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July 27, 2012 @ 9:11 am
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Dominik On The Price Trade: "It Was Something We Were Preparing For"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Less than 24 hours after a trade was completed to send former second-round draft pick Brian Price to the Bears, Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik talked about the circumstances that were behind the move.
As the temporary stands were filling, and the first air horn went off under the humid first day of training camp Friday morning, Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik was feeling the heat in other ways. Discussing the trade that sent former second-round draft pick Brian Price to the Chicago Bears, Dominik stood in the northwest corner of the practice fields, talking about what was behind the move to jettison Price.

“What’s important is that all of our team knew a conditioning test was important,” Dominik said.  “And not just the conditioning test, but what’s to be expected coming out of training camp and what we want out of our players. Coach Schiano made that clear to the players, and yesterday is a part of the entire process of what we have dealt with, with each individual player. And yesterday we sat down, after everything, and I decided to make the deal to send Brian Price to the Chicago Bears. That’s what seemed to be in the best interest of this football team moving forward.”
Dominik was asked if Price failing the conditioning test was the final straw.

“It’s hard to say that,” Dominik said. “He’s had an unfortunate career and an unfortunate personal life. A really tragic personal life. So it’s very difficult to think about all the things he’s gone through, from losing his sister, to the injuries he’s dealt with and the surgeries he’s dealt with. But at some point we have to go out there and win some football games, and part of the plan for us was to be involved in free agency and find guys like Amobi Okoye and Wallace Gilberry who can help out, so it’s a position that we have focused on, knowing this day could come.”
It is no secret head coach Greg Schiano has clear expectations of what he expects and this move, along with the release of Tanard Jackson and the trade of Kellen Winslow, shows just how serious the organization is about the types of players that want on their roster.

“Again, I would say that there were clear expectations of what we want to be as an organization, of what we expect from our football players, from conditioning, from what they can do,” Dominik said. “Certainly guys can get hurt doing the conditioning test and they can re-run it and move on. But I think it’s important that coach is a detailed guy, a guy that really defines what he wants and what he expects and if it doesn’t come through, there is accountability in everything. That’s where this day got to yesterday.”
PewterReport.com reported earlier this season that Price and Briscoe were not locks to make the squad. Dominik confirmed these weren’t knee-jerk reaction moves.

“It was something we were preparing for,” Dominik said. “Chuck Price (Brian Price’s agent) wasn’t shocked. We’ve been in constant contact, we talked the entire offseason. Dezmon Briscoe and Erik Burckhardt his agent, we had great communication. There really was no one that should have been completely caught off guard because they know what the expectations were for this football team. That’s the way coach is going to run this football team and I’m going to support it completely.”
Dominik was asked where Price fell short of the organizations expectations.

 “I would say we’re really focused now on the guys that are here,” Dominik said. “And what’s important is, Brian is on a plane, he’s going to take their physical and if everything works out we have another draft selection that puts us up to nine for next year’s draft and we don’t’ have to wait until next year to use them. If there’s something out there that can help this team in 2012 now we have a little more ammunition to go do that.”
As the impromptu press conference was wrapping up Dominik shared his feelings on Price being unable to live up to his second-round status.

“You don’t go into it and want that to happen obviously as an organization,” Dominik said. “I don’t think anyone in the NFL didn’t think Brian Price wasn’t a second-round talent. When we drafted he there wasn’t anyone saying, ‘Geez he was a fourth-round (talent).’ It just hasn’t worked out. And it is disappointing to us as an organization and I know Brian Price is disappointed it worked out the way it did. But at the same point we have to move and do what we feel as an organization – and me specifically – that are in the best interest of this football team.

“I have a lot of respect for Brian. He has been through a lot of personal drama, and he got a lot of physical drama he has been though too. He got to get everything put together. But we will let the Bears … I’ll will watch from afar, but at the same point I am looking forward to seeing the guys who are here who can practice everyday and play everyday and contribute to this football team.”


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    First point, I have a feeling that is has more to do with his emotional & mental fitness than his physical fitness. I don't think that he's mentally tough enough to overcome his injuries or the death of his sister. I base this on his comments that he made about almost quitting football while he was on IR his rookie year and how he allowed himself to get out of shape using his injury as an excuse. He could've done non-impact excises in a swimming pool to at least keep in shape. I've seen plenty of senior citizens with bad hips in the pool bouncing around in classes. Not sure if he was overweight or underweight, but he was NOT ready and the Bucs had enough! Second point, we missed on draft picks under McKay & Dungy; McKay & Gruden; Allen & Gruden; and Dominik & Morris. What's the common denominator? The Scouting Dept! Dominik kept Hickey when most people thought the Bucs should've cleaned house based on the previous regimes missing on picks.
  • avatar

    BucJoe, This is the NFL; not the Sisters of the Poor Mercy hospital. You cannot carry a guy for 3-seasons on an NFL roster who is still physically and mentally damaged, regardless of potential. This is a results business and rest assured you are right that Dominik and Schiano will not be here long either unless they produce wins. The season is a long 16 weeks to risk a valuable roster spot again with Price and his salary for a few splash games. I do agree it is Dominik and the scouting department's mistake in the first place for selecting him in the second round while not knowing about the severity of his injury when others did. I believe Schiano gets a pass though, as the young man was given basic offseason goals and he could not meet them; don't give me excuses about scar tissue breaking off in the first four runs of a conditioning run, please, if he had been doing any conditioning at all this would have already happened in the offseason. It is unfortunate about the young man's family though; hopefully he catches on and does well in another environment.
  • avatar

