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August 6, 2012 @ 11:14 am
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Schiano: "You're Only As Good As Your Last Situation As Coach"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Buccaneers had coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following Monday's practice, the eighth day of the 2012 training camp. In his press conference Schiano talked about preparing for games as a staff, the latest injury news, the pass rush and the play of Myron Lewis.
Fundamental periods in game and objectives—what are you trying to achieve? 
“Just trying to isolate the individual pieces and then we move into the team periods and we have different levels of team periods after that. Some of them are kind of controlled; others are more like a game. As we get closer to playing games we’ll have more of everybody on the sideline. Earlier in the camp there was a lot more people on the field coaching and talking. Last week we had one period of practice where we were on the sideline. Now it almost goes up to all the periods are on the sideline, because you have to work on the substitutions, the efficiency of moving on and off the field. The individual periods is where we get the real fundamental work. Obviously that is going to have to go down as we go, but training camp is the time to really hone those individual skills.”

How is progress going on the four and two minute drills?
“You’re only as good as your last situation as a coach. There are some no-brainers where, this is what you do, then there are some tough decision and if it works you were right and if it doesn’t you were wrong. You guys get paid a lot of money to write whether it’s right or wrong and that’s really the way it goes in games. And we get paid a lot of money to win and lose, and that’s the hard part of those situations. That’s why I like doing them. For every one we do out there we watch 20 on tape and try to work through it as a staff and figure it out, but we’re trying to come up with new things all the time.”

The third string got in the end zone there at the end. Is that something you like to see?

“That’s what we officiated but we’re not tackling. I really think that play was a big error. We threw it in the field of play with eleven seconds or twelve seconds on the clock. If you don’t get that in the end zone, it’s game over. You can’t get another play. So those are things that come up… you have to look at that and say ‘okay, would we have been tackled there?" If we would have, then that’s the wrong decision. If we wouldn’t have, then it’s the right decision. It’s always easy for me to say that when I’m standing on the sideline. The quarterback’s got people running at him every direction, he’s trying to throw it out of a well and get it to a receiver. That’s a lot of processing that has to go on, so that’s why we do it so much. It’s high-speed decision making.”

Can you update us on Aqib Talib’s and Donald Penn’s injuries?
“(Aqib) Talib came out of the team work at the stadium; he tweaked his [hamstring]. I don’t think it’s bad. But precautionary, we’re just going to put him on the bikes today. (Donald) Penn is coming along well. Like I told you when it happened, it’s not a little thing. It’s going to take some time to get back. He is doing well, but he’s not ready to go.”

What do you see from Myron Lewis?
“Well Myron (Lewis) is improved every day, I do believe that. I thought he started slow and he’s getting better every day. Myron’s got a couple little bad habits, if he can get them corrected; I think he can be an effective corner. The one thing you can’t coach is his length; he’s got great length. So when you do press and when you do some techniques, there’s a lot of plays that you miss by [a foot]. But a longer guy maybe doesn’t miss those plays. But at the end of the day, you still have to do it technically right to have a chance to make those plays.”

Bucs fans have waited a few years for consistent pass rush and what is your comfort level to be relentless in that regard?
“I feel good about our first line. I am worried about depth. Concerned about the depth of, can we roll it and especially in the game situation. Once they make that first first down, it is a lot easier to protect the passer than it is to rush the passer. So D-linemen get gassed and you need to be able to roll fresh guys at them. If the drop-off is so severe between your first and your second team rush group, that doesn’t spell well for us in a two-minute drill. We are working like crazy to try to develop depth behind. I [like] the first line guys though, I think we are going to be able to generate some rush out of a four man rush.”

What’s the potential blitzing and getting pressure in terms of talent?
“Well, anybody who has followed our defense knows there is plenty of opportunity to do that. I still – you live by it and you die by it. You still want to get after them four [or] three men. When you are really good you have a three-man rush and can get pressure on the quarterback and then be able to drop eight. To be able to mix it up the one thing we live by first, second down, and especially on third down is we are going to be multiple. Move in and out. That’s why we need guys that are football smart and guys that really love to prepare and get ready for the games.”

Lavonte David is getting a lot of reps and how is he handling volume of stuff and what is it about him that makes you think as a rookie he can handle as much as you are trying to throw at him?
“So far so good. Lavonte (David) has been able to pick — we are not going to I have told you before, I would rather be a month late than a day early on a guy because I think you can really affect his confidence level. Lavonte (David) has picked things up quickly and is playing at a high level. We haven’t played a game yet so let’s just you know I want to temper that enthusiasm, but he sure is fun to coach so far.”

-Victoria Horchak and Haley Cornish contributed to this report

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    Proud of him, not afraid to call out a player who performed poorly. (In reference to Lewis' bad habits).
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    Good questions followed by good answers. Go Bucs
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    You're kidding me. We don't have enough offensive tackles and lost our primo defensive line picks to injury? At least this guy acknowledges the obvious. That's refreshing after our last few coaches.
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