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August 13, 2012 @ 12:08 pm
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Schiano Hints Penn Is Getting Closer To A Return

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Head Coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media on Monday after a weather-shortened practice that was attended by several former players from Jimmie Giles to Horace Copeland. Read what Schiano had to say about his team in this Pewter Report feature.
Did the first 11-on-11 period not go the way you wanted it with sloppy play?
“Sometimes that happens. If you’re a little sloppy you just re-start it and get going, get it on the right path. They worked hard.”

Do you look to see how team bounces back after a game?
“We just do what we plan to do. Every day is a test. They have to come ready and we have to come ready mentally, in the right frame of mind, because it’s never easy.”

How is Tiquan Underwood and where does he fit in?
“He’s trying to make the club. I’m not sure where he fits in yet. He did have a good game the other night. I think consistency is going to be the key. Can he consistently perform? But he works hard and he understands what we want in this program, so if he can be consistent, he’s got a good chance.”

 Is Luke Stocker injured?
 “He did (go in). Not sure what it is yet. He didn’t feel well.”

How are the linebackers particularly Quincy Black and Mason Foster coming along?
“They’re getting better. They’re getting more comfortable with the scheme, playing more downhill, that’s one of the good things that we have to work on. We have to be, if we’re going to be an attacking defense, you’ve got to get playing downhill with the linebackers. There’s too much of this stuff (holds his hand up to simulate holding a player up). That’s part of it, when you get downhill you’ve got to get your hands on blocks and get off of them.”

How important is it for Gerald McCoy to stay healthy and what have you seen so far in camp?
“I thought he’s performed very well. I think he’s got some elite ability. But it’s important for everybody to stay healthy. If you can’t stay healthy then you can’t play, but I hope, I think he’s had a bad stretch, a bad run, but I’m hoping that’s all behind him because he’s a key to our defense.”

How comfortable are you with Dan Orlovsky if he had to play?
“He is a veteran, no doubt. A true pro. He prepares like that. He’s great for our quarterback room. I would have confidence in him if we had to put him in a game. He’s very, very sure of what he’s doing, very confident running the show. I’m really glad we have him here.”

How important was it to have a guy like him here for Josh Freeman?
“That was all part of it. I know the guys that Dan (Orlovsky) has backed up really enjoyed having him there with him because he works like he’s the starter and he works to help the starter who is currently the starter prepare to win games. He’s a team guy and my history with Dan goes all the way back to when he was at Connecticut and he was a quarterback against us and Randy Edsell used to tell me stories about his work ethic that were above and beyond and he hasn’t changed.”

As the preseason moves on do you think you will feel a little bit of pressure to get Donald Penn in the lineup?
“When he is ready to go we will get him, we won’t get him in before. Circumstance won’t dictate behavior around here. When he is ready we will do that.”

Could you see a situation where he will miss all the action going into the season opener and then you’d play him?
“I’d rather not deal in the hypothetical’s. Let’s see what happens and then we got to make decisions.”

What is his level of progress right now?
“I think he is doing well. If it was a regular season game week, he probably might have a chance to play on Sunday. He’s getting better.”

The alumni are out here today and how important is it to you to keep that family type connection?
“It is. I was disappointed because when the lightning alarm went off I guess they split so I came out after I talked to the team to see them and they were gone. So much for that reunion, right? I will drop them a line. I was glad that (I don’t know how many guys came back), but there was a bunch of guys under that tent. We have some rich tradition here. As I have said all over, this community is a tight community. So those guys that have stuck around in the community that’s important to me. I would like our players to do that. You know make this their home. I would love for that to happen. I think the more you invest in something (in all ways) the harder it is to surrender. I think it’s neat that they are out and I would like them to stay part of this program as much as we can.”

What do you see from Vincent Jackson?
“You will see him do everything. Deep, middle, short, under; he is capable of every route on the tree. He is capable of running them well.”

Do you see a leader in Vincent Jackson?
“I do. Yes, sometimes in different situations guys feel more comfortable doing it. This is a young football team. We added some experience players. It’s one of the things we right now are in the midst of defining. Who are going to be the leaders of this football team? Who are going to take a day when things are not going great and get it going in the right direction? That only happens when you fight through adversity. You find out who those guys are. So we are in the thick of it. This is [a] tough time in training camp. It is going to be good to see. I can’t wait.”

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    Is it me or does the media keep asking the same questions over and over? It would be so nice to hear something unique for a change.
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    In a Matt Fowley voice: "you know I can't see real good is that Bill Bellichik up there?"
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    What about Benn ? Is he going on injured reserve ? Is he getting cut ? traded ?
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    Some good clarity in what he says. I like it.
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    Glad to hear that all is going well. Go Bucs!
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