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August 7, 2012 @ 11:47 am
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Schiano Says Players Are Pushing Through The Pain

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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With just three days until the Buccaneers face the Miami Dolphins in a preseason matchup, Tampa Bay still practicing in full pads and will continue to do so head coach Greg Schiano said Tuesday after practice. Schiano also discussed the newly released depth chart, the latest injuries and how backup left tackle Demar Dotson has done so far in camp.
Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano addressed the media following Tuesday morning's workout, Day 8 of camp. Below is the full transcript from the news conference.

Opening statement:

“Couple of things – I thought they worked hard today. It’s getting to that point where they’re tired, sore and they’re fighting through it. I know we have a game on Friday but right now it’s about the Buccaneers. It’s about us. We got to get better. We’re not ready to be preparing and getting ready for another football team yet. That’s what we did. Guys pushed through the pain, pushed through the discomfort. We released a depth chart, strictly because it’s league mandated so we did it. I wouldn’t read too much into it now. We haven’t played anybody. We haven’t been able to see them play one live snap. Just for us, the way that I will handle the depth chart: Every move that we make (will be for) whatever gives us the best chance to win, whatever is best for the Bucs. I can’t say that about this depth chart for sure because I don’t know yet. But moving forward, that will be why we do if there’s up and down moves, that’s why we’ll do it. There’s not any other message or reason we’re doing it.”

Can you talk about depth at receiver?
“I like the group, led by Vincent (Jackson). Vincent (Jackson) kind of sets the tone, work ethic and the way we approach. It just stinks that (Arrelious Benn) has been bumped because I thought he was really practicing, for the short time we had him, was really doing well. I was getting encouraged in the spring time. But it is what it is and we’ll get him back here hopefully soon, pretty soon. I think some guys, Preston (Parker) has stepped up. Sammy (Stroughter) is doing a good job. Today, quite frankly, I think the fatigue got to some of the guys because we had some dropped balls. That’s usually the No. 1 reason. So we’re going to check out the tape and see. Usually it’s a fundamental flaw: you don’t get your hands together. You don’t get your hands up in time. You don’t get your eyes around. That ball is coming and when you’re tired if you don’t miss by a tenth of a second, it could lead to you not catching the football.”

Are you thinking about taking them out of pads?
“No. Not right now. We will. I’m not trying to be a hard guy or anything, because we will. As I tell them, I want to make sure we’re ready September 9. I want to make sure we’re feeling good and ready to play. Right now we’re building a foundation of our 2012 team and part of that foundation is built through suffering together.”

Do you consider looking outside for D-linemen as fatigue kicks in?
“We’re always looking outside. I believe in that. I believe you’re always looking to see if there is a way to make you better, if there’s a way to get a guy in here who can learn our system in case we need someone down the road. And [general manager] Mark [Dominik] and I believe in that and as an organization, that’s what we do and I like that. The late Mark Hatley, when I was in Chicago, I thought he did as good a job of that as anybody, and I learned a lot from him the short time I was with him. I think that’s all good stuff.”

Michael Bennett looked good today?
“I thought Bennett looked real good. I thought he was fresh, which stood out. This time of camp, when a guy misses a few days and comes back he looks a different speed.”

When it gets sloppy which part says it’s training camp and what parts says it’s unacceptable?
“Depends on when it is. Today I let some things maybe go that I wouldn’t have let go three days ago, just because we had some guys taking more reps than I thought they should, but they had to. You can’t just stick your head in the sand and say it’s the same as; because it isn’t the same as. I get frustrated just like everybody else, and sometimes your emotions take over. But you try not to let that happen.”

Have you thought about playing time for Friday in terms of your starters and how long you want to see them go?
“I have. We are going to talk about it as a staff more. [As an] organization I think we have to talk about it when we look at it. When we walk out of that game, one of the things about the preseason is a lot like – you know you don’t get preseason games in college – but it is your scrimmages. You do a lot of tick marking as a coach during these things. He has this many plays. You have people tick marking for you and all right you got this many touches. You want to be able to make evaluations the next day when you put the tape on. You will be very frustrated with yourself if you don’t give the guys the opportunity to show you if they can or they can’t. That’s the number one job is to make sure you put people into position. There is not a heck of a lot of game planning going on for the thing. I am sure there is not for Miami either. We are going to be who we are. They are going to be who they are. Let’s see who can play so we can evaluate. At the end of this thing the whole goal is to come out with the best 53 for the Bucs. Not necessarily the best 53, but the best 53 for the Bucs.”

Demar Dotson hasn’t played a lot of football on the field but how important is a game like this against an elite rusher right off the bat protecting Josh Freeman and are you nervous there from head coach perspective?
“I have confidence in Demar (Dotson). He has busted his tail. The guy has been here every day. I mean he lives in this place. He wants it badly. I trust him. Will he learn some lessons? I am sure he will. You try to help a guy out in those situations a little bit and you know we will make sure, but it is nice welcome party isn’t it?" 

Is it important for you to win this game?
“Anytime there is a scoreboard you try to win but that’s not the number one. We need to make sure we evaluate our guys because these don’t count and I’m not going to make that mistake. When you’re playing a game, you try to win with whoever is out there but it might not be who I would have out there if it ultimately counted. That is kind of how I approach it. As a competitor, I play cards and I want to win. It doesn’t matter what I am playing.”

How is the health of Aqib Talib and Gary Gibson?
“Aqib (Talib), I think it is going to be okay we are just precautionary. He did every rep. These guys worked hard and I want to make sure that he is going to be okay .I don’t want to aggravate that thing. Gary (Gibson) has had a little issue that he felt better and then he tweaked it again. It is one of those deals. Again I want to make sure he gets to feeling well. Hopefully both will be able to go Friday night but we will see. I am not going to lose sleep over it.”

-Mark Cook and Victoria Horchak contributed to this report

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    "Not necessarily the best 53, but the best 53 for the Bucs.” I like that.
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    Great to hear that Dotson is improving. Here's a thought if he continues to learn how to be a NFL left tackle. Move Donald Penn to the right side. He looks more like a RT to me anyway.
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