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August 25, 2012 @ 12:16 am
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Schiano On Joseph, "It Doesn't Look Good"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following Friday night's 3-28 win over the Patriots. In his press conference Schiano talked about Davin Joseph's injury, the play of Josh Freeman and what the win over New England means.
Opening Statement:
“Definitely came out and played better this week than last which we needed to do. It was a good starting point. A lot to learn from the week in practice and from this tape. It is good. It is preseason, but we got a little better this week which was good.”

Any word on Davin Joseph?
“It doesn’t look good, but we will get an evaluation tomorrow. We got to do a test. So we will see.”

How was the emotion out there when he went down?
“One of our leaders, you know?  If not our leader.”

How about Gerald McCoy?
“I think Gerald (McCoy) and Adrian (Clayborn) are going to be fine.”

Overall the first defense seemed to be much sharper tonight?
“I agree. I thought we played faster. We played more physical. It wasn’t anything different. The calls were essentially the same calls. We are just going to do what we do. [We] tackled a little bit better.”

How exciting was that opening drive on offense?
“It was a good drive. I thought mixing it up--run and pass. I think Josh (Freeman) at one point was 5-of-7 and the two incompletes were drops. He would have started the game 7 for 7. It was good to see Vincent (Jackson) and Josh (Freeman) get going together. That’s going to be an important connection. It was good to see.”

You had to like the sacks and pressure?
“Yes, I thought the guys got after the quarterback pretty well. As always that ties together coverage and pressure.”

Was your message to them any different than last week?
“Really the defense the week before [for] the first five drives was three four and outs. Four three and outs rather and then a bad drive where Tennessee scored.  It wasn’t—we just needed to be faster and more physical. I think offensively is where we were a little more physical in our protection. We were more physical in the run game. So as a team we played more physically.”

Is it nice to see Mark Barron making plays since he was known for that in college?
“Mark (Barron) played faster this week. He looked more confident in what he was doing. That’s what rookies do. They learn and they get better. I think going against the competition he did in practice this week, I think it all kind of got more comfortable for him. Now he needs to get that much more comfortable as we get ready for the regular season.”

When you look at the quarterbacks you play this year on the schedule, this has got to be a good defense for you to survive?
“Yes, just to be in our division, right? Every week it is a humdinger. So yes.”

Does the success of the team tonight feel like it is tempered by the injuries in general and specifically to Davin Joseph?
“Yes, specifically to Davin (Joseph) I think everybody else is going to be okay. I am worried about Davin (Joseph). Praying for him tonight.”

When something like that happens it puts everything into perspective even a preseason game?
“I think when you are a football player [or] a football coach you have to approach everything the same. Why are you doing preseason? You are getting ready for the regular season. When a guy goes down it is hard because you care about the guy, but the mentality is you got to go. You can’t, otherwise someone else is going to get hurt. You got to go back out and play hard. You got to put that aside, but I think when you get into the locker room after the game and you know your brothers hurting, then it becomes a tough moment. Football injuries are part of this game. We know that. I hope that tomorrow we get better news, but right now I am concerned.”


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    Wlison is better than McCoy? Come on Horse. We all know you don't like McCoy, but when he's playing and not injured he's a very good to dominant player. I think we can all agree at this point with your assessment that he was not worth the #3 pick but saying he's not as good as the backup is a bridge too far.
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    You know I am getting tired of this nonesense that somehow I have this agenda against McCoy or Penn. It's really guite stupid if anyone thinks that. I was at the game were you? I had the binocular's on McCoy the whole time, did you? Other sports announcer's. annaylist, past Buc players have said the same thing that I am saying; many people I know say the same things. Do I want McCoy to be useless and have to force us to draft high again for a DT? Of course not. McCoy has nothing other than a first step; he doesn't know what to do after that. He is what he is and thank goodness he will be gone after this year when there is no more guarantee money to pay him. He's a nice smiling guy, but he is not an NFL player. I am on Penn because he is lazy, except when he wants to play he is good. Myron Lewis has improved under Coach Schiano; McCoy is the same as before and hasn't improved. He was never a tackler nor a sacker at Oklahoma and he was not that disruptive. The definition of disruptive is to cause disorder in, to interrupt or disturb. When one OT or Center or OG can go one on one consistently against McCoy and compromise him then that does not define disruptive.
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    Larsen is not the answer if Joseph can't play. Who ever starts, I think the OL and Freeman should play the 1st quarter in this next pre season game to get the timing down. It really makes no difference if McCoy plays or not because Wilson is better.
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