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August 22, 2012 @ 11:58 am
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Schiano: "I'd be Foolish Not To Learn From Bill Belichick"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Coach Greg Schiano talked about the joint workouts after practice today and discussed the benefits of these two practices, including the things he and the team can learn from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Schiano also discussed the injury situation of LeGarrette Blount, Eric Wright and Luke Stocker.
Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are in town for the next three days, holding joint practices with the Buccaneers in preparation for Friday night's preseason matchup at Raymond James Stadium. Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following the first of the two practices together.  Below is the transcript from Schiano's press conference Wednesday.

How did the practice go today with the Patriots?

“It was good. Great work. It will be great tape to learn from. We made more mistakes than you can shake a stick at, but that’s why we do it. A few things that I think our team can come away with. Other than just the execution part. A couple football situations that they will learn something from moving forward.”

Coach Belichick said that this time of year players know what the other players on their team are going to do so is that one reason why decided to do this type of practice?
“A lot of reasons why. Number one you do get into a little bit of a low there with camp going on and on so this is certainly something that excites the players. Heck, it excites me. You get a championship organization to come down and practice against. You get to watch as you are doing it. You get to watch how they do things. It was really a good—I think there are a lot of good reasons to do it.”

Did you sense excitement from the players?
“Oh yes. There is no doubt they were excited to go against one of the best football teams in this league. If not the best. Anytime you get a guy like Tom Brady out there, a first ballot hall of famer, that’s going up and down the field it is great for our defense. When you got to block a guy like Vince Wilfork [and] when he is on your nose it is great for our offense. Just situational stuff. To be able to do it. It was good.”

Did you do all the situational stuff you would normally do in your team periods?
“We mixed it up, yes. We mixed it up. We ended up doing a couple two minute drills and things like that. So we will do some more tomorrow. It will be good.”

Are these mixed scrimmages something you foresee to do more in the future whether or not it is the Patriots or different teams?
“I [would] like to, but you got to have a right relationship with the other head coach and trust that what we do together is amongst us. Certainly down the road we can end up playing each other. That is fine. I don’t worry about that. There are people that I know we are going to play and that’s why you can only do that will people you trust.”

How much coordination is there between the two teams?
“Well there is coordination in that we coordinated the practice schedule. Everybody has a different way of doing things. We kind of meshed our two ways of doing things. Again, to me I would be willing to do whatever just so we could have the work against each other. Coach (Bill) Belichick was the same way. So it was easy. We just kind of put together a schedule with situational football. Like I said tomorrow we will do more situational football. To be able to direct two teams and three fields it got a little hairy, but that’s good.”

When you watch practice tape today will you get more out of it because different opponent?
“I think so. What happens in a game or when you are practicing against somebody that you are not familiar with—our guys go against each other every day. So if they are smart football players after a while they start to call out the blitzes for you or call out the run play for you. That can sometimes skew the end result. Whereas here where you are just playing football and you are going by the rules of football that you have been taught and you are [going by] the things as an experienced player you gain, but you are not so familiar with your opponent that some of the plays become as a result of anticipation. That’s not the case.”

Did you come out of this healthy?
“I think so. We got a couple guys that got bumped. To what degree? I don’t know my back hurts. I got cramped, I don’t know. I think we will be okay.”

How is Eric Wright?
“He was good.”

So he practiced today?
“He did. Yes.”  

What makes Bill Belichick such a great coach?
“Well, he realizes that personnel is the game and he’s one of the best if not the best at personnel, and not only at selecting it, but matching it up. You just look at what he’s done with these tight ends. It wasn’t an overly tight end focused organization, and then all of a sudden they have these good tight ends and they’re finding a zillion ways to use tight ends. And then the thing that I’ve taken from him after being around him is he has a way of simplifying things that, I’ll hear some coaches, they’ll do a three-page essay on how to handle this situation. Bill will handle it in a sentence. And that to me is just being so familiar and the experience he has, he’s able to see it clearly and any good leader can the stuff that’s all over the place and bring it right to here.”

 Do you learn anything from watching him today?
“I did. I always do, though, no matter where you go visit. It’s just different. You see some different things. But there were some football things that I really liked and I enjoyed watching Tom Brady, the way he handles himself in the huddle. Even when you play him you don’t get to see that. When you’re standing out on the field and you hear the way he handles his huddle, that’s good stuff.”

 Was Luke Stocker on the field today?
 “He did (get back on the field today) and he’s doing well.”

Can some of your guys benefit from watching the Patriots?
“Sure, if you can put your ego and your pride aside. Because they’re both player in the National Football League. They’re both chasing the same prize. But if you can put your ego on the side and say this guy, you’re looking at some Hall of Fame players, that I get to be on the same field with, I’d be foolish not to. I’m a head coach and Bill’s a head coach but I’d be foolish not to learn from Bill Belichick today. And I did. If you don’t, if you put your ego up there and you don’t want to do it, then you probably won’t be doing it for very long.”

Will these practice lead to a reduction in playing time for some on Friday?

“Again, like we have every week, every guy has a plan. I look forward to playing some more Friday. I think it will be good. It was one of the reasons we were in spiders the other day.”

Can LeGarrett Blount play Friday?
“Oh yeah.”

How valuable are these practices?
“Certainly you need those by yourself to install your offense, defense and special teams. But I think this comes at a good time. Generally week three is not the week you do it, you probably do it a little earlier. But to me the opportunity was too great to pass up. I think its’ really valuable, especially for a young team like ours.”

Was there a wow moment?
“No, I didn’t have any wows today.”

Did you worry about the winner and loser in battles today?
“I really didn’t. Today was an opportunity to learn and get better. And again, I was trying to make sure that everyone was in their place. I didn’t get on our guys the way I do sometimes. Today was more about letting them compete with a very good football team. We’ll watch the tape and get things corrected and we’ll play on Friday and it will be a good three days here.”



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    The "Hoody" sure did luck out with Tom Brady huh Horse? Teams go years searching for a quality starting QB and not find one of Brady's caliber. What did they say the Dolphins have had? Seventeen QB's since Marino and they lucked out with him too. Hopefully we have ours. I'd sure hate to start that search again.
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    THis is why the NE team is above class then some of the teams. They bothlearn from each other. I can't wait to see the highlights on nfl network GO Bucs. I believe that Packers and Patroits should be the two teams that should be favorite to go to the superbowl. Maybe Tampa could wreck some other teams plans this year. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Bill Belichick besides being a very good Coach is also lucky because he got a 6th round Hall of Fame QB and no one realized it until their starting QB went down and the rest is history. Belichick has had many extra 1st and 2nd round draft picks and is no different than many teams where a lot of them have bombed or just played at an average level. I give Belichick credit as he treats every player the same and wastes no time in getting rid of a high paid player that did not meet his expectations. I believe Schiano is of the same thinking.
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