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August 2, 2012 @ 6:04 am
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PR Analysis 8-1: O-Line vs. D-Line 1-on-1's

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Wearing full pads, the offensive and defensive linemen battled each other in pass rush-pass protection 1-on-1 drills on Wednesday. Which linemen excelled and which ones struggled? Find out in this PR Analysis report.
Donning full pads, the Buccaneers offensive linemen and defensive linemen squared off for a series of 1-on-1 pass rush-pass protection matchups on Wednesday and Pewter Report was there to chronicle all of the action.

With starting left tackle Donald Penn still hampered by a left calf injury, Demar Dotson faced off against right defensive end Adrian Clayborn. The 2011 first-round pick has gotten the best of the inexperienced Dotson since the start of camp and Wednesday’s battle was no different as he easily beat him with a strong and fast outside rush. On the second rep, Clayborn used a quick inside move, which caught Dotson off guard and made him lunge to the right off balance. Dotson was forced to flail, and grabbed Clayborn’s facemask, ripping off his helmet inadvertently in the process while getting beaten badly to the inside. Dotson got some revenge on the next rep as Clayborn attempted an outside rush but was sealed off with some excellent footwork and mirroring by the young left tackle. He finished the drill strong with one final containment of Clayborn, whose outside rush was effectively contained with a mix of a strong push, good leverage and nice footwork.

Left guard Carl Nicks engulfed Wallace Gilberry, who attempted an outside rush against the mammoth Pro Bowl, and shut down the quick and versatile defensive lineman. Gilberry got some payback on the next snap as his quickness off the snap caught Nicks off guard with a bull rush, pushing the 350-pound guard deep into the backfield. Nicks outweighs Gilberry by 80 pounds, so the fact that the undersized defensive lineman was able to drive him backwards was a sight to see. Gilberry finished off Nicks on the final rep with a quick first step that forced the left guard to grab and hold the defender’s jersey. Nicks’ final rep came against a similarly sized opponent in 350-pound Frank Okam. Nicks was able to lock Okam up from the snap with his strong hands and anchor. Okam didn’t help his cause by not continuing to chop his feet.

Center Jeremy Zuttah showed fantastic, quick hands against Roy Miller and used great technique to stop a bull rush from the nose tackle. The second rep between the two was a repeat of the first as Miller wasn’t quick enough off the snap to penetrate and Zuttah’s form, technique and strong hands and nimble feet stopped Miller cold. Zuttah squared off against Gerald McCoy on his final rep and was flagged for holding as the defensive tackle used a violent outside rush to quickly penetrate and catch the center a bit flat-footed.

Right guard Davin Joseph and McCoy dueled to a stalemate as McCoy’s quick get-off forced Joseph to give ground early before recovering and preventing McCoy from finishing and getting a sack. McCoy got the better of Joseph on the next snap, firing off the line of scrimmage with a strong bull rush that drove Joseph back. McCoy had an outstanding day overall on Wednesday and gave Joseph everything he could handle. On Joseph’s final rep he squared off against defensive lineman E.J. Wilson and easily shut him down with a combination of excellent side-to-side footwork and an excellent punch with his hands. Joseph did a fantastic job of mirroring against his opponent and Wilson appeared to be overmatched. Joseph and McCoy got in one final rep with Joseph using superior technique to effectively mirror McCoy, who wasn’t as explosive off the snap and appeared to be a bit fatigued on his final rush and couldn’t finish with a sack.

Michael Bennett’s quick burst off the line allowed him to get inside Jeremy Trueblood and jolt him backwards as the right tackle was off balance and upright, losing the battle to the starting left defensive end. Bennett beat Trueblood again on the next rep with a strong outside move before darting inside, using his speed to work around the right tackle, who was unable to anchor on the play. Bennett and Trueblood’s next rep was a draw as Trueblood gave up some big ground early, but was able to recover and not allowed to finish off with a sack. Trueblood won the final rep as Bennett, who appeared to be a bit gassed, saw his outside rush neutralized after just two steps as the right tackle used great leverage to anchor well against him.

