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August 25, 2012 @ 12:26 pm
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UPDATED: Davin Joseph Will Miss Entire Season After Knee Injury

Written by Dory
Dory LeBlanc


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
After suffering a severe knee injury against the Patriots in Friday night's 30-28 victory, Davin Joseph will be placed on injured reserve and miss the entire 2012 season according to head coach Greg Schiano.
The Buccaneers will be without the rock of the offensive line, Davin Joseph for the entire season.

Head coach Greg Schiano confirmed Joseph is heading for injured reserve and will have surgery to repair a torn patella tendon. On the play, Donald Penn drove Patriots rookie defensive end Chandler Jones into the back of Joseph’s knee.

After the game late Friday night Schiano gave a clue of Joseph's future.
“It doesn’t look good, but we’ll get an evaluation tomorrow,” Schiano said. “He is one of our leaders – if not our leader. I’m worried about Davin and I’m praying for him tonight.”

The loss of Joseph is devastating for the Bucs. Joseph has been the most consistent member of the offensive line for the past six seasons, and has only missed time once in six seasons due to an injury. The Pro Bowl guard missed five games after sustaining a broken foot in 2010 and ended the season on IR.

Joseph will likely be replaced by third year player Ted Larsen, who has spent the majority of the past month as Jeremy Zuttah’s back up at center. Last season, Larsen started the season opener at left guard, before was replaced by Zuttah the next week. After former center Jeff Faine was injured, Zuttah moved over and Larsen was back in as the starting guard for Weeks 7 and 8.

Last modified on Saturday, 25 August 2012 16:05

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    You can't move Zuttah back to Guard because honestly, he isn't very good at Guard. He is however very good at Center.Some guards can play both positions but that is not the case with Zuttah. If Martin and Blount are going to run between the tackles we need an effective right guard who can pancake tackles, and pass block. This offense is coming together and this is definitely a set back.
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    It seems that when the Bucs lose a player to injury it is always one of the most important pieces to the success of the team. Davin Joseph is certainly one of the best young OL in the NFL. But you would think that with all of the players that will be cut from other teams the Bucs should be able to find a serviceable OL to play in his place not replace him. I don' think you can really replace his excellent play and mental ability as well as his leadership. I don' think that Larsen has anywhere near the talent to pick up the slack. Hopefully we will find that unknown sleeper somewhere that can set the world on fire. Dream on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Losing Davin is certainly not the end of the Bucs season but it sure doesn't help.
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    Cremdonado, ESPN the magazine picks the Bucs to finish 2-14 this year. If they are right we'll probably be looking at a franchise QB early in the first round of the 2013 draft, possibly Matt Barkley of USC, because 2-14 should have us picking first overall. Another thing is if 2-14 happens Dominik will not be here to do the picking. McCoy is not only the hope of resurrecting the Bucs defense, but also of saving Dominik's job. I really like Schiano, but this teams lack of depth makes it tough to win big. Maybe a big loss year like 2-14 will allow the Bucs a chance to build up some NFL level talent. Freeman needs to settle down and bring his A game every week and our big nasties need to get nastier.
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    At least Tampa has a built in excuse for under performing this year ( if it in fact end up being the case) ~the loss of Davin will help with excusing problems with the Oline in his absence. Gerald and the Bucs already seemed primed for him to again disappoint this season~Gerald is a bust until proven otherwise~if he cant make the whole season,we got to move on next year...Even if both of these guys were 100% and guaranteed to play the whole season,we are still a team that will likely win between 5-7 games...
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    Why not move Zuttah back to guard and put Larsen at center?
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    The loss of Joseph is tough to take, but not the end of the world. Even without Joseph I think our offense will be better than last year because we have more weapons to deploy. Our defensive line is more of a concern to me. Depth is already an issue and we haven't gotten through the preseason. At least under Schianos plan the Linebackers are blitzing too, so some mismatches can happen. I was really impressed with Hayward. This guy may be the sleeper of the entire camp. Wright shows ability at corner and Barron should be a beast. David looks like an intense individual to me. But a key injury anywhere and we are in trouble. It will take some time to build the depth of this team to where it needs to be. The next draft needs to concentrate on O-line and D-line. We need meat and potatoes.
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    I just hope we don't put Larsen there as he is too small. He's fine for a quick fillin at center or Guard to give someone a rest, but not to start. I would rather go with a rookie. PewterReportDL is this the same knee that Joseph had surgery on about 3 or 4 years ago?
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    It's better it happened now if there's a silver lining, at least we'll have a couple of weeks before the season to find a starter. I wouldn't assume Larsen get's the starting job handed to him. There's also a battle at right tackle. The good news is they kept it going last night. Maybe this will make our young linemen step up.
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    Sucks that we lost Davin, but we'll be aite. I'm guessin 7 wins.
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    Feel bad for Davin Joseph and the rest of the Bucs. Good teams win inspite of key, major injuries. Problem is the Bucs are not that good yet.
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    so its official ! How painful is this ? we likely have one of the best stacked offenses in many years for Josh to prove himself, receivers, running back and line, to lose Joseph.
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    I say that because of not only the reasons I gave, but also they way we have played this preseason. The starting defense has looked good in all three games and the starting offense has looked good in 2 out of 3. This isn't some mid-season injury. Larsen has all season to gel with the rest of the O-line and it's not like he's some rookie 6th round pick. He's a veteran that has seen a lot of snaps as a starter. Also, it's not like we'll face a ton of tough DT's this season. We won't see H. Ngata, G. Atkins, N. Suh or V. Wilfork. None of the DT's in our division are anything special. The Raiders have the only DT's I'm worried about this season (Seymour, Kelly). Trust me Seat26, you'll feel better once the regular season games start. Teams like the Cardinals, Jets, Steelers and Patriots are the ones whose fans should be worried about the O-line.
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    Pinkstob, I am surprised to hear you say that. I think McCoy has been an amazing disappointment. PR tends to say the same thing, and I gotta say it sounds like something that his Agent would say. This guy cannot stop the run or put pressure on the QB. My guess is unless he has a career turnaround this year he is going to be playing somewhere else next year. Joseph ? By far the best lineman we have on offense, and his loss will hurt us in the running game.
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    He is one of the great lineman that Tampa Had its a shame he went down-Lets see now if tampa can find a replacement for him GO BUCS
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    Call up Jeff Faine after week 1 so his salary isn't guaranteed, then move Zuttah to RG.
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    I don't think this is the season destroying injury that most of you are making it out to be. It hurts, but I think losing McCoy for the year would have led to more losses than Joseph. I only remember this defense playing well without McCoy once since we drafted him, and that was the last game against the Saints in 2010. We played several games without Joseph at the end of 2010 and Blount was still running the ball well then. Freeman also didn't have much of a drop in protection. As I said in a different article, we will rally around Ted Larsen and we WILL play good football.
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    This is the kind of injury that could change the trajectory of the entire season. Bucs will need to search the waver wire for guards in the next week
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    hopefully someone will become available that will be an upgrade from larsen and hardman (thats a misnomer).
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    This sucks....Losing Joseph blows... McCoy seems to continue with his injured ways~ I know its not his fault but I have little faith that he will make it thru an entire season.. Looks like DT will again top our list of needs going into next years draft... Be interesting to see what the Bucs do to address the injuries on both the O and D lines..We will need another DT~might as well try to find him soon,Gerald seems primed to again disappoint...
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    does this mean zuttah will be moved back to guard and larsen to center??
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