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August 29, 2012 @ 10:12 pm
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Schiano "Anxious To Get On The Plane And Watch Some Tape"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following the 30-3 loss to the Redskins Wednesday night and discussed the play of QB Brett Ratliff, Tiquan Underwood and safety Sean Baker. Schiano said the evaluation will begin on the plane ride home.
Did you get a good evaluation of some of your guys with the way the game went?
“It wasn’t easy. I think we wanted to see some guys at guard [and] some guys at center—guys that have played different positions than they have played. So I am anxious to get on the plane and watch some tape. See what that showed. It is hard, we had a lot of guys playing different positions and trying to make sure that we didn’t get anybody hurt and all those things where they got tired. So I really couldn’t evaluate it, but I will soon.”

Can you talk about the job Brett Ratliff did?
“I thought he had a gutsy performance. Certain things that we missed both in protection and seeing it at the quarterback spot, but the thing is he wanted to keep playing. At the end of game on the fourth down he was like, ‘come on couch,' so I love that about guys that want to play ball.”

Can you talk about Tiquan Underwood and how did he look tonight?
“Well I know he had production. Again, I have the worst view in the house, but I can see when a guy catches it. Again, this game was good because we got to play a lot of people, but it is part of the evaluation. You know from the day we got here (and we brought people in at different stages) but the evaluation is accumulate body of work. Now we have some very tough decisions to make here in the next couple of days. That’s what they are. They are tough.”

Will one of those decisions probably be at safety, but Tandy looked like he started the game pretty well? 
“I hope he did. Again that is a view [that] I didn’t have a good view of. I thought he did well last week against New England. I thought he rebounded. He didn’t play great against Tennessee. I thought he rebounded last week so if he strung together two in a row that would be good.”

Did George Johnson look good to you tonight?
“Yes George (Johnson) has looked solid all camp. He gets in there and he is getting better at doing his job. I think that’s what our whole defense—we need to just do our job. It is a team defense that directs the ball to one another. When one guy doesn’t do his job there is a gash.”

What did you make of Sean Baker overall?
“Well again it is kind of like the (Tiquan) Underwood question. I can’t tell you how he played other than he was very productive. Right? He had three takeaways. So anytime you do that, that’s a productive night.” 

-Mark Cook contributed to this report

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    The final cuts should be easy, however, there will be good players available soon, from the good teams and now it's time to get on with the 2012 season. Our first line players on offense and defense will be competitive this year, however, the BUCS have no depth whatsoever!!! Horse is right, we are a good draft and free agency away from being a good team. The BUCS will go as far as Freeman can take them this year and that is a BIG concern for me. GO BUCS!!!
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    I love this coach-He tell it like this Honest-GO BUCS
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    Screw the NFL for putting this product on the field. Horrible and this is all a Buc fan gets to see. Then more blackouts for season. Spent 30 plus years rooting for this team but no more cause the NFL sucks!!! No more for me!!!
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    Coach, I do hope the tape has a watch three times and then SELF-DESTRUCT feature. Many of these guys where around last year......need I say more? Time to pick the best and leave the rest. It has become way to abvious we have little to NO edepth past the #2's and some of them are suspect. I know it was game 4 of preseason and all but DANG.....if I were poor Ratcliffe I'd sue the offensive line for NONE PERFORMANCE and breach of contract. I guess he showed some strength in just being able to stay on the feild....I might have started just taking a knee on every play to save myself. Anyway, long way to go...but I do feel we can play with anyone IF we don't have turnovers, too many penalties and no are few injuries to the starters. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fan since 76 so been through the good the bad and the ugly.....last night? Dang
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    Coach, after you decide on about 45-47 guys you really want to keep; throw the tape away and pick up some new blood for the future. It is a work in progress and no matter what happens now; we are a better team than last year. This Coach will build a good team, but it will take another draft and Free Agency. Go Bucs! It is now The Buccaneer Way!
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