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August 4, 2012 @ 10:57 pm
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Glazer Says Locally Televised Games Are "Not A Slam Dunk"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer spoke to the media on the eve of Tampa Bay's annual night practice and gave his impressions on several subjects including the state of the local economy and how he feels it has impacted ticket sales and the local broadcasts of Bucs' home games.
A member of the Glazer family usually speaks at the Buccaneers annual night practice and this year it was co-chairman Bryan Glazer who addressed the media in attendance. Below is a transcript of that impromptu press conference.

What are some of the reasons behind the night practice?

"That’s why (feedback from the fans) we did it again,” Glazer said. “I think it has gone really well. I think we want to build a tradition around this event. Once a year have this big event. We have a huge crowd coming out [and] celebrate the return of the season and then the fans get close to the team and get the autographs too.”

How do you feel about packing this stadium when the games count? Coach has been talking about using this as a home field advantage.
“He has been talking about that,” Glazer said. “We want to get a home field advantage and have the place packed. That’s our goal. We have lowered prices. We have made it really affordable as best we can for all the fans. We are excited. There has been a reaction to that, but we still have a ways to go.”

How many games do you think you will have on television this year by taking advantage of 85 percent sellout rule?
“We want to give our fans every opportunity to watch as many games as they can this year,” Glazer said. “But I cannot stand here today and I am not going to predict how many there will be, but we are hopeful they will be more games on television than there were last year.”

What were the thoughts behind the 85 percent ticket sale decision?
“Well that’s the lowest you could go,” Glazer said. “So we went there to give it the best chance to put as many games as possible on television.”

Has new head coach Greg Schiano lived up to expectations so far?
“He has been beyond our expectations,” Glazer said. “Obviously he came here and he has really taken to the community. The fans have taken to him in such a way that really it has been great I feel and the team has too. The players that have been here before plus the new additions are really responding to him.”

How much do you think that shows up in the excitement you see here tonight and fans wanting to show up?
“I think they do,” Glazer said. “I think they wanted—first of all a lot of them have never seen coach in person. This is the first time they will be able to touch and feel him. They have been reading about him and hearing a lot of buzz about him and now they get to [see] him tonight.”

What can you say about what you have seen happen at box office so far?
“I think the fans are reacting, but as I say we still have a ways to go,” Glazer said. “Things always pick up as the season comes closer. So I can’t sit here today and tell you one way or another how things are going to end up.”

Are some maybe thinking it is a slam dunk that games will all be televised this season?
“That’s correct,” Glazer said. “It’s not a slam dunk. Correct.”

How do you feel about the team overall compared to last season?
“I feel great about the team,” Glazer said. “You watch some of these guys out there like you have and … have really great talent out there.”

Are you impressed with the turnout tonight and overall excitement level despite the way things ended last season?
“This town [and] this community loves their Bucs,” Glazer said. “They do love their Bucs. They have been coming out. They always come out. We have always had whether they are in the stadium or watching on television. We got a great fan base, but this is a great example of it.”

With the hiring of a new coach and the signing of several free agents, are you disappointed at all that cannot say how many games will be televised?
“No, I am not disappointed,” Glazer said. “I think the economy is very tough here. We have been hit harder than any other community [or] almost any other community in the country as you know. There are Bucs fans and when they can afford to come and when they want to come they are going to come. I am excited. I know that they are going to fill this place up. I know they will.”

-Victoria Horchak contributed to this report

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    Thanks Morgan! My wife gets the emails and the Facebook stuff. She probably thought they were trying to sell me something. I'm going to have to speak to her about that. Wont do any good but I'll feel better.
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    Scudog, The Bucs emailed, publicized, Facebooked a lot of information about the special services available to season ticket holders for the night practice event. You really have had to have your head in the sand to miss all the publicity - contact your ticket rep and get on the email list. The Bucs are noticeably better in the customer service department compared to the last three seasons that I've been a STH.
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    Horse: I have two club seats and six regular seats and I didn't get any free food. I got two of the worst hot dogs I've ever eaten for $1.00 each. That was quite a "herd' you had with you. One of these days I hope to meet you. How many times can a reporter ask the same question about ticket sales and potential blackouts? Brian is not going to divulge the number of tickets sold. Why do they keep asking? I've always thought the Glazer boys should be a little more accessible. Not Jerry "Facelift" Jones like, just a few more press conferences. I know my daughter sees Brian out all the time so they aren't hermits, but that's not the same. Nice crowd with a lot of enthusiasm.
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    Scudog, The Bucs emailed, publicized, Facebooked a lot of information about the special services available to season ticket holders. You really have had to have your head in the sand to miss all the publicity - contact your ticket rep and get on the email list. The Bucs are noticeably better in the customer service department compared to the last three seasons that I've been a STH.
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    I was at the night game with four grandchildren, a son, brother in law, sister in law and we all had a good time. The special attention to the season ticket holders was very nice. They kept bringing out the food and beverages, and it was just a good time. I would to thank the Glazers for doing this because they didn't have too. On the way to the game from Pinellas I noticed the gas was $3.39 at the station I usually fill up at; by the time I got home it was $3.55; this says a lot as to what has happened with our up and down economy. It appears to me that it cost more to get the consumer to buy the same products and if you don't keep the prices competitive then you'll make a lot less. In todays world this is what it is about. I hope the Glazers understand in order to protect what you have now, and for your future, you might have to eat tickets and show the games on TV to the local community to see what they are missing by not being in the stadium. Just look at the Rays across the bay. Do you really think by moving to Tampa that you will fill the seats? It's the economy and we all have to deal with less. Only banks and insurance companies are getting away with that for now and their empires are on the bubble too.
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    I am ready for some football.
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