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July 29, 2012 @ 11:43 am
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Schiano: "A Ballcarrier Cannot Put The Ball On The Ground, Period"

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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The Buccaneers were able to practice in full pads today and the intensity was noticeable. Head coach Greg Schiano talked about how the first full-contact practice went along with comments on Doug Martin, ball security and the play of the linebackers.
Following the first day in full pads, Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following another warm workout in front of local fans and guests. Below is a full transcript of Schiano’s comments.

Opening statement:
“I thought the guys responded well. Certainly a ton of stuff we have to work on. It was sloppy, but I think that every time you add a different variable to the equation you’re going to get a little bit of that until you get used to it. So we add the pads, we add contact you start thinking about some of those contact related things and maybe you mess up your assignment or you jump offside. As we get into this thing and we hit our stride we have to be able to clean uap our football and play smart football. That’s still a little bit down the road I think before we start really looking like that.”

Regarding penalties, it seemed like there were a few flags out there. Concerned?
“Penalties, missed assignments. We had one ball come out which that just cannot happen. A ball carrier cannot put the ball on the ground period.”

Adrian Clayborn laid out Erik Lorig and you stopped the practice. Was that scheduled to stop at that point or do you think that was more than you wanted to see?
“No, I actually thought it was a really good play by A.C. I stopped it because that was the end of the period and I wanted to make some comments about the period total.  I didn’t think the period was very sharp and I wanted to have a little talk before we moved to the next one.”

Has ball security been overall okay through camp?
“I think it has been very good. It doesn’t take many to ruin that equation and we just put the ball on the ground in a one-on-one tackle situation. Again you don’t want to make it where you get afraid, so I guess you have to be able to play. In passing game you have to stick it in windows that maybe aren’t very big and if you have a quarterback like we do that has a strong arm you have to go after it. There will be some interceptions. It’s when you’re carrying the football there is no reason for that ball to come out ever. If we are going to get turnovers let them be on interceptions where the risk (and) reward is really great.”

How are Freeman and Jackson meshing and working together?
“I think it is great. They are getting a good feel for each other. They appear to get along both on and off the field which I think is big. Team chemistry and enjoying being around guys outside of just when you have to be — I think is all good stuff. I look at our offensive line [and] they are like that. That’s encouraging. A lot of times when you take over a program that is lacking. I think we have it in some areas. In some areas we have some reel good unit chemistry and positional chemistry which gives us a little chance.”

Was the first day the worst just getting acclimated to the conditions and do you feel the guys have found their groove on getting used to the conditions?
“I don’t know yesterday was a little easier because of the cloud cover. So that makes a big difference as you know the temperature [or] the feel of the temperature I should say. I think again when you introduce the pads that may — if they were finding a groove the pads and the contact that disrupted it a little bit. You know that’s extra weight you are carrying. Your body doesn’t vent as well because it gets stuck under the pads. So all that stuff adds stress to their work load. We will get there. It is just going to have to be a process.”

Any new injuries to report?
“Not that I know of, not anything significant. I think a couple guys tweaked this and that, but nothing more, not like a guy won’t show up tomorrow and practice.”

 How are players doing with ball security overall?
“They’ve fully bought in and that’s the key. When you have one come out today, I can’t wait to see the tape because I think I know why it came out, but I’m not sure, so as soon as we’re done I’ll get a look at it. But those are the things as a coach that I look at first. Ball security issues, penalties. The other coaches are onto the scheme, but that’s got to be my thing.”

How are the players progressing as far as learning the system?
“We really want to build this team, Mark, myself, the Glazers, we all agree that the way to build this team is through the draft. But we thought at this time since everyone was starting new that it didn’t matter where you came from. But relative to the teams we have to play, none of them are new. So relatively, I don’t think it matters, it’s a disadvantage, but that’s life. You have to find a way.”

How much of a load can Doug Martin handle?
“I think what allows him to have a chance is that he is a stout guy. If he was 5-9, 185 I’d say no. But he’s not. He’s close to 220 pounds and he’s pretty rocked up. So I think the competition is pretty good at the running back spot. I think LeGarrette had looked good and some of the other guys have looked good. It should be interesting. But really, to be able to evaluate them. You look at them in protection and carrying the ball but until they have to break a tackle, make someone miss in a game when they’re getting tackled live, it’s awfully hard to evaluate.”

How have the linebackers done so far in camp?
“Without watching the tape, just watching them out there, I thought they did things a little bit better. I think each day they’ve gotten better, but I didn’t’ think we were that good on Day one. But I think we’ve performed better at linebacker each day and we have to, because that’s a critical part of your defense. If it starts with your defensive line, but if you can get those guys cooking, you need to get those linebackers pressing downhill. We have to be a downhill attacking football team, and that’s something we’re working very hard on.”

- Victoria Horchak, Lauren Levine and Mark Cook contributed to this report


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    Do you think he might be milking the injury to avoid training camp? Wow, he has never shown the proclivity to be out of shape, or to not play hard all year long before, so it would be going against his character to slack off................the question is Donald Penn a LT (Lazy tub of lard)?
  • avatar

    Looked for a big straw hat Horse but never saw one that I thought was you underneath. Not sure how you were able to get an accurate assessment of the time Penn spent rehabilitating on the far side of the fields. You must have had Lasix surgery or still have your Army issue field glasses. So here the team is practicing right in front of you and your big concern (no pun intended) is our starting LT standing around too much? I presume you conferred with the training staff to find out what Penn was supposed to be doing and not, that displeased you. Seems you're not content unless you have a whipping boy. I'm sure there's a Pro-Bowl LT out there somewhere walking the streets. Sorry I missed meeting you. I think we know some of the same people from your CHS days.
  • avatar

    Scubog, actually I do have some pretty good binocular's and between my oldest grandson who is fifteen and myself, it was funny as heck to watch Penn. I also had my son look and verify if I was overstating what I was seeing and he said similar things about him too. Believe what you want to; there's really no need to say anything else.
  • avatar

    Very non impressive practice. Nothing else to say about it that the Coach hasn't already said. I would like to add this is if any of the Coaches are reading this Article. Someone better rake up Mr. Penn. I watched quite a bit of his rehab going on , on the otherside of the field. He is going through the motions only. He will not be ready to play when someone declares he is ready to go. The other player's who were rehabing had much better focus, energy, and seriousness to what they were trying to achieve. Please go out and find a LT now before it is too late to help us in the early part of the season.
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