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August 25, 2012 @ 5:48 pm
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Schiano Confirms Bucs' Worst Fears, Joseph Done For The Year

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Coach Greg Schiano talked to the media Saturday afternoon about the Bucs 30-28 win over the Patriots. Schiano commented on the loss of guard Davin Joseph and how the team plans to replace him, and also the play of Josh Freeman and Adam Hayward, among other topics.
Opening Statement:
“Davin (Joseph) is going to have to have surgery on Monday. So he’s going to go on IR.”

Is it a torn patella tendon?
“Yeah, it’s a patella. I don’t know what the exact thing is. He’s going to have surgery on his patella tendon. If it’s torn, I don’t know what happens to it. He has to get surgery on it.”

What do you do there now?
“That depth chart is not always the most…there’s definitely sixth man, seventh man, eighth man mentality. We’re going to try to work a couple of things. Right now, I’m not sure. Obviously Larsen has worked there (but) we have other options that we can look at which we will. You can kind of figure those of on your own. Any of those guys in the top eight, we’re trying to get the best five on the field. As you saw, we were playing both (Jeremy)Trueblood and (Demar) Dotson at the tackle. We have to sort that out as we go.”

Can Dotson play guard?

Will you look outside for help here or do you feel you have it in-house?
“I think we have the answer internally already. That’s why we’ve been trying to build depth at all the positions. But we always look outside. That’s a constant. If there’s somebody we think fits our mold, then we’ll try to do what we can to get him.”

When you look at the play, did Penn get beat?
“No actually, Penn recovered. Guy did an inside move and he recovered and his guy went down and fell on the back of Davin (Joseph). It’s one of those wrong place, wrong time things.”

How much of a loss is it?
“It’s big but you know that’s part of what we do. You mourn and you move on. That’s what you do. That’s what we have to do. Davin (Joseph) wants us to do that. He’s going to get surgery and start on his road to recovery and we have to fix our sights on how we’re going to move forward.”

What about Gerald McCoy and Adrian Clayborn?
“I think they’re going to be ok. I think they’re going to be sore…I know they’re sore today. But give them a little time they’ll be okay.

Do you hold them out Wednesday?
“Well, yeah but there’s going to be several guys that are going to be held out. That was going to happen anyway with those two.”

What effect does the loss of Davin Joseph have on you as a coach?
“It’s part of the deal. You just, you know, how many people remember that Da’Quan Bowers isn’t playing with us right now. Nobody right? That’s the point. Everything moves on and then, when they get healthy, they come back. But nobody cares. You’re opponent doesn’t care. You guys don’t really care. That’s part of the game. Nobody is like, we’re going to let them have some slack now. It’s next man up, let’s get him up and figure out who next is. And some of that has to be competed for I think. I don’t think it’s a knockdown slam dunk who it is. So there will be some discussion and then we’ll go.”

 Is that something you want decided by opening day?
“I don’t know if ever things are totally decided, but we better have a solid unit on opening day, that’s for sure, right. So we’ll make sure we lock in so they have time to prepare, whoever it is.”

Is there a leader in the clubhouse?
“I think right now and Larsen has played there, so that’s one guy. There’s other guys that have played there. We’re going to mess around with a few things and then quickly come to a pecking order. And it may be one of those deals like (Demar) Dotson and (Jeremy) Trueblood are doing right now where they’re taking turns. Maybe two guys getting shots at it.”

 Is that going to continue at right tackle?
“I don’t know, because I don’t know how much either one of them is going to play in the final game. I haven’t decided that yet. I’m not looking to do that in the regular season unless that’s the best thing for the team.”

Did Doug Martin show you enough to be the No. 1 running back?
“That’s why he moved in and started the game, because he had shown me that much. And I don’t think he did anything last night that would say, oh, that wasn’t a good move. I though he ran the ball well and did some things well. Right now he just has to continue on that course, he’s learning every day and he’s a very open-minded guy. He wants to learn.”

What did you think of the overall performance?
“We played better without a doubt, specifically on offense. The first defense last week I thought played pretty solid and then they were able to come out again last night and again play solid so. I thought we were better in the kicking game, still not great. But better. Certainly better in the place kicking. When you kick three over  50, that doesn’t happen, you don’t see that very often so that was good.”

Tight end by committee, can you explain the situation there as you see it right now?
“When I say that ‘by committee’ I mean there are certain guys that do different things well. Better than the next guy. So I think what we will try to do is play to their strengths. Got to be careful when you do that though. If you totally play to their strengths, then it is like a blinking light. Okay, here it comes. So you got to be proficient enough at least that the things that aren’t your strengths so you can mix it up.  But yes I do think we will play several guys which will be good.”

That’s not unusual though?
“No, no. Especially in this league. That’s the way it is done.”

What did you see after that almost perfect start for Josh Freeman the rest of the way?
“I think that there was—we got a little out of rhythm and it wasn’t all Josh (Freeman). Some of the routes. The way our passing game is so detailed and the timing, if a receiver comes and breaks flat, rather than breaking on a 45 degree angle the ball is going to appear to be short. Right? Well it wasn’t short. It’s just we weren’t where we were supposed to be. You can’t wait till they are there to throw it otherwise it is a pick six. It has got to leave your hand. So we have some work to do still to get all the timing and the precision. The one thing I can’t wait to do is to get in a game plan situation. Where hey this is what they are running (this is what we think they are running) and then we rep it and I think we are going to get more certain of how we are going to perform.”

How much did Adam Hayward’s stock go up with a strong performance like he had last night?
“Well we have counted on Adam (Hayward). He is one of our core guys both on special teams and in the linebacker group. I thought we could rely on him and he sure went out and proved that last night, but Mason (Foster) was playing well too. So I hope that we get Mason (Foster) back and that gives us some depth at the linebacker position.”

Have you liked what you have seen in the defense blitzing from everywhere and using the linebackers a lot in the defense?
“I think we are going to bring people from different angles, but again I think it is the defensive line that sets the tone. If they can do their job, they free up the linebackers and secondary. They free up the secondary in pass coverage. They free up the linebackers in run fits. So it is really important that those guys and I think the one thing we are is we are active up front. We can move. We are not like their front gigantic, but we can move and that’s what we will do. When you move and then you go straight ahead, straight ahead is more affective. Even though that may not be your strength every down, when you are going this way [or] that way [and] then you go that way it helps, but it has got to be disciplined. Because if you are going this way with your front and we are not coordinated, crease—so that’s the key. They are working very hard to understand the little things. Just got to get better. Keep getting better.” 

Last modified on Monday, 27 August 2012 09:55

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    Ah the joys of preseason... I think this is a big blow to the Bucs. Not expecting much from Tampa Bay this year (new coach, new playbook, hurt Pro Bowl Guard, etc.). If we go 5-11 that will be about what I would expect.
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    my heart says 9-7, but my head says 6-10 Go Bucs !!!
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    It is really a sharme that Davin Joseph will not be here this year.I wish the best next year and on the road to recovery. I hope he is there on the sidelines giving encouagement to the other guys-GO BUCS
  • avatar

    What gripes me about this injury is that it was caused by a rookie NE D-lineman who had his head handed to him and went flying to the ground and caught Joseph's leg in the process. That rookie probably will not see his first NFL regular season game. He was a liability to be out there in the first place.
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    I really like this Coach. Go Bucs!
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