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August 18, 2012 @ 10:37 pm
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Schiano Sees Some Positives in 30-7 Loss, Says Blount's Injury Not Serious

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media one day after his team suffered a 30-7 loss to the Titans. Schiano spoke about the injury to LeGarrette Blount, the first team defense and if he feels Tampa Bay's players are maybe feeling fatigued.
What is the status of LeGarrette Blount?
“I don’t know how long but I don’t think it’s going to be serious. I think, will it be this week, I don’t know but I don’t think it will be an extended period of time.”

After looking at the tape, did it look any better to you?
“Well, four of the first five series on defense are three-and-outs. We get an interception and a drive that they did score a touchdown, they go no backs and they throw it and we have a chance to pick it off and Black plays the receiver. I think we have a chance to pick that thing off. That ball was thrown up for grabs.
Unfortunately, it’s a 15-yard penalty. So that drive was a little sloppy defensively. There’s an 11-yarder and a 15-yard penalty and then the run that comes popping out is just poorly played in a lot of places. So that drive I wasn’t thrilled with, but the next two drives, you start at the 12 and the 21 and the 12 you make them kick a field goal, that’s a win. The 21 wasn’t a win because they score, but there was some good stuff, especially with the first defense to look at. Offensively, early on when everyone was in there, we shot ourselves in the foot. Watching it’s hard to tell if there were some running lanes in there or not, and in the National Football League the running lanes are going to be the width of this, they’re not going to be so that you can drive a golf car through them. But I thought there was some space and we have to make sure that when there is we hit it. Then we had the penalty that brought back the run. It was just disjointed and we were a little out of sorts because we were trying to press the ball down the field a little bit to Vincent and then they were playing tow deep and so they take that away so it was a little bit of preseason, we’re going to do this no matter what mentality. We just wanted to make sure he and Josh do it together. That’s one thing that comes out of the game. You wish you could put the ball down the field more, but they’re playing two safeties high and they’re cushioning in the back so you have to take what’s there. So not what we wanted but overall, just a lot of mistakes. And we did not play physically enough on either side. If you could say (we did) anywhere, it would have been be the early part of the defense but after that I didn’t think we played as physical as we did the week before. So we need to get back to work and make sure our pad level and our intensity, those things, are more precise. As you watch the tape, as a head coach you ask why is that happening, some of it is fatigue, no doubt. That will get better, because we’ll get them feeling better. But the execution part, got to be able to fight through that.”

How did you think Jeremy Zuttah played?
“There was (a lot of pressure inside) and to put it on Jeremy completely would not be right. That is not accurate. I do think he played better in game one than he did in Game 2, which we can’t have that. We have to continue that climb and get him better consistently, but I wouldn’t say that the interior issues were one-man issues, if that makes sense. There was more to it than that. I felt our whole offensive line played just a little bit too high, if that makes sense. We need to get our pad level down. Low man wins, that’s as old as football and we need to do a better job of that.”

Is that fatigue setting in?
“I wish I knew. If I could get into their minds and tell…Cause they don’t feel it. The one thing I learned a long time ago is not a play that goes out and says let me play high today so I can get my butt handed to me. I have not met one yet. Overall, I think if you look at our operation, we need to trust our training more. We work very hard when we work on fundamentals. You can’t get in the game and some things go awry for whatever reason whether it’s forcing play selection or then all of a sudden abandon. Stick to the plan. So, the one thing, the team needs to know, we need to get better. But that’s not going to be different when we win by 30, when we lose by 30. We need to get better because we’re chasing perfection and that’s an uncatchable goal. That’s what we need to do each and every week when we get back to work and that’s what we need to do on Sundays on game day whenever that game day is.”

