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July 29, 2012 @ 12:57 pm
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Bucs News To Know 7-29: In Full Pads; Martin A First-Teamer

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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In a new Pewter Report training camp feature, Bucs News To Know effectively wraps up day three of camp with the latest on injuries, roster moves, depth chart news and more. Check out this Pewter Report article for all of the news you need to know.
Here is what you need to know about what happened at Buccaneers training camp on Sunday, July 29:

• Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano has not released an official injury list and won’t be doing so until he’s forced to by the league in the preseason. Some players that missed practice on Sunday include left tackle Donald Penn (left calf), wide receiver Arrelious Benn (knee), cornerbacks Derrick Roberson (hamstring) and E.J. Biggers (foot), defensive end Da’Quan Bowers (Achilles), tight end Colin Franklin (undisclosed) and defensive tackle Gary Gibson (undisclosed). Offensive tackle Jamon Meredith returned to practice after missing some time on Saturday with an undisclosed injury.

• Despite it being the first full day in pads with full contact, there were no noteworthy injuries to report according to Schiano in his post-practice press conference.

• The Buccaneers signed LB Nate Triplett. Triplett comes to Tampa Bay from the Indianapolis Colts and he also spent time on the San Diego Chargers practice squad last season. He has played in eight career games mainly on special teams, notching six tackles. Triplett has also played in one playoff game. He originally entered the league with the Minnesota Vikings as a fifth-round draft pick (167th overall) in 2010 out of the University of Minnesota.

• There were no other roster moves by the Bucs on Sunday.

• Doug Martin was taking most of the first-team reps at running back on Sunday. Martin has been one of the stars of camp and has done virtually everything right from running with decisiveness, quickness and authority to catching the ball cleanly to being as good as advertised in pass protection.

Interestingly, Martin was leading the running back unit in drills on Sunday while LeGarrette Blount was the last one in line – perhaps as a disciplinary measure. Blount split time in a back up role and received fewer reps than Martin, and just slightly more than Mossis Madu and Michael Smith.

• Tiquan Underwood has had a strong start to training camp and continues to get reps with the first-team offense. Underwood has made very few mistakes and consistently gets separation. He has had an impressive first three days of camp.

• Former starting free safety Cody Grimm continues to exclusively run with the third-team defense at strong safety behind Mark Barron and Ahmad Black. His chances of making the 53-man roster this year appear to be bleak unless he really impresses in the preseason with some splash plays on special teams and defense.

• For the first time under head coach Greg Schiano, the Buccaneers donned full pads during Sunday morning’s practice. The running game was emphasized quite a bit during this practice, which was the first real look at the full blocking ability of the offensive line, fullbacks and tight ends.

• For the second straight day, new Bucs tight end Dallas Clark struggled catching the ball. On Saturday, Clark had a pass bounce off his hands and into the waiting arms of free safety Ronde Barber. On Sunday, the same thing happened across the middle with a pass going off Clark’s fingertips and into the clutches of backup middle linebacker Adam Hayward.

•Doug Martin continues his apparent march up the depth chart, taking most of the first team reps on both running and passing plays. LeGarrette Blount was used sparingly and there was no indication of any injury that may have prevented him from participating. No one is revealing a early camp depth chart, but it is becoming clear the Buccaneers are liking what Martin brings.

• Middle linebacker Mason Foster has had a very good start to training camp and has excelled in pass protection for the second straight day. After breaking up two passes in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 sessions on Saturday, Foster broke up a pass intended for Clark to start a 7-on-7 session. He also put a huge, de-cleating hit on wide receiver Sammie Stroughter, knocking him to the ground. To Stroughter’s credit he held on to the ball. Foster looked great in run fits, reading a cutback run and stopping Madu in the hole on one occasion.

• Defensive end Adrian Clayborn continues to display his physicality. After roughing up left tackle Demar Dotson on Saturday, he went out in the flat to drop fullback Erik Lorig with a big thud as soon as he caught the ball. That play drew applause from the fans and defensive players, but prompted Schiano to stop practice, draw the team together and explain how he doesn’t want friendly fire injuring his team.

• During one of the passing periods Josh Freeman was able to recognize a blitz by the defense, allude Rode Barber who juked Doug Martin, and connect with Vincent Jackson down the right sideline for a long completion. Jackson was able to get past cornerback Aqib Talib, something the veteran receiver has routinely been able to do when matched up in man-coverage.

For more standout plays and more on the first day of Buccaneers training camp, read Pewter Report’s premium Pewter Insider practice reports coming later tonight on PewterReport.com.

