaluated him and had a really high grade on him and felt great about him. Being here and getting to know him, I feel even stronger about him."

Many fans have wondered what Freeman’s mindset is and also have questioned his work ethic. Turner says those thought s should be forgotten.

He has a burning desire to be good and to be great,” Turner said.  “And he doesn’t just talk about it. He comes in and does it. He has accepted the coaching that we have given him – the technique, the scheme, the fundamentals – all of things we are working on he has accepted and embraced them, and he is working extremely hard to improve.”

Turner’s coaching resume is impressive, dating back to 1978 when he was named the receivers coach for the University of Arizona. From there, Turner spent time as head coach at San Jose University and at the University of Illinois. Turner broke into the professional coaching ranks as Dave Wannstedt’s offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears in 1993 then again from 2005 to 2009 under Lovie Smith. Besides an extensive career coaching offense, Turner’s offensive mind apparently runs in the family, as his brother is San Diego Chargers’ head coach Norv Turner.

With the experience gathered over the last 34 years Turner has learned one key to being successful in the NFL is to have a short memory.

“You keep focusing on the next play,” Turner said. “That is what I tell him (Freeman), ‘Hey lets focus on the next play. Just try and get little bit better today. Don’t worry about anything else. Focus on your job and the next play.’ And he is doing that. He does have that tendency (to try to do too much). He wants to be good and to do more. So we are trying to stay focused on the task at hand right now.”

Part of Turner’s excitement for the future is based on those in front – and behind – Freeman. With three Pro Bowlers on the offense line along with LeGarrette Blount and first round draft pick Doug Martin in the backfield, Turner thinks the pieces are in place for success in 2012. Those pieces will only help Freeman succeed Turner said.

“I think it (the run game) is crucial (in developing a quarterback) I think any great quarterback will tell you that – especially in this league,” Turner said. “You have got to run the football. When you run the football that helps everything else. Helps the pass game, protections and it opens up big pass plays down the field. Josh is working real hard at learning the run game as well. He is working on getting a full understanding on the run game so he can get us out of bad plays and gets us in to good plays. That is good to see that he has the willingness to do that.”

Fundamentals have been something many felt were missing from last season’s 4-12 Buccaneers squad. While Turner didn’t specifically say they were lacking he and head coach Greg Schiano are on the same page when it comes to the basics.

“We have and not just because of Josh, but that’s because that’s what we believe in,” Turner said.  “I believe, and coach Schiano believes, and we believe as a staff, that you win with your techniques and fundamentals. First time I met him (Freeman), we started talking about his techniques his fundamentals and what I believe. He has embraced it. If you work hard to master the fundamentals now then you don’t have to worry about them come game day. They become second nature and improves you accuracy and improves your play."

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    Just to have professional coaching on this team is a big sigh of relief. I cannot say it enough what a freaking joke our head coach and offensive coordinator were last year.
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    I love that we have Turner and Sullivan in the building. If they can't make Freeman a more consistant QB then he won't be. This offense will be as good as Freeman can take it. And to the guy that brought up Grossman. Rex was the perfect example of a hot and cold QB. When he was hot he could put up 30+ on a defense. When he was cold he could throw 4 ints and lose a game all by himself. He was lucky to have that Bears defense cover up a lot of his big mistakes, but boy, he was definitely a gunslinger at times.
  • avatar

    We could be just as good on offense as last season with Ron's cousins Ike and Tina Turner coaching. I think it's difficult for "old school" guys like Horse, GEORGE HICKS and me to conceptualize our offense carrying the defense since for the past 36 years it has been the "D" to be the backbone of the team. Even the harshest critic should be able to see the possibilities with this offensive unit if they stay healthy. As Horse said, the defense has to at least keep the opponent in check while Schiano plays "keep away" by pounding our RB tandem. If only our young D-line can stay out of rehab.
  • avatar

    Good interview Mark. Josh should be so much better just because of the correct coaching that is on this team now. I agree that you have to run the ball in order to be an effective Offensive team. I may not agree, but I do understand why they drafted Martin. There should be no reason why this team can not average 24-27 points on Offense. The big question still is the following: can our Defense hold the other teams Offense to 23 points or less? Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    New Buc's quarterback Ron Turner????...I am unemployed atm, so let me take this opportunity to officially offer my dirt cheap proof-reading services to the Pewter Report staff....so how bout it guys )??? GO BUCS!!!!!
  • avatar

    There are days I'd love to hire you. My old eyes aren't very good these days. Thanks though.
  • avatar

    Okay. I'm a fan - a fan of Freeman in several ways. Believe he can be a good pro QB ... but, his 2010 season is a bit like the King's New Clothes fairy tale. I'll say it out loud ... he was a little lucky - maybe real lucky. Close your eyes and try to remember how many times he (maybe with his eyes closed) would lob the rock out there only to be saved by Williams, Winslow or poor defense. This was not a rare occurance in 2010. He wasn't so lucky last year. Defenses learned he could be baited. He needs to be more accurate. And puleeez, Josh, quit dropping back so deep you neutralize your tackles' good efforts. If we have the coach and Freeman can ovecome his "instinctive" flaws, he could be good. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I believe coach turner will be a positive coach for Freeman and entire offensive side of the ball-go bucs
  • avatar

    This dude helped Rex Grossman get to the superbowl. U can only imagine what he's gonna do with Josh Freeman.
  • avatar

    Freeman is and will always be the key. If he reverts back to 2010 form, all will be well in Tampa.
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