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August 2, 2012 @ 12:03 pm
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Schiano Says Offense Is A Forever Evolving Process

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Head coach Greg Schiano spoke briefly to the local media after Thursday's practice discussing several topics including Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson, and the anticipation of coaching his first preseason game next Friday night in Miami.
Below is a full transcript of Greg Schiano's press conference following Thursday's practice, Day 6 of training camp:

Some guys are hobbling around out there are they various reasons?

“Little things. I don’t think things that are going to be anything permanent. Everybody is at a different stage of their careers as well. Ronde (Barber) I want to make sure we’re smart with him. Mark (Barron) his toe got banged up yesterday but I think he’ll be fine. And Amobi (Okoye) is just…he needs a couple of days. After going on it for four straight, he needs a couple more.”

Ronde Barber knows what to do to get ready?
“He knows his body. I rely a lot on his feedback. But as you can see, even when he’s not practicing, he’s almost out there on the field. He’s working at it. He’s a true pro.”

Can you give an update on Bennett because he left yesterday?
“Yeah, he did. I think Mike is going to be OK. Not really sure what to call it. He just didn’t feel great and we’re just going to be safe there. Hopefully we’ll get him back in a couple of days.”

Was he dizzy?
“I’m not really sure what it is. Kind of a combination of stuff. I don’t know if we can categorize it yet. He just didn’t feel well.”

How were your DBs today?
“I felt they practiced better today, the secondary. Yeah.”

Are you eager for this first exhibition game?
“Well, we got a lot of work to do before then just because we have not been through a pre-game warm up yet. So things that people take for granted we have to step through. So we got a lot of work to do before, but it will be exciting. Even though it doesn’t count, it will be exciting to coach the team for the first time and to see how the staff meshes together. We will be trying some things. The nice thing about—for years I had to tell our guys there is no preseason the first one counts. Well now we get four preseason games. I look forward to it.”

Does any part of you enjoy watching Vincent Jackson and Aqib Talib kind of matchup there particularly in that red zone?
“Yes, I enjoy the competition and I enjoy the competitors. I love their competitive spirit that’s for sure.”

Has LeGarrette Blount taken off some weight he looks leaner?
“I think he definitely took some weight off him. If he was 247 in the program, I think he was a little more than that in reality last year. I think what he has done has gotten himself in better shape. He looks better. I think he is a better player at the condition he is at right now.”

Is that something that you asked him to do?
“Our strength coach Jay Butler and we all talked about it. The fact that he did it is promising.”

How has Blount been in this camp and do you like what you have seen with him?
“Yes, I do. I think he is doing well. I feel today he made some nice runs as well. He is hustling his tail off. The turnover the other day he is the one who chased the guy down and had a strip opportunity. Those are good things.”

What is your evaluation of the two-minute period particularly with the first offense? They moved the ball quickly down the field; did they stall a little bit?
“It did, it is one of those situations where it was a touchdown to win and a field goal to tie so I probably could have helped them out a little bit in the way I handled it. Again that’s why we do it. We almost do it every day once we install it because new situations unfold every time. No matter how much you watch tape or talk about it as a staff when you’re doing it different things unfold. That’s why it is a forever evolving process.”

Now that you’ve seen Carl Nicks up close and personal and have got to see him a little bit what is your impression of what he can contribute this year?
“Carl (Nicks) can be as good as he chooses to be. He is explosive, athletic, and I am very impressed. He came back underweight and ready to go which says it all. He is serious about what he is doing.”

Can you talk about the mix of defensive tackles right now, particularly Gibson and Miller right now?
“As I have said before I think Gerald (McCoy) has the ability to be an elite guy with his get off and the motor he plays with. Then we are kind of trying to figure out how we are going to do the other position and how we are going to create depth at the three technique. As we work through it Gary (Gibson), Roy (Miller), Amobi (Okoye), and then whoever else we throw into that mix it is just going to be competition and whoever performs the best will get the bigger chunk and the next best will get a little bit smaller chunk and we will roll it threw a little bit. We got to get them out there, everybody practicing, everybody pushing through. That’s It is a physical position and you are bumping a lot. We have to take advantages of our opportunities to be in pads. So some guys are going to get bumped, just hopeful it is not anything permanent.”

-Mark Cook, Victoria Horchak and Lauren Levine contributed to this report

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    Who cares which player is introduced coming out of the tunnel? We all know both will play. I'm just glad we have at least two RB's for whom the opposing defensive coordinator has to game plan. Funny that a player who hasn't taken snap number one yet is more highly regarded by some than a proven 1000 yard back. Great taste...Less filling" Ho.........Hum.
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    Scubog, we are on the same page.
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    I'll take that bet. I bet Martin beats him out.
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    Uhmm Bennett... it sounds to me like Coach doesn't want to say mild concussion. So we still are not going to ask the question how the rehab is going with our starting left offensive tackle? I guess it doesn't matter? If I hear one more question relating to Blount I think I'll scream! We all know he will be the starter and is ready for a 1000 yard year. I am very happy that Coach is excited about McCoy being an elite player. Hey I am feeling the love. Go Bucs!
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    Good to hear about Bennett. (That they expect him back soon, not that they are unsure exactly what happened). - 3sk
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