-Mark Cook contributed to this report

Last modified on Sunday, 29 July 2012 15:27

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  • avatar

    I can't wait to see Martin in a game.
  • avatar

    I'm glad for all the inside info on training camp esp from our posters even the pestimistic Horse (kidding) who loves to trash Penn and McCoy, I use to go to training camp a long time ago at University of Tampa man was it hot I remember Sam Wyche ready to pass out right in front of me as he was signing autograghs and had us follow him to a tree, lol Keep up the news, good or bad I love to hear it as I can't be there anymore as I live in AZ
  • avatar

    It was fun out there today. Didn't run into any PR posters (or staff) unfortunately. Horse, I wasn't sure how to get to the VIP area but I'm glad you made it out. Sounds like I was sitting pretty close to Scubog and didn't even realize it. From his avatar I'm not sure how I missed him. Maybe next year we can organize better; I'd love to talk to any of the PR staff. The only thing I disagree with Horse on was McCoy. When I saw him on the far field going up against two O-linemen and trying to sack the QB he looked to me like the best of all the D-linemen. Okoye looked like crap during this drill by the way...and he jumped offsides during an 11-on-11. Not a great impression if he hopes to replace Price as a starting DT. I also saw McCoy get pressure during the first snap of the last series of 11-on-11's with the starters. Freeman ended up throwing an incompletion. Underwood looked fantastic. Myron Lewis looked like garbage. Mike Williams looked up and down. He dropped two passes back to back during individual drills but he generally got seperation during the 11-on-11's. Talib looked up and down to me also. Foster looked great all around and if he plays that way this season he's going to make me eat my words about him not being able to play MLB. He looked better than Black who also had an up and down day. My Mr. Invisible award went to L. David. I didn't notice him making a good or bad play all day, but it's hard to catch everything watching one day of practice. As a whole though every player played very close to or exactly like PR has been describing them all offseason so there were no real surprises. That's a good thing and shows why PR is my trusted source for inside analysis on the Bucs. Sorry I can't more practices this year but I look forward to the rest of the inside articles!
  • avatar

    Pinkstop, very good read. You and Scubog were perpendicular to where I was so we each got different perspectives. I really like that. I had a north south view and you two had an east west view. I think I got the views right?
  • avatar

    I'm really hoping schiano was just trying to evaluate Martin and Blount is not in the doghouse. I will be furious if they get rid of Blount. Don't be stupid schiano/Dom, no 6th round draft pick will produce like LGB. The reality is we need 2 rb capable of 1000 yards if we want any chance of winning with the sorry defense currently here
  • avatar

    Great story...have not been able to get to practice because of work but from what i have read sounds good...Blount is a different runner that Martin we need them both Martin wont be carrying three players twenty yards down the field! That being said coach has plenty of tape on Blount...but needs to see Martin running against a NFL defense thus the reps that's my opinion. Horse usually like your comments but the negativity is really getting old! day three of camp!...we are not expecting SB form this year what we need is a young talented team actually going in the right direction. And i think they are discipline and conditioning going to tell the tale.
  • avatar

    bucsmaniac, sorry it sounds so negative to some. I do think the same as you that we will get better and Schiano is going to help a lot. I am only telling you what I saw; some disagree and that's okay. We all are entittled to our opinions.
  • avatar

    e·lude verb (used with object), e·lud·ed, e·lud·ing. 1. to avoid or escape by speed, cleverness, trickery, etc.; evade: to elude capture. 2. to escape the understanding, perception, or appreciation of: The answer eludes me.
  • avatar

    al·lude verb (used without object), al·lud·ed, al·lud·ing. 1. to refer casually or indirectly; make an allusion (usually followed by to ): He often alluded to his poverty. 2. to contain a casual or indirect reference (usually followed by to ): The letter alludes to something now forgotten.
  • avatar

    the pass that went off clarks hands and into hayward was thrown well behind clark and he had to turn and was barely able to touch it...was hardly all his fault, was a bad throw
  • avatar

    Horse: Having been to countless practices over the past 36 years (even back to looking over the fence illegally at One Buc Place); I think fans need to recognize that practice and games should not be viewed the same way. You sound like you're expecting more. Me too. But training camp has just started and it's just one of many practices with goals in mind, evaluations going on, timing to get down and situations to learn. It's not even a preseason game and certainly not a real game. It's nearly impossible to judge the big guys so I don't know how you concluded that "McCoy got bounced around". One play I observed he stuffed Carl Nicks. Guess you missed that one.That back-up QB you were applauding would have been sacked the way he stood around before making a decision. Didn't you see the defenders just trotting around behind him. I agree with you that the pass was slightly behind Clark. But if you criticize that play you should also acknowledge the deep sideline pass to Jackson that hit him right in stride as did most of Freeman's throws. Here's a trick I learned a long time ago when evaluating players. Forget their number and who it is and just judge the player for what you see. See who just stands out either good or bad and don't go in with any preconceived notions. Anyway, sorry I didn't see your big straw hat. I sat high up on the 45 yard line which is where I always sit.
  • avatar