    I agree with Christopher Smith. IMO, this move makes no sense. This player played on hurt legs all last season and DIDN'T spend the season "in the tub". In Price's case the statement, "can't make the club in the tub" makes no sense at all! He was overweight last season BECAUSE he couldn't do cardio due to BOTH of his legs recuperating from a surgery NEVER BEFORE DONE on an NFL player, but he played anyway. Now he undergoes a personal tragedy but STILL loses the weight and comes in at his old college weight, tears scar tissue (which HAD to happen) and is traded for NOTHING before they even LOOK at him. Now Dominik says, they were talking about this all off-season. So, IOW, they weren't even PLANNING to give Price a chance!! Classless, and my opinion of Schiano just changed....Domink too. Now we need to hold BOTH of them to the same standard they help Price too. Results NOW, regardless of ANYTHING ELSE! Don't tell me about injuries, don't tell me about "development of roster"! NOTHING BUT RESULTS and those IMMEDIATELY!!
  • avatar

    Can't make the club in the tub; next man up. Sucks this kid was a second round gamble. I think the next time we gamble it needs to be thoroughly researched on the character and medical history sides. Maybe, no gambles till the third or fourth round at the earliest. These second round busts really hurt; I value that pick just as high as a first, for value and money saved on usually your most valuable and talented pick in the draft by virtue of the fall from the first round draft opinions. The second round pick also usually has a little less media glare pressure to contend with on the player as well. To be fair to Dominik at this point, had we kept the kid with possible injury risk we may have got nothing for him at all and had to release him straight out by the endi of camp; the move now also frees up a spot to look at other players more thoroughly throughout camp who are ready to play mentally and physically. I guess D'Qwan Bowers is now on the clock for Mr.Dominik.
  • avatar

    another 2nd rounder bites the dust. Hey, remember Dexter Jackson anyone?
  • avatar

    Mark Dominik: "I collect defensive tackles"...post 2010 draft 2012...expensive,mostly ineffective, injury prone ones at that. Mark....enough with the big talk..you,Sir,are officially " on the clock"!
  • avatar

    I have sypathy ffor Price with this injuries and the passing away of his sister, which was what, several months ago? I think the fact that he still couldn't get over her loss, indicates a player who is not mentally tough enough to play in the NFL. This is your job, you need to get past that and concentrate on doing your job.
  • avatar

    This is a difficult one for me, one that makes me want to take a hypocritical position. When McCoy and Price were both rookies, I had the flexibility available such that I was able to attend a lot of the training camp sessions (most of them). Game time is different, absolutely, but seeing them at 1-Buc in line drills at field level, you get really close and can really analyze their technique, power, etc. Price looked absolutely awesome at that time. Overweight, a bit, absolutely. However, power and technique, the natural balance of a BIG, intuitive pass rusher, even against double-teams. I saw POTENTIAL. Reality set in and there was the injury (injuries) and other issues (mostly the injury, but consistent weight is also important, particularly on the line). An NFL career is such a narrow window of opportunity. 3rd season players who have been sidelined and distracted need to come in like they're on FIRE, ready to take the world! Sounds like Price didn't do that, at least in part for obvious reasons and at least in part NOT his fault. However, that narrow window means that the NFL is a cruel, unforgiving world. He's one that I'll actually follow and I hope he shines (just not against us). I'd like to say (I really would): Damn! He's been through so much, he's a great guy, he could really be something! However, 3rd season, decisions need to be made and they're tough ones.
  • avatar

    Tough luck guy, no doubt. Sorry it worked out this way, but seems as if there really was no choice. Coach set a standard and he's following it. No exceptions. The rules are clear. May mean fewer wins this year, but in the long run it will produce a team that plays to win, is well-conditioned, and is mentally tough.
  • avatar

    The move makes no sense. Give the guy a few weeks to see where he is prior to the final cut. probably could have gotten the same seventh round pick at that point. What harm in allowing a guy who has come back from injuries and the tragedy in his personal life a few more weeks? He came into camp 30 pounds lighter and unforthunately had a setback that the trainers have described as scar tissue. Problem was expected to resolve in a couple of weeks. Easy for Domick to say "good luck to him in Chicago", but this was a very high second round pick off one of the weaker parts of this roster, the defensive tackle position. Remember that Okoye was released because the Bears had seen enough of him. Why do we think he will all of a sudden be great here?
  • avatar

    christophersmith, I so agree.
  • avatar

    IMO where Dominik failed with Brian Price was that he relied to much on the West coast scouts info on Price's injury prior to drafting him. That mistake cost the Scout his job this off season. It's a good thing the Bucs signed Okoye. As long as McCoy and Okoye stay healthy then the Bucs DL should be fine. I wish Price luck but it's time to move on.
  • avatar

    First of all let me congratulate Bucko40 for the best avitar on the board, as well as his (assuming the avitar is not a self portrait) assertion that west coast scouting missed the mark. And, if Price was brought in for - and passed a physical, there's more blame to spread around. D-linemen will become available as the summer moves along and though MD may have missed the mark with Price, he has shown some skills in finding FA talent when needed ... Haynesworth notwithstanding. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Schiano is not messing around, love it.
  • avatar

    Dominik, that's pure crap spoken. Why would you not first put Price over to the side and work with him to past the test? I mean this is stupid to immediately trade him for a 7th rounder. We all knew that Price should have never played last year; told to stay in Tampa for rehab, or be cut back in 2011. You Dominik have a strike against you here. You screwed up with this one big time. Your next screw up is right infront of you too? Gerald McCoy, you better hope he becomes Tarzon because whoever has told this guy that he has the shape to play DT in the NFL is nuts. He should have stayed in Tampa and re did his body for being a DT not a tweener DT/DE. Just my opinion.
  • avatar

    Mark Dominic has seen the Brian Price song and dance for two seasons now....he say enough to know it would be more of the same. An out of shape DT that will flash for a snaps a season and then be injured for the majority of it. Good Luck in Chicago maybe a fresh start is what he needs.
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