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July 11, 2012 @ 1:55 pm
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Bucs' Rookies Getting A Jump On Vets, Will Report July 18

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers haven’t offered any details or a press release on it, but NFL.com reported today the Buccaneers’ rookies are set to arrive on July 18, eight days earlier than the veterans.

It may be a buried detail from last season’s CBA (collective bargaining agreement) but for teams like Tampa Bay, which feel they may have at least three rookies in the starting lineup come September 9, it should prove to be a huge benefit to have the rookies report over a weekly earlier than the veterans.

Obviously last season was a complete disaster for rookies from around the entire league, and Tampa Bay rookie middle linebacker Mason Foster was clearly a victim of the 132-day NFL lockout, which wiped out the entire offseason workouts.

First round picks Mark Barron and Doug Martin, along with second round selection Lavonte David, are all expected to contribute, if not start on opening day. The extra eight days, combined with the OTAs and mini-camps they rookies were able to participate in, should give them a boost in getting acclimated first to the Florida heat, but also the playbooks.


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    OK everyone, I think we are trying to over analyze this subject. Kind of like what ESPN does sometimes that drives me crazy. I don't think that these 2 situations are related at all. Period. The fact that Barron got into a small scuffle with Price should have no bearing on weather or not he signs his contract. Let's just hope everything works out and everyone reports on time and in shape so we can cheer them all on! ! ! ! By the way, did I read that correctly ??? Did someone say that the teams want protection for the TOP 8 picks in the draft. If they get cut and another team signs them they want to be protected??? How many top 8 picks have been cut by the team that drafted them? Why wouldn't they want protection for the top 15 or 20? They all make a pretty good amount of $$. That is crazy and hopefully someone will fix it soon so everybody can get their rookies to camp.
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    Macabee and Scubog - Understood. I do want to clarify that I was already aware of the offset language in the contracts (ain't ProFootballTalk great). My point was more centered towards my hunch that if they haven't resolved that issue by July 18th that Barron doesn't come off to me as the type to sign anyway just to get to rookie camp on time. Even if the guys ahead of him and behind him do sign my whole point is that it wouldn't surprise me if he was still one of the last rookies to sign, even if that takes him a few days into regular training camp. Again I'm pulling all of this out of a very dark place so I have no problem being wrong on this one.
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    There seems to be some talk about Price being out of shape and may not even be a lock to make the team, due to his mental condition. In my opinion with the problems we are having on the DL, I would say Barron is the least of my worries, even if he did agrivate the Big man. Barron and Price are going to be given some leeway because Barron is a rookie and Price is recovering from injuries and the emotional trauma of losing his sister. But if he ( Price) is not starting by early this Season, how much more time will they give him ?
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    I will say this about people perception of Barrons attitude. The sense of entitlement that some perceive him to have might be what this defense needs. Granted Price was going through a lot so something tells me you can take that altercation with a grain of salt. But with that said he needs to carry himself differently than the rest. Sometime I dont know if some of our defensive players have pulses they are so quiet and peaceful. He needs to bring that edge to the defense, so what if he steps on a few toes in the process they are probably players that need a fire lit. Ronde Barber said he has loved the intensity he practices with during the offseason. So if its good enough for Ronde then everybody else needs to get in line. Somebody who takes his aggression out on the field and in practice instead of the community is the least of our issues. Maybe his sense of urgency will rub off and maybe a few of these players will get tired of being shown up by rookie and reach some of their own potential. Hell we were ranked dead last in the league in points allowed so maybe them getting pissed off isnt the worse thing that can happen.
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    Macabee: Thank you for explaining the well-publicized reason for the top 8 draft choices remaining unsigned since the rules at the top are different. This is an important step for these guys. So while I hope our young safety and the others agree to their contracts soon and get to camp on time; I don't begrudge them their opportunity to get the best deal. My take was different on the alleged altercation between Barron and Price. I saw it as a player not being willing to "take a back seat" to anyone. I kinda liked that. But choosing to stand up to the gargantuan Brian Price makes me question if Barron is really smarter than Morris Claiborne and his 4 on the Wonderlick.
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    Mark Cook, I'm getting a message on my mobile (I-Phone) from Google when I Google PR. You might want to look into if you haven't already!
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    Pinkstob, This holdout is not being driven by Barron and it's not about money. No first round, pick 1-8 has signed. It's about "off-set language" in the contracts. Teams want off-set language in the event a player is cut and picked up by another team, they only want to pay the difference between the old contract and the new contract. The player's want to be paid the full gauranteed amount of the old contract plus whatever they are paid in a new contract. Mild stand-off at the moment, but experts think that someone will compromise and contracts will be signed next week!
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    I say this is great espically the rookies that they will have an 8 day jump on the other wr and rest of the positions go bucs.
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    That's a very interesting POV to ponder on Pink...All I hav to say is that if a sense of "entitlement" does exist in Barron's head or just plain thinking that his !@#$ doesn't stink, it's not going to bode well for the Bucs...self confidence is one thing, but seriously..he hasn't signed yet??!! WHY the !@#$ NOT??!!! MR. Cook or Scott..ANYBODY...can any insight be offered as to why he's not under contract yet??? Also the "altercation" that Pinkstob mentioned...has that in any way ever been able to be confirmed?? I'm not advocating bloodying your new rookie teammates... but seriously..a rookie..first rounder or not wouldn't give up their seat to a veteran??? If that's true the KID needed a good smack...mind you..not a pummeling...but man I feel for Brian Price...guy is way too young to have so many chapters of personal tragedy included in his life story...Here's hoping you are able to use your sorrows as fuel for not taking any part of the remainder of your life for granted Mr. Price...And Mr.Barron...if u stood up to take a beat down, I admire your courage... but not your brains...if that kind of thinking follows you on to the field...you're not going to be there for very long... GO BUCS!!!!!
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    That's assuming Barron has signed by then. That's not a given. I say that more based on gut than analyzed information. I say that only because of the fact that Barron didn't give up his seat when Price told him to move during that meeting that led to an altercation. I don't know whose fault that really was since I wasn't there, but it may be a slight indication of a personality trait of Barron. He may have a sense of entitlement coming fresh off a national championship at Alabama. I'm just saying based on that incident I wouldn't be surprised if he pushed signing his contract until at least a day into camp.
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