Jamon Meredith got second-string snaps at left tackle and easily beat the huge 6-foot-6, 285-pound Jayme Mitchell with great mirroring, staying in front of the defensive end with great technique. Mitchell was able to beat Meredith on the next play with a quick first step, which led to a powerful outside rush that Meredith wasn’t able to handle from the start. Meredith extracted some revenge on the final rep by cutting off Mitchell’s burst inside and anchoring well against his bull rush with proper knee bend and a solid punch.

Gary Gibson returned to practice from an injury and fared well against backup center Ted Larsen. The veteran nose tackle was held from the start as he attempted to bull rush the smallish center. After Gibson was flagged for being offsides, Larsen rebounded on the next snap against him by squaring his shoulders better and anchoring once he got his punch off and hit Gibson in the chest. Larsen’s final rep came against Wilson, who used a quick and effective swim move to dart past the center to the right, redirect and get the sack.

Backup right guard Derek Hardman continues to have a good camp and used great technique to shut down Wilson at the line of scrimmage. Hardman has impressed with his quick get-off and hand placement, and used those tools to shut down Wilson with relative ease. Hardman beat Okam with great technique and solid footwork on his next rep and didn’t give much ground to the 350-pounder.

Due to time constraints and an emphasis on preparing the team’s starters and backups, several reserve offensive linemen and defensive linemen did not participate, including guard Mike Ingersoll, offensive tackle Bradley Sowell, guard Desmond Wynn, guard Michael VanDerMuelen, offensive tackle Jamarcus Hardrick, defensive end George Johnson, defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, defensive end Daniel Te’o-Nesheim and nose tackle Jordan Nix.

Have Gilberry and Mitchell moved up the depth chart ahead of some other defensive linemen like Johnson and Okoye or did the coaches want to get a closer look at the relative newcomers? Pewter Report will keep monitoring the situation to find out the answers.

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    Horse: I enjoy the one on one drills with the big guys, but I do realize that if the defender beats his man there are usually other bodies obstructing his path to the QB in "real life." Power can also win those individual match-ups. There will be a backup for Trueblood, Penn and swingman Dotson. We just don't know the name yet because it's still a work in progress. Remember Penn was thrust into the starters role when Luke Petitgout got injured and many of us said "who?" That's it; our backup LT is "Who" and our backup RT is "I Don't Know". Not sure where "What" is going to line up.
  • avatar

    Scubog, you always crack me up. You are really funny. Good answer; I won't ask the question anymore because I think all the Press want to know too, but are not sure if they should ask the question.
  • avatar

    Not having another DT of Brian Price's skill set calibre WILL hurt the Bucs this year regardless of whether GMC can stay healthy...Reading that Miller/Okam were not able to get the better of any of our starting offensive linemen is quite frankly business as usual unfortunately...DJ and GMC battling to a stalemate is pretty much the standard I expect, which only reinforces the fact that GMC has a pro-bowler skill set...GO BUCS!!!!!
  • avatar

    Agree Buc4life79. Dom is going to have to find some waiver wire fill in/trade partner to give us something better than Miller/Okam as both have been severely underwhelming since 2010 season. GMC stepping up as a top 3 pick can definitely help paper over some of the void in the middle.
  • avatar

    @ Horse - Then don't read it... The title was not misleading.
  • avatar

    One day Horse complains that there is no write up on Penn's backup. The next day there is a detailed write up on lineman one on ones with first paragraph on Doston vs Clayborn and Horse says its worthless and prefers 7 on 7 & 11 on 11 drills. Seriously? The flow of information from PR has been superior compared to last few years and gives you everything you can possibly need to know at this juncture. Relax.
  • avatar

    skanji65, you ask the questions unless you also believe that it is what it is instead of you make what it is.
  • avatar

    Swabbie642; you're correct I shouldn't have said a word. Okay to make you happy; those 1 on 1's were fantastic and we should make it to the superbowl based on them. Go Bucs! Everything is perfect!
  • avatar

    I am still surprised that there was no backup for Trueblood since Dotson is filling in for Penn. What happens if Penn is not ready to go by pre season game three and Dotson is the starter? Who the heck is the back up for Trueblood and Dotson? Does that mean we keep an additional OT? By the way, I really don't see much use in describing 1 o 1's; the faster guys always excel. I am more inclined to pay attention to the 7 on 7's and 11 on 11's where we can determine speed and strength on both sides. Just my opinion. I am still excited that this team is getting better. Go Bucs!
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