Do you have to reinstill that on the sidelines on game day when you see it?
“We look at the game as a continual preparation so when they come off they’re on the pictures. We’re talking about what happened. And they’re good. The one thing I really like about this team is they really communicate and they give us feedback and we’re working through throughout the game and that has to happen. I love it when people talk about halftime adjustments. It’s 12 minutes. By the time you get in there it’s 10 minutes left, you got to leave at two minutes. That’s eight minutes. You get longer than that on the sidelines in between series. To me, it’s in-game adjustments all the way through whether it’s technique or scheme. That’s one great thing that’s going on right now, we’re getting a feel for each other, staff and players, how we do it. We have a definite procedure of how we want to do things, timing of when we’re talking to the guys, when they’re on they’re on. Because I think you have to let them breathe a little bit too.”

How is Luke Stocker?
“He wasn’t feeling well. We sent him to the doctors and he’s OK. Whether that’s concussion or whatever it was, I don’t know why that was said. Again, I stay away from that “C” word unless the doctor tells me that’s what it is. It is a physical game. We hit into each other. If I guy doesn’t feel well, sometimes it is that, sometimes it isn’t that. We take it very, very seriously. So if a guy has any kind of he doesn’t feel well, we’re going to err on the side of caution. As an organization, we’re committed to that. They are people first. You only got one of those (gestures to brain). We’re going to be extra careful. And Todd and the doctors, they know how I feel. But he’s going to be OK. He’ll be back at it Monday. He probably could have play Friday but we weren’t going to risk it.”

What were your thoughts on TE Danny Noble?
“I think Danny did some good things. He’s getting better. You know how it is, when one guy goes down, it’s another guy’s opportunity. Danny had done enough. They say you’re lucky when preparation meets opportunity. Danny had done enough to warrant giving him more plays when Luke went down. Was he spectacular? No. But I thought he did a good job for a guy in his first real bunch of action. That’s promising right? So we’ll keep moving forward with it.”

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    I think I may have thrown up a little in my mouth! I know this is preseason, but WOW I am not impressed. Schiano may find positives, but I don't see them. Both lines were pushed around, we still can't stop the run, we didn't run, we didn't pass and the special teams must have climbed off of the short bus (worst of all 3 phases). I will try to forget that this game happened and assume it takes time to gel together and learn a new system.
  • avatar

    Zutah will be fine, but when is Trueblood going to start focusing during games and stop jumping off sides and stunting drives? Right now we only have one dependable Defensive Lineman, McCoy, and all the rest of them are just poor backup quality players, so far. I hope they can pick up some more players there when teams cut down, and find some with potential that they can develop. After all that is how we got Bennett, and he now is our starter at Left DE. With some more good training he could turn into a dependable DE. We will need a first round DL pick in this next draft, followed by a 2d round CB, and then third round Offensive Tackle, and some guards later in the draft, and maybe a late round safety.
  • avatar

    The second and third units need some work. I like the 1st draft Schiano and Dominick put together and I think it will take several more to get the depth we need. Wish we showed more consistency Friday.
  • avatar

    I agree with pinkstob, Martin has better vision. I saw Blount miss some big holes because his head was down.
  • avatar

    Schiano's assessment sounded similar to what I said in the PR Game Analysis article regarding running the ball. There were holes sometimes and Blount just missed them.
  • avatar

    MY worry is the 2nd and 3rd teams. We may be ok on 1st team, but if anyone gets injured we are going to have problems. No depth. DL seems to be unable to get any pressure also.
  • avatar

    One word------PUKE
  • avatar

    This was not Josh's fault; the receivers were not adjusting their routes since they were being man handled. Folk's it still is the DL where the problem lies!
  • avatar

    HORSE - There were WRs open on plays that Freeman could have hit them, but he missed the windows in the cover 2 defense. Again, in a zone defense such as the cover 2 it's more up to the QB to find the windows. The Titans weren't manning up against our WRs... which then it would be up to the WRs to beat the press and get some separation.
  • avatar

    I agree with you @ drt1066...and after watching the first two preseason games, I'm really starting to worry about JFree. He seems too hesitant to go down the field. Don't know if it's the play-calling or the quarterback....I'm just saying.
  • avatar

    So goes Freeman,so go the Bucs.
  • avatar

    I listened to Schianos press conference and the question about Jeremy was regarding Trueblood not Zuttah
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