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August 17, 2012 @ 11:59 pm
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Bucs Locker Room Reaction: Titans Cruise To Easy 30-7 Win

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers were dealt with their first loss of the Greg Schiano era Friday night losing to the Titans 30-7. Read what the players had to say following the defeat straight from the Buccaneers locker room in this game day feature on PewterReport.com.
Below are a handful of quotes from the Buccaneers talking about their 30-7 loss to the Tennessee Titans:

QB Josh Freeman

On his touchdown pass to Mike Williams:
“Our defense did a good job of getting a turnover and putting us in a prime position. And, really, Mike made a hell of a play. It was really a one-on-one matchup. You have to trust your receiver and Mike is a guy that I trust a lot. He makes a lot of plays like that and it was awesome to see him make that catch.”

On the defense’s turnover that helped set up the score:
“It’s always nice. As an offense, you love good field position. It’s a real gift when the defense can set you up in prime position, but you also feel that, as an offense, you have to make the most of it.”

Touchdown aside it didn’t seem like you had a lot of time to set up. Seemed like there was a lot of pressure on both you and Dan Orlovsky tonight right?
“Yes, that was one of the things,” Freeman said. “We knew they had a great front seven and they were going to get some push—different pressures. But all and all [I] feel like guys came out and battled. It was tough. Titans are a good team. We just got to find a way because there are going to be games like that this season. We got to find a way to adjust to it. To adapt [and] to make some plays. Sustain some drives, but it is preseason. Good thing it happened now. You get to learn from it. Go back and watch the film. Definitely something you can learn from.”

Can you talk about the touchdown?
“Mike (Williams) it’s all the receiver. You put it up somewhere where he can make a play on it and just a one on one battle. With a guy like Mike (Williams) you know it’s a guy who is going to come down with the majority of those. I had a lot of confidence throwing it to him. When he did what he did, it was good. It was good to see him get out and do it in a game like situation.”

When a guy like LeGarrette (Blount) goes down does it seem like a punch to the gut?
“You know anytime you see one of your brothers (one of your boys) I am real close to LeGarrette (Blount)—you see him down on the field like that it always hurts. Kind of gut wrenching, but I am not really sure what the final verdict was on that. But just talked to him in the locker room and he actually borrowed my shower sandals. Aside I can’t really tell you. I don’t really know that much about it.”

Do you feel like you were able to get in some rhythm with Vincent Jackson and the other receivers even though you were really only able to complete four balls today?
“Today was one of those days where they were just dropping the zone. Had a number of plays called [where] we were trying to get the ball to Vincent (Jackson) [or] trying to get the ball to Mike (Williams) and they were just sinking. Whether it is play action or drop back they were just sinking back and counting on their front four to make some pressure. Kudos to the Titans they are playing that cover two and they are playing it well.”

Is it frustrating a situation like this when you are maybe figuring out what they are doing, but your reps are done?
“No, it is preseason. You still have what 90 guys on the roster [or] 89 whatever it is, but it is definitely a chance to go out and get some game type experience and learn from it. Point blank that’s what the preseason is about. It is tune-ups games. It is a chance for the coaches to go out and evaluate the guys on the roster that aren’t necessarily starters. I thought that a number of guys stepped up tonight. At the same time we got to go back watch the film and really take an approach of stepping back and looking at everything. Look at things that go great on the field and look like they are going great, [but] you always have to tighten it down. Stay the course. Stay on the fundamentals. Just cause it works doesn’t mean it works exactly how you need it to work.”

Safety Ahmad Black
Describe what you saw and what you did on that interception?
“Basically the quarterback rolled out and tried to throw the ball back across the field,” Black said. “I just rolled over and stepped in front of it.”

Is that one of those moments lurking back there as a safety thinking he is going to throw this?
“Basically that’s my job to be the deepest man on the field, “Black said. “But I kind of read him a little bit and saw where he wanted to throw the ball.”

Looked like determined to get in the end zone you got past one guy and then had a lineman meet you at the two yard line, very physical play to get it inside the five?
“Yes, long as I kept the ball in my possession when I got tackled that is a big thing to keep the ball in my possession,” Black said. “Give it back to the offense.”

CB Eric Wright
On Friday night's loss:
“It’s always a learning experience. When you go out there and win, lose or draw, you want to go back to the drawing board and take the good out of it and correct the bad and continue to build your team in a positive direction. It’s always disappointing to lose no matter what season you’re in, but you can always build upon that and continue to move in that positive direction.”
“Communication was good. Everything felt pretty good. I think we started with three or four three-and-outs early, which is excellent and is hard to do in this league. And we felt pretty good. They got a long drive on us, and that type of stuff happens. So we need to clean up our mistakes and make sure it doesn’t happen that often.”

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    I agree owlykat but our depth is shaky at this point of the season.Lots of work left,for everybody.
  • avatar

    Having Josh Freeman as our only hope for a decent season scares me. I have yet to see him look at more than one receiver on a play. I hope hope hope he can become an accurate passer who can read a defense. (But he probably is who he is, a physical talent with a mediocre record from a mediocre college). But I wish wish wish the Bucs had an alternate plan. "Toss it up to Mike" will only go so far. I wasn't bothered by the overall beatdown since it was 7-7 after the important quarter. But Free's late throw across the middle and numerous throws into traffic are disturbing. 20 yards passing in 5 drives? Is that even right? He was the 26th (out of 34) best qb last year. It would be nice to see any sign of progress...
  • avatar

    The way you have to analyse preseason games is to look at our first string vs their first string: 7 to 7 when Freeman and the first string left the field. The Titans were a 9 win team last year and with trades and a good draft they are even better now. For our first string to match up to them speaks well for our first team offense and defense. What happened is the Bucs put in their two second string guards and Olovskiy and the Titans moved a fifth player to the Defensive Line and our 2d String Guard, Rogers, took the new player and the Defensive end did a twist and came through the gap between Rogers and Zutah. Zutah was already occupied with the Defensive Tackle over him so someone in the backfield should have blocked the twisting DE (the commentator on TV blamed Zuah but it wasn't his fault) the twister then got to the QB who fumbled and later led to a touchdown. The Titans kept their first string in the whole first half and that, plus great play by their excellent front seven on defense is why the score was lopsided. Just be patient. Schiano did the right thing to concentrate on evaluating players to decide who he needs to cut. The team did not panic after the loss either. The Bucs are still on course!
  • avatar

    A lot of work to be done still.A Lot! I think the 2 days of practice with the Pats should help but, Ugh!
  • avatar

    Not much to say on this Soundoff that hasn't been said previously. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy and Scubog - Agreed.
  • avatar

    I think it showed pretty clearly yesterday that our D with Gerald (the first few 3 and outs) is the sort that can go 4-2 and without him (the rest of the game after that, including the big runs) is the sort that goes 0-10. Clearly it's not all him, but the difference was noticeable - he has an impact across the team. We need to keep him healthy this year!
  • avatar

    Bucs began the game with a good demeanor but as soon as the Titans scored it was if our youngsters got intimidated and stopped playing aggressively. It was similar to last season's cowering.
  • avatar

    They play inadequately for the majority of the team.
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