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July 11, 2012 @ 9:26 am
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Fleck's Energy Contagious; Praises Jackson

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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New Buccaneers receiver's coach P. J. Fleck spoke with the local media recently and talked about new wide receiver Vincent Jackson and the flexibility in the offensive scheme. Fleck will also be a treat for most fans to watch during training camp, with his apparent endless energy and enthusiasm.
When training camp opens to the public on July 27, and the air first horn sounds representing a new season of football, it won’t matter it is only 8:30 in the morning for one assistant coach. While most will still be sipping their last few swallows of coffee, new Buccaneers receivers coach P. J. Fleck will come racing across the field as if he just took a java filled IV. Like a Fourth of July fireworks show that seems to go on and on, Fleck’s seemingly endless energy will be something for Buccaneers fans – and players – to pay close attention to.

At 31, Fleck, is just two years older than new Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, but the close proximity in age hasn’t been an issue between the two, and Fleck is marveling at the veteran’s willingness to get better.

“There are two words that describe Vincent Jackson – true professional,” Fleck said. “He is extremely talents but also very detailed in the classroom. He is very coachable; and sometimes you don’t get the whole package. He is the whole package.

“The one thing about Vincent is he’s so humble but he’s so talented. Usually, you don’t get that combination. You get one or the other. He’s got both. The one thing about Vincent is this: He’s made it very clear to me that he wants to become an elite player. He’s been very good and he’s done a lot of good things in the National Football League, but I think there’s still a carrot in front of him that he’s chasing.”

Head coach Greg Schiano puts a high emphasis on leadership, as witnessed by the number of draft picks that were team captains during their college years. The Buccaneers obviously felt that last year’s group of receivers may have been lacking in that department, as evidenced by the signing of Jackson back in March.

“Coach (Greg) Schiano always says, ‘If you’re a leader, you lead. You either lead positively or you need negatively. But you’re leading,’’’ Fleck said. “(Jackson) has definitely steered all those guys in a positive direction and they’re buying into what he’s selling. He’s just made the whole room better and he’ll continue to do that on a daily basis. Once that becomes the habit of everybody else, I hope this unit really takes off.”

When discussing what to look for in training camp, Fleck told the media a few weeks ago to not expect the normal one player one specific position approach to the Buccaneers receiving group.

“If you go broader with our whole receiving corps, we are all going to have a greater role,” Fleck said. “The great thing about this offense, everyone can play every position. So when you are thinking X or Z they can all can play every position. And that is how we are going about teaching our system, teaching our scheme. Everyone learns the same fundamentals, and then we go right into the scheme learning as a whole. It’s not just (one guy) learning X or Z. That gives us the flexibility to move everybody around. A guy like Mike Williams can play inside or outside or wherever we want him to. So as a whole, we are trying to go about it with that approach. You always have to have flexibility in your offense so as you go I think you will see everybody play different things. So that is hopefully what will make us pretty hard to defend.”

When Buccaneers fans begin streaming in for the opening of training camp and deciding where they sit, they would be wise for at least one of the days, to find the receivers group to view. And finding them won’t be a problem. Just look – and listen – for the coach running wide open like a bottle rocket  – even if it’s only 8:30 in the morning.


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    I feel over confident for the boys this year...but i have felt that way for since 77 lets go Bucs!!!!
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    MJMoody: As yet another training camp quickly approaches, our time to be optimistic about our little team also arrives. While most of us are realistic enough to know the chances of a championship season are rather unlikely; we've been around long enough to have experienced more than one "worst to first" season. The 1979 Worst to First poster hanging on the wall behind me is a daily reminder. One need only to look at the 49ers who entered the 2011 season with a rookie coach and a QB who was in jeopardy of being cut. Then the talent that had been accumulated remained healthy and came alive, confidence grew and that other city by the bay became a force. They were far removed from their 2010 showing. I see enough similarities to at least give me hope that the team that collapsed and virtually surrendered the last 10 games in 2011is not what we will see in 2012. Let's enjoy these next few weeks before the games count and get behind them. If we believe, maybe our youngsters will too. Hope to meet some of you at practice.
  • avatar

    Scubog, well put. That's a good point about San Francisco; Mike Singletary really drafted most of those players and it took a new Coach to make it all happen. Maybe we will be able to look at Morris as San Francisco did with Singletary; I'm hoping that happens. Realistically I am hoping for 6-8 Wins; our schedule is brutal. I'll be out there for the Sunday one for sure when I think they first practice with pads?
  • avatar

    Hurry up pre-season. I hear we have a great RB group. That we have a great run blocking line & are going to pound the ball old school style. I also hear we have a talented and diverse WO group--that can run routes inside & outside. That we have a great pass protecting line & Free's going to really come alive with his new QB Coach and O Coordinator. In other news, I hear that Clark is the consummate professional and Stocker is on the rise. Finally I hear the Saints are going to blow, and the door is wide open. Seriously?!? I'm not trying to rain on anybodies parade. Honestly, I appreciate the optimistic approach to the new season. But, while I didn't realize it at the time, the Patriots showed me exactly what to expect out of the 2011 Buccaneers squad in the pre-season last year. Everybody remember that whoopin'? The Patriots will be in Tampa for week 3 in August this year; a whole week early to practice with this team. I fully expect to see for myself once again exactly what the 2012 Buccaneers are bringing to the table. I hope it's at least half of what I hear.
  • avatar

    I think that the coach and tyhe veteran Jackson will mold the new and old bucs receiever corp. I wish the best to them.Tampa may have a lot of talent around this corp of receievers-GO Bucs
  • avatar

    Couldn't agree more with you skanji65 about the coaching. That alone should account for 2 more wins than last year even if we had the same players. Hearing stories about how the practices were run last year shows why this team was so putrid last season. The old saying is so true, you play as well as you practice!
  • avatar

    Ayron54, I agree with you. The last WR coach we had was also described as high energy. Don't get me wrong I prefer that type of coach, but I just hope that it translates to the field like it did in 2010. I also agree with Horse that if any fellow posters attend training camp and feel confident that you know what you're talking about please comment afterwards. The more data we all get the better.
  • avatar

    I think what we are doing right now with the WR's what most teams have already done. It's nice to have coaches that are in this decade of coaching skills. I can't wait to get out to some of the practices and see what is going on. Maybe each Soundoff that goes to the practices can throw in as to what they saw out there too? Of course Pewter Report will have better eyes and breakdown analysis than us, but they are trying to cover all the positions and they might miss something that we caught because they were focused on another area. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    hopefully it all translates to the field on Sundays.. all the rah rah talk doesn't mean anything until then!! Go Bucs!! Carolina embarrased us last year.. TWICE!!
  • avatar

    Cmon V-Jax, we need you to lead, buddy. This group of WR could shine with your influence and Coach Fleck's teaching. Can't wait to see you play!
  • avatar

    New coaching staff is a breath of fresh air. What a difference a year makes.
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