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August 21, 2012 @ 12:03 pm
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Schiano: Martin's Vision, Quickness Resembles That Of Rice

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Greg Schiano discussed several topics, including the signing of WR Jordan Shipley, the upcoming joint practices with the Patriots and the abilities of RB Doug Martin compared with former Rutgers RB Ray Rice after Tuesday's practice.
Can you talk about the decision regarding Jordan Shipley coming?
“Well we had a good grade on him coming out. Mark (Dominik) and Dennis (Hickey) really liked him in evaluation process. And I took a peak at him and did some background on him and he seems like our kind of guy. Whenever we have an opportunity to bring a player in that (I don’t know let’s see how he fits), but if we have a good evaluation on him and he seems to be our kind of guy let’s bring him in if we can. Here is a time when we can.”

Do you see a need at receiver in particular?
“No its not. I wouldn’t say that it’s in response to any need. It’s just if you have a chance to investigate a player that you liked you do it. Now is a time when we can do it. “

Did Eric Wright tweak his back?
“He fell in that one third down period. I saw he didn’t return. I am not sure what his status is.”

In that two minute drill you had Dan Orlovsky finish off with the first ones was that by design or did Josh Freeman cramp up?
“Josh (Freeman) cramped. It was a good teaching moment thought, right”?

So Luke Stocker was back on the sidelines today?
“Yes, he did stuff over the weekend. He did stuff Monday and then he felt funny again. We are just going to have him see the doctor.”

How is Amobi Okoye coming along he has kind of been in and out is this related to that arthroscopic surgery?
“Well, it’s not just one surgery. He has a history with that knee. We knew when we decided to do what we did that there was a chance that it was going to have to be handled—the situation. The way he practices. How much he practices. So we are kind of just trying to feel our way through it. See what he can and can’t do.”

How did Keith Tandy look at safety?
“Keith (Tandy) has done a nice job at safety. He’s played down at under cover in the nickel and dime spot and on special teams. So Keith (Tandy) has performed pretty well.”

Is punt return part of the equation for Jordan Shipley?
“Oh yeah. He took a shot today in practice. We’ll see how he does there.”

Are you still coordinating the practice schedule with the Patriots?
“We’ve got it mapped out. We spent some time doing that and what you do when you get closer; you make sure things is still the same. But it looks good. So it will be good to get a chance to go against another team, a team that’s had great success. So it’ll be a great opportunity for us.”

How did it work out when you were with the Bears in the late 90’s when you were in the NFL?
“We did it with the Saints. We did it with the Rams. We did it with somebody else, I can’t remember who.”

Why did you cut pads today – just to ease up?
“Yeah, yeah, we have to learn to practice that way. Which is amazing to me, you get limited number of padded practices once you get to the season so we’re just trying to get into the flow of that. Certain teams practice better in those spider pads than others, we need to be one that can really practice at a high speed and not get anybody hurt. Guess we didn’t so such a good job today if Erik (Lorig) is bumped, but let’s see, hopefully he’s okay.”

Why is Demar Dotson getting some reps at right tackle?
“Well I mean, he’s playing the entire training camp at the left side with the one’s so I don’t think it was right to move him back to the two’s period. I want him to still work a little bit there. There’s competition at every spot; it’s no indication that (Jeremy) Trueblood hasn’t done a good job it’s just we want to make sure that everybody has a fair chance when we lock in to our starting five it’s locked in. I don’t have any reason to believe it won’t be the five that we thought it was going to be. I think it will be that, but you always investigate.”

The more you see of Doug Martin, is it fair to compare him to Ray Rice?
“There’s times I look in this preseason, some of the things he’s done with the ball in his hand, where it sure feels like Ray. I haven’t had a guy like him since Ray. He’s got some skills that are similar, I don’t think it’s fair to compare him to Ray, but sometimes I look at him and go, ‘I remember that feeling. That looked good.’”

What are some of those skills?
“Balance, some of the ability to cut on a dime, the vision, patience. That one Miami run, when he kind of rolled on a guy’s back and just kept going – that’s not an ordinary run, that’s good stuff.”

What do you observe about that ability to be at that low center of gravity?
“I’m not sure that they try to do it, but if you look at (Maurice Jones) Drew, Ray (Rice) , and you look at (Doug) Martin, when they’re running the ball, they all have a good base and they’re low to the ground so that helps their balance and they all have quick bursts when they change direction, so I hope our guy can become like those two we’ll see if he can stand the test of time, but he’s done some things that are exciting.”

Is that a learned skill or is it something that is innate?
“I think it’s innate. You can improve it a little bit, but it’s something that’s a gift for those guys.”

You didn’t know there were replacement officials until Friday night’s game?
“We were doing really good until that last question [laughter]… Let me think about that, what were my talking points again? Thanks, you guys [laughter].”

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    I love how coach Schiano is a straight shooter but isn't afraid to lighten up on occasion. He is a good communicator like Dungy was. Our last two coaches had something to be desired in that regard.
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    Thanks for the up date PR. Go Bucs!
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