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August 3, 2012 @ 11:35 am
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Schiano: "It Wasn't Pretty But We Fought Through It"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Head coach Greg Schiano told the media that today's practice was the toughest one yet due to the conditions. Schiano also touched on the play of Jeremy Trueblood, the latest injuries and looking forward to Saturday's night practice at Raymond James Stadium.
Why did Carl Nicks leave early?
 “I think it was the heat. I think. I really haven’t got a report on it. He was just feeling a little woozy. We’re not going to mess around at all when that happens. Today was without a doubt the toughest day physically since we’ve been here. That flag didn’t move a heck of a lot.”

Was Eric Wright out there?
“He was (out there) a little bit. His back is a little tight. I don’t think it’s anything serious, but we’re not going to mess around with it.”

What do you like about Lavonte David?
“A lot. He’s grasping the schemes well, playing with good pad level, fundamentally playing the game and getting downhill. He’s our kind of guy. He’s loves it, he’s prepared, he’s unselfish.”

 Any new news on Michael Bennett?
 “Nothing new. Just waiting for trainers and doctors to say he’s good to go. I don’t think it will be long.”
Have you had the chance to evaluate Jeremy Trueblood’s performance specifically thus far?
“Oh yeah we look at everything. I think when you’re an offensive tackle if it’s uneventful it’s good. So if you’re not getting called out for holding penalty and you’re not getting whooped on a pass rush, that’s a good thing. I think what he’s done has been steady, working his tail off, great attitude. So that’s what we need from him.”

Mark Barron seems to appreciate working next to a guy like Ronde Barber. Have you observed that relationship at all?
“I think you’re right in that he understands he’s fortunate to have a guy like Ronde (Barber)to mentor him. Sometimes guys fresh out of college don’t realize how fortunate that they are to have that. It’s come easy. I think it’s going to continue to come easy. It’s a different level of competition. On the flip side of that, Ronde (Barber) has been willing to help and share, which I think is great.”

What are your impressions on how the team handled the late-game situations in practice?
“We’re learning, staff and players. You know we got to learn to work together as a staff and can’t do enough of that right now. Got to work together as a team, understanding the situations. You know we’ve always prided ourselves on having smart football teams, guys who understand the game of football, all the rules of football. It takes time. So we work at it very hard in the meeting room, talk about it, go out and create situations then take the tape back and evaluate it and then point out the coaching points. Those situations of four minute and two minute, we could spend a whole afternoon on that. Just on what occurred in those six situations. We won’t, but we could. That’s what a coach has to do, he’s got to shrink it down to a 20 minute presentation and then move on. But it’s good stuff.”

How did they handle it?
“I thought they handled it well. We made our mistakes. So did I. Everybody does. I don’t know, very rarely do you go through a whole situation where you go, ‘that was perfect. I didn’t make one error in my calls. I didn’t make one error in game management. The players did it all right.’ That’s what’s fun. You’re chasing that perfection.”

What are you looking for tomorrow night?
“I’m looking forward to tomorrow night; I think for a lot of things. Number one, a chance for us to connect with our fans. We’re going to be over there at 4 o’clock and sign autographs for a good two hours and hopefully everyone will get everything they want out of that and then the guys will go downstairs and get ready to go. In the meantime, we’ll have some stuff going on. Then we’ll have a practice and it will be a legitimate practice, a lot like todays, where we do situational football. We’ll have a little bit of a scrimmage with our younger players where we let them get after it. But in between, I think one of the things our fans will enjoy we’ll have our coaches on the big board explaining what the drills are. We’re in 7-on-7 now and we’ll have one offensive coach and one defensive coach explain what we’re trying to get accomplished. I think it will really be a fun, interactive evening for our fans. I’m looking forward to it. Like I said before, I’ve coached in that place when it was unbearable as an opponent. We need to get it back to that. I know our performance will help do that, get fans in there. Get a day like today in September, get a packed house and you’ll see people crack. There’s no doubt about it. We just have to make sure we are conditioned to handle it and we can take advantage of it.”

Talk about the atmosphere here at camp with the facilities and the fans have you been pleased with everything?
“I have. I think my hats off to the whole organization. It is not easy to pull all this off and this is our regular home. A lot of times when you go away there are off site people that get it ready for you and you kind of go in and use their facility and leave. Doing it at home it is all Buc people and they do a great job. Everybody kinda chips in. You see somebody—since I have been here I see some people in a shirt and tie and now they got shorts and a t-shirt on and they are working out there. That’s fun. That’s when we all come together as an organization. I think the fans are enjoying it. I hope they are. It is good.” 

What have you seen of Cody Grimm and how is he doing?
“He is doing better. I think when I arrived here and the staff arrived here he was still coming back from that injury. Fortunately or unfortunately that’s what you see, but definitely a different player right now than he was in the spring time. I think Cody (Grimm) strength is when you get into game situations and you can go live because he will go get you. I think he is an intelligent football player. I am anxious to see him play in games [both] special teams and defense.”

Myron Lewis had a big hit out there today?
“Yes, it was out at the end there in the two minute. You love it because you love hitting, but we just got to protect each other. It is a long year. I would rather see that one against Miami rather than us. It was a good day. I was really proud the way they fought through it. It wasn’t pretty, but we fought through it. That is about as tough as I have seen in a while. So that’s good.”

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