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September 1, 2012 @ 3:21 pm
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Schiano Says Roster Will Keep Changing Through Tuesday

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media after practice Saturday from One Buc Place and discusses the roster moves made yesterday and today and how Schiano expects the roster to keep changing through Tuesday. 
Did you make some changes just at the start of practice there - saw a couple guys run off and a couple guys run on?
“Yes we had—one of the things if you are going to practice on this day you got to be ready to do that. I didn’t want to keep the guys any later than we had to. So we actually started practice a little later than we normally will just so we can get by the deadline. The twelve o’clock deadline. There are 32 teams and it takes a little while to get the information so we wanted to make sure we are in compliance so when some things occurred that we weren’t should, would or wouldn’t –we had to get some guys off the field. Which certainly is the bad part of this business, but it is a business and we all know that when we get into it. But we had to get some guys out of there which isn’t the easiest thing.”

The word is you claimed a guard from the Eagles?
“I have not gotten word officially who we got claimed, but we did put in a claim for a few guys. There is a plan here that I am hoping it all came together. I am thinking it is pretty good, but I want to get for sure. Because of that, practice squad and those kind of things we had to move some guys around that initially we had on our roster because you don’t know if you are going to get the claims or not. There are some offensive linemen [and] there are some defensive linemen which we certainly we have a need with the departure of (Amobi) Okoye and now pulling (Wallace) Gilberry off the field the way we had to, but that will be spelled out here pretty quickly.”

Who are the two players that came onto the field?
“They are Brian Folkerts and Bert Reed. A wide receiver and an interior lineman. Again, this thing until Tuesday is going to be a very fluid situation. We are going to have guys coming and going depending on who chooses to come join us as a practice squad member. Obviously the claiming procedure, that’s not a choice, but some of the practice squad things are a choice. Is it a little awkward? Yes, but that’s what today is. Now you can not practice, but the way our schedule timed out and the rest we wanted to make sure our guys received—this is how we mapped it out.”

Where are you on that defensive line and how do you feel about the depth there?
“Yes, certainly there is a plan. I cannot tell you I have never coached the guys that are coming at the under tackle. (If) need be Gary (Gibson) can jump over there. Our hands are not tied. (Daniel) Te’0-Nesheim you saw him play down in there against Washington so there are contingencies plus we are going to bring in some new bodies. That will all sort itself out again this week and then as we get closer to game time and we start locking in to the 46 it is going to have to be real crystallized how it is going to work.”

Were these two new players signed to the 53 man roster or to the practice squad?
“To the practice squad.”

You looked at John Parker Wilson and is there any interest in signing him?
“Yes, again that has got to sort itself out. We did look at him and we are not ready to decide who that is going to be. There are some variables still up in the air.”

How many practices in pads do you plan to have next week to get a better look at these guys?
“Not sure yet. We went today in pads and then we will take tomorrow off then we will come back Monday and I want to discuss it with the staff and see what our dress will be that day. I thought they got after it pretty good today so I was happy with that.”

Obviously the DL and the OL are spots tweaking the system a bit, but any other spots that you think need to work at to get where you want to be?
“Well, you know in the secondary at the corner spot let’s see how everybody –you know (Anthony) Gaitor has been out. He worked today. Let’s see how he feels tomorrow. There are a couple guys that have had some issues [but] let’s see how they are and then we have thrown quite a number of resources at that position group right now. So let’s see how it plays itself out again as the week goes on.”

At corner you decided to keep six guys with Leonard Johnson being one of them; talk about that decision to keep him?
“If you look at his cumulative body of work this preseason he has played pretty well. He earned the right to be here. The competition as I have said goes on, but right now he is in a position where he can help us win.”

Sammie Stroughter and Tiquan Underwood - tough decision there?
“Very tough decision. Tough decision because of his productivity in preseason and personally a tough decision because I have known this kid since he was a freshman in high school and have had a lot of great moments with him and I trust him. The good thing is this is a long season and he is a guy that I want the best for him so if somebody claims [Underwood]that’s great, but if not he is a guy that I think we will always have in the ready because we believe—he performed well—but special teams at the end of the day Sammie (Stroughter) does a lot on special teams. I don’t know if Tiquan (Underwood) could or can’t, but he hasn’t. Sammie (Stroughter) has proven that he can.”

Where do you stand at punt returns?
“They’re all in the mix right now. I’m not sure who’s going to be the guy. There may be more than one guy depending on the situation. But I’m not ready to publicly say that. I have some thoughts and ideas but we’ll work through that a little more as we go.”
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    where do we stand with practice players at this point?
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    ESPN reported that we do not get the pick for Winslow because he did not make it to the first week. I think they have it wrong, because I think the minimum pick was a 7th, with a possible 6th if he made the final cut.
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    WinSLOW got the boot from the Shehawks....wonder who will get canc- Winslow next...that draft pick we got is lookin better and better
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    Pound: What do you want the coach to say? He gave you and the other members of the Underwood Fan Club the reason # 11 didn't make the team. But he could have added that another team might pick up Sammie but few teams will have interest in Underwood so he will remain available.
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    Paid for my subscription so I think I'll stay, thanks anyway Horse. Not looking for a "heard it here first" site, but with the flurry of moves