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July 30, 2012 @ 1:03 pm
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Schiano Calls Practice Effort "Outstanding"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Head coach Greg Schiano spent a few minutes at the podium after Monday's training camp practice discussing the morning workout, the secondary and the linebackers, among other topics.
Opening statement:
“Okay guys, practice four, just in case you guys needed me to keep track of that for you. I thought the effort was outstanding. Probably the best we’ve worked in the four days, the hardest. Cleaned some things up. We got into some situational football, which is good. We’ll start to get into more of that each day now.”

What are your early impressions of Dallas Clark?
“I’m really excited to have Dallas on our club. Not only how well he’s performed so far, but the leadership, maturity, all those things. I think he’s going to be a key part of what we do.”
What about the progress of the backup offensive tackles that might be replacing Penn?
“I think Dotson has done a really good job. (Jamon) Meredith  has done some good things. And then some of the rookies, I want to hold judgment on them. I’m impressed with what Dotson has done so far.”

Did Eric Wright go off the field today?
“I think he’s okay. Something small probably.”

How’s the secondary coming along?
“They’re working hard. I coached the position before I became a head coach, so I’m probably biased, but you have to cover the best athletes in the game and they know where they’re going and we don’t. As a secondary, I think that’s the position that takes the longest to gel. But they are working their tails off, and every day making improvements. So if we can keep doing that, we’ll get there.”

There’s a nice blend of experience and youth back there too.
“We do, we do. And I think to have Ronde (Barber)  back there is just a blessing. He’s got all his experience and maturity. Again, I think we have a good mix. I like the kind of young experience mix that we have.”

What does Tiquan Underwood bring to the mix?
“Well, he has had a good first four days of camp. He has made some big plays. You know chunk plays which are critical in offensive football. So if he can continue to do that-- you know four days doesn’ tmake camp. You got to have first four before you can have the second. Right now he is off to a good start.”

Zuttah has showed his versatility his whole career and what makes him such a good fit at that center spot?
“Well, I think he is a strong guy, but there are a lot of strong guys. He is very intelligent. [He] can learn things very quickly and grasp concepts. A lot of times with all the different blitz looks you get in this day and age of football you really need someone who understands concepts because you are going to get new looks—just a little bit different. If your center can identify and communicate that it kind of calms everybody else down. That’s what we are counting on from Jeremy (Zuttah).”

Is the competition at running back a lot different than other competitions because you know you can go with the complimentary system?
“Probably, probably different than like a quarterback kind of competition because you want to play one quarterback. You really don’t want to be alternating quarterbacks. Whereas running backs I almost think in this day and age it is a necessity. One guy cannot take all the carries as big and strong and violent as the defensive players are.”

For the one guys specifically though how are you going about this?
“I think if a guy—if that happens then certainly you let it happen, but you don’t make it happen. I think that’s where you make a mistake. You are going to make something happen. It has got to play its way out. Until it does you have guys who are good players and you kind of keep facilitating that it does play out by giving guys touches. As I said all along though whether it is receivers, running backs, doesn’t matter who it is they will earn those touches in the game because the touches are limited.”

In the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 work can you tell if Freeman is starting to improve on the decision making?
“I think just like the whole team, he’s improving every day. And part of that is decision making. A big part of it is. When you look at quarterback play, that may be the biggest part of it. It’s very much like a fighter pilot. They’re making split-second or high-speed decisions that you have to make and then you have to execute once you make those decisions, so we try to put him in as many situations as we can. Defensively, we’re trying to show him looks and take them away so he’s got to really figure it out and I think he’s doing better every single day. And that’s what we have to do at every position, but we all know how important the quarterback position is.”

What have been your impressions on battle going on for starting linebackers?
“I think there are definitely battles. I’m pleased with Mason. He’s getting better every day. Adam (Hayward) is coming back from the injury and he’s starting to get it now. I think Lavonte (David) is doing some really good things. I think we have some really good young kids there. I think Black has made a lot of plays these first four days. You just have to keep getting better. The whole thing is, doing your job. One of the things you can’t do as a defensive player is try to do too much, because what happens then is you try to do too much and something opens up and you have a big play and then guys start to lose confidence in what they’re doing so we just got to do our job and do it consistently and I think the linebackers are starting to a better job of that and are starting to get a better feel for things.”

Can the linebackers set the tempo for the defense?
“I believe the front four sets the tone. I believe the linebackers are important, I played the position and love the position, but at the end of the day those front four are the key to your defense. They make everything else go.”

How has Dallas Clark looked to you?
“I think he looks really good. I think he’s working his tail off. He’s a true professional. Like anybody else you keep your fingers crossed, because it’s a violent game, but I’m very pleased that he’s on our team.”

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    Listening to Schiano I think strengthens the fact that Morris was lost. I really believe Schisno has forgotten more football than Raheem will ever know.
  • avatar

    In defense of the often invisible Quincy Black; I thought he stood out a little yesterday. Let's hope he plays up to his pay.
  • avatar

    If only Black were the Deion Sanders of linebackers! You do know Deion is a HOF player right??
  • avatar

    Yes I do, but Deion made the Hall of Fame by being a great cover corner and a great return man and certainly not as a tackler, which has been commented on by the media ad infinitum, plus I think you know that and exactly what I meant by the comment. We need physical downhill linebacker play and Black does not fit that bill. If he had coverage skills like Deion, then maybe I would overlook the poor tackling to an extent and not be so hard on him, but he doesn't have anywhere near that type of talent. Average cover skills + poor tackling = crappy linebacker.
  • avatar

    Madu made the fumble on sunday.
  • avatar

    thorn 10, thank you.
  • avatar

    I agree about Schiano, Pinkstob. I think that's his MO. I don't sense that he really wants to be all that open to the media or expose his coaches to them either. You can tell he's not to keen on the CBA rules for practice and is only going to do or say what he has to to meet NFL media guidelines. If you've ever seen a Belichick press conference - cut from the same cloth!
  • avatar

    I am a huge fan of Schiano but I have to criticize him on this one. What's with him Grudening some of his responses about his players today? He knows good and well Clark and Dotson haven't played well. Especially to go so far as to say they've done a really good job. You don't have to humiliate them, but I think saying something more to the effect of they're working hard but could improve in some areas.
  • avatar

    Glad to read that they had a harder practice and a good practice compared to yesterday. Pewter Report Mark have you found out the real reason Price was traded? The Bear's seem to be quite happy with him and Price seems to be too. Also, who had the fumble in Sundays Practice, anybody know?
  • avatar

    Quincy "Black has made a lot of plays these first four days"...yeah, but these are not a live game situations and until he really has to fill a hole....which he wouldn't fill (like Ruud) even if he got there. And he never gets there anyway because he is blocked off the ball carrier every time. His only usefulness is to fall down and have the lead blocker trip over him. He is the Deion Sanders of linebackers.
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