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August 16, 2012 @ 11:30 am
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Goode, Martin And Barron Reflect On First NFL Camp

Written by Haley
Haley Cornish


Pewter Report Intern E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tampa Bay's 2012 rookie class just finished up their first NFL training camp. Find out what rookies Najee Goode, Doug Martin and Mark Barron took away from the last three weeks, their expectations for the Titans game on Friday and what the season holds in store for them.

Although Buccaneers training camp has come to an end, that was just the beginning of a long road ahead of the team’s rookie class in 2012.

Training camp is a vital part of a rookie’s conversion from college to the pros and as the rookies embark upon their first season in the NFL, they reflect back on the three week journey they just faced.

Tampa Bay’s fifth-round pick linebacker Najee Goode was excited that training camp has finally come to a close, but knew that this was only the start of a long year.

“We’re still going to be here all the time,” Goode said. “But yeah, in a way I am glad [training camp is over]. We had a lot of fun experiences, we have the rookie show tonight so we’re going to try and have some fun with that. It’s been fun, it’s been a lot of fun.”

The team’s first-round picks, safety Mark Barron and running back Doug Martin, shared the same sentiments as Goode and agreed that this is just the start of things to come.

“You know we’re going to keep working, so it probably won’t be too much of a difference,” Barron said. “We’ll keep working and coming out here and getting what we can out of every day.”

“We still have practice and we still have games, so we’re always going to be here,” Martin said.

Training camp and the preseason gives rookies the chance to show off their skill-set to their new coaches and develop in an NFL system. The West Virginia product Goode believes that the defensive unit looks much stronger after the three-week camp.

“Yeah, [the defense] definitely [has improved],” Goode said. “I like coach Schiano. I love what he’s doing with us. He’s pushing and getting the best out of us in the heat. He’s being smart about it and bringing us together. And the best thing about it is everybody wants to play for him and we’re all buying in.”

“As a unit and as a defense getting together we’re young right now. As we’re getting together and getting better, it’s good to see that as a player and as a coach and that’s what we’re trying to do – come together.”

Barron, who missed the first preseason game and also sat out several practices due to his toe injury, said he hasn’t had an issue grasping the defense and is coming along well in his learning process.

“At this point I pretty much know everything,” Barron said. “You just have to focus in on every play and make sure you’re doing your assignment. Even when I missed a few practices and some of the periods we were doing, I was still getting those mental reps. I don’t think I’m far behind at all.”

Goode, unlike Barron, did play against the Dolphins in the preseason opener and recorded a solid three tackles. The 6-foot, 244 pound linebacker now looks ahead to their next contest and talked about what the team hopes to get out of Friday night’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

“[We’re] just coming in and getting better with some of the things we did wrong in the first game,” Goode said. “Now that we are playing against better talent like Reggie Bush, Chad Johnson and Matt Moore, we’re going out to play against some other good talent like Chris Johnson, so [you] just need to get better at what you did wrong and build off of it.”

“The main thing we [need to do is] come together as a team because right now, even though it’s preseason, we’re playing against other opponents. We’re trying to get better as a team collectively so come September 9th we’ll [be ready] to play the Carolina Panthers.”

Martin, who is in a fierce competition with running back LeGarrette Blount, also had a solid debut in his first game. He ran for 21 yards and a touchdown on seven carries, with most of his work coming behind the second-team offensive line. The Boise State product thinks his performance against the Dolphins will only help his confidence going into Friday’s game.

“It helps in a way, but not everything is in your control,” Martin said. “There could be a play where you don’t get the holes that you want, so you just have to do what you can and just play your best.”
Barron is especially excited to play in Friday night’s game after missing the chance to prove himself in the first preseason game. The 6-foot-1, 213 pound Barron is well known for being a hard-hitting, physical safety and looks forward to doing what he does best after not being able to hit anyone during training camp. 

“I was looking forward to playing last week but unfortunately I couldn’t,” Barron said. “I just want to get a feel for the game and I hope I get a chance to. But the first thing I want to do is make sure I make that tackle. If I get that opportunity, that’s what I’ll do.”

Barron doesn’t expect to be limited on Friday due to his toe. In fact, he has been in full participation all this week at camp.

“I don’t know how many plays they plan on playing me, but I don’t feel the reason they take me out is because of my toe,” Barron said. “It’ll probably just be because they don’t want me to play too much.”

But before the rookies face the challenge of Friday night’s game, they have another challenge ahead of them: rookie night. This is a tradition rookies go through every year at the end of training camp that normally involves some sort of hazing and treating veteran players to a nice night out on the town.

Martin said he is looking forward to it and that they have “a little skit going”. Barron, on the other hand, didn’t know what was coming so he will be in for a big surprise. How much would you pay to see that?
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    I hope Martin gets to run behind the first team line tonight.
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    I'm glad thats these three rookies are looking forward to the season, and Iam too. I hope that Carolina will come here and think they will do this year what they did last year. Well of what I have read I DON"T THINK SO! I think that the BUCS will come into the season every game an UNDERDOG. But LookOUT Carolina, Giants,Cowboys and Redskins. Tampa could BE 4 & 0 at the Bucs break, And if that happens LOOK OUT! GO BUCS
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    I think having a rookie night is a great idea.......but why on earth would they do it the night before a game?
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    @nybuccguy The story was written yesterday so 'rookie night' was actually last night.
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    Good interviews.
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