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August 14, 2012 @ 11:36 am
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Schiano Says He Always Wants To Win, Even In Preseason

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Head coach Greg Schiano admitted today that the doldrums of camp are getting to the players but said he was proud of the way they fought through it. Read his entire post-practice press conference here on PewterReport.com.
Was today's practice sloppy or crisp?
“Not sloppy, but not crisp. Tired, you know they gave effort. It’s not like they didn’t try. And that’s good; I mean that’s what I wanted. I want to see them fight through it. It’s not going to look pretty right now, that’s the way it is. The goal is to be ready September 9 and be ready for the rest of the season. The goal isn’t about Friday night. We’ll go out and play our tails off Friday night, but we’re training through the event. That’s how we do it.”

Speaking of last Friday night, was that the first game you have ever coached where the score didn’t matter?
“Well, I don’t think it didn’t matter. The final score didn’t count is a better way to say it. Anybody who knows me, I don’t play anything and not care if I win or not. But it doesn’t count. So I think yeah, other than the three years I was in the NFL but was never the head coach so, it’s different. When you enter a game with different goals, where winning isn’t the number one goal, that’s a little different.”

If you had to put a percentage on how ready you are for the start of the season, what would that be?
“Hard to say. I can give you percentage of installation, that’s probably a better way. We’re probably about 90 percent installed. As far as ready, I don’t know what ready is so it’s hard to put a percentage on it. By saying that, I don’t know how good we can be because I’ve never coached this team in a game. We only coach the first team guys for 10 or 11 plays, so that’s going to be a little bit on the learning as we go.”

Can you talk about Mike Williams’ ability to be a physical receiver?

“Well, I remember Mike when he was at Syracuse, he is a great hand-eye coordination guy. And you’re right he is strong. He maybe doesn’t look like the biggest guy in the world… but he is strong, and I think he’s got extraordinary hand-eye coordination. I think that’s as much the strength in those kind of great catches, those acrobatic catches. You can train hand-eye coordination, but there’s a certain level you can reach. This guy has been blessed that way.”

Thoughts on Roy Miller he seems to think this scheme is fitted to his style play?
“I would agree with him. I think the way he plays and the way we employ the nose tackle in this scheme is a good fit.”

What’s different about that nose tackle scheme?
“Well he is tilted. It is a tilted nose which you guy are familiar with. You played it for years around here. When you are tilted on a guy you can suffocate him and when you are strong like Roy (Miller) is--he is incredibly strong. So you are not asked to do some things that you are asked to do when you are straight up. That will lend better to his using his strength.”

What kind of camp is Mark Barron having I know he has had the foot injury and how do you see him progressing to prepare for a game like against Carolina?
“Well it is hard to say what kind of camp he is having because he hasn’t participated enough to really draw a conclusion. Mentally I think he is grasping the defense, but how do you know until you are under pressure and you have to perform it, right? One thing to master the defense in the air conditioning [and] another to do it when you got pads on and you got to hit somebody. So I think we will see that more as he plays more. I am confident that he will, but like anything else until you do it is it is talk.”

Did Luke Stocker suffer any kind of an injury?
“Yes, he is not feeling well today. He is going to get evaluated later today. I will probably be able to give you a better estimation tomorrow.”

Are you talking concussion?
“I don’t know. They got to evaluate him today and we will find out.”

Have you been around a lot of quite players like Clayborn who is sort of a quiet guy and can he be a leader by example?
“I think. I think his motor goes at a high level. Your right not a lot of talk, but some guys lead by example. I think that’s what Adrian (Clayborn) does. He plays hard.”

Is Arrelious Benn getting close, I know he is out there running?
“I think yesterday was the first day you saw him. In the grand scheme of things he has been out for a while. So probably a few weeks. A couple [or] few. I don’t know exactly. We will see how he progresses. It is good to have him back out there running. That’s the first step getting back on the grass.”

Are you a push kind of guy? Do you want a guy who is about 90 percent wait till he is 100 percent?
“I don’t have a set like this is how my beliefs [are]. I rely a great deal you know Todd Toriscelli is as good as I have ever been around. And our doctors I have a kind of experience with our doctors [and] their group when I was at Miami. So there is a lot of connections so I am aware of them and they are excellent. I really lean on their recommendation. What we know is football so when you work together and say this is what we are going to ask him to do do you think he will be able to do that? Sometimes it’s not black and white. He can or can’t. There are sometimes he can do some of it, [but] he can’t do all of it. I think communication when you have qualified people like we do—communication is the key to making sure that you don’t risk the player yet you do what’s best for the team.” 

-Mark Cook and Haley Cornish contributed to this report

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    Thank you PR for the Coaches Tuesday Conference Report.
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    I think Todd Toriscelli is the most underrated member of our staff. He always seems to get our guys back on the field ahead of schedule, without re-injury. We've also had fewer muscle pulls, and injuries in general.....so it seems we may be doing better with our strength and conditioning as well.
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