    Scubog, I actually didn't need the straw hat because I didn't realize that the seats were all under shade and I thought I would be moving around which I ended up not doing. This was my first practice and yes I do understand about it being just a practice. I had low expectations from the get go; I just didn't realize I had to lower them even more. This is not a talented team right now in my opinion. They can and probably get better, but so will everyone else. I understand that you take a different stance than I do. Some of us are looking at different players for different reasons and because we are doing that we do miss out on some plays other players are making. I was using my binocular's a lot and I stayed focused on just several players and everytime I saw McCoy he was getting a beat down. I didn't watch McCoy on every play so maybe he was really having an All Pro day and I just missed it.
  • avatar

    Liking the News To Know column as well guys....very direct chunks of info.
  • avatar

    Thanks for the opinions guys. I like the new feature also. Horse, two things first I disagree on Freeman. Freeman looked pretty good today and made some good throws and decisions in my opinion. And secondly why didn't you say hello. My feelings are hurt!
  • avatar

    Mark, I was going to, but you were interviewing a player on the field and the grandkids were ready to go after getting quite a few autographs; one had to go pee pee big time. I'll catch you a week from Wednesday when I go to the next one. The Bucs really do put on a good Event by allowing us fans to watch the practices. I did try to tone my Soundoff down the best I could, but I was not happy with what I saw out there. The talent is just not enough, but I am hoping that we have some extra luck this season. Oh, I didn't say Freeman was bad, just fair because he did cause that interception.
  • avatar

    Horse I too was at practice but was not as discouraged as you. I think the offense looks great. I would not trade Blount. Martin looks great but what this team lacks most is depth. The rb position is one of the few positions we have with any quality depth. I agree with you on the d-line but don't forget that we have 2 pro bowlers in the middle. The entire defense has a long way to go but we are clearly much better than last year. Try to stay positive!
  • avatar

    Mark Sciano disputed one of Scotts points during his press conference regarding AC's hit. He was asked if he had a problem with the hit and said no. He went on to state the period was over and he wanted to address the total period. He never mentioned "friendly fire". Do you guys have information that we don't?
  • avatar

    Yoy know..if Im a head coach and I publicly announce that one of my work horse backs has done everything that I have asked of him and have alot of faith in him, I don't turn around and give a ROOKIE exclusive first team reps...if i really valued the other back, in this instance Blount and was not trying to run him out of town, I split his carries with Martin's straight down the middle...Let me go on record right now and state that the Bucs don't need another politician as a head coach...if Schiano is going to play favorites and flat out lie about it, I spit on him and all his efforts...much like the preacher who preaches and points his right hand while using his left to rob the offering plate, I thought the 2 faced BS was gone when Gruden was dismissed...iLuv my Bucs, but I do not go for bullsh!t in any realm of my life...and that includes my fan life...Warning to you coach Schiano...I will call you out during training camp if this scenario takes a Brian Price turn..and all of your supposed praying and faith involved in your decisions will not spare you from being called on your BS. Don't care how loud your voice is...I promise you mine is louder.
  • avatar

    Agree with all of it except for the interception which was Freeman's fault more than Clark's as the pass was behind him and Clark tried to adjust to it. Actually Freeman was just fair and the back up looked sharper. I was very not impressed with the practice. I wasn't prepared for the no tackling rule. HMM.. Here's the people who impressed me; Martin, David, Clayborn, Foster, Nicks, Zutah, Joseph, Jackson, Williams, Trueblood, Blount when he got to play, Talib, Barber, Baron, and Orlovsky. The non impressive ones were, Black, Miller, McCoy, Bennett, Lewis, Dotson, Clark, and the winner is the no rehab no energy Donald Penn. I sure hope there was a camera on Penn because he was just going through the motions while the other rebers were focused and energized. Please bring in a LT or give Sowell more reps as he has potential. McCoy got bounced around like a ball. He was a boy going against men. Nicks, Zutah, and Joseph beat him down badly; it didn't make any difference which one was blocking him. I do have to give them credit because nobody got close to Josh. All of this is based on the 1st and 2nd teams only. What's the story with Blount PR as he looks good. Maybe there is a trade going on because I can't imagine why he is not starting over Martin; he is a proven back. Actually it won't make any difference because our DL other than Clayborn is awful. We can't win games with these starters. Black at LB is same ole same; awful. The good news is that Schiano see's what many of us are seeing and is making changes. I had no idea how bad this team really was until I saw them this morning. Wow! We are in trouble this year. It will be tough to win many games despite the Coaches effort as we are very short of talent. Go Bucs! Make Changes! Get better!
  • avatar

    Another great read. Keep up the good work PR.
  • avatar

    SR and staff, I absolutely LOVE the new section 'News to Know". Very informative and right on point. Kinda wonder what the issue is with Blount though. I hope he is not in Schiano's doghouse and will meet the same fate as T.Jax, Winslow et. al. By the way...was Briscoe that much of a liability? Keep up the good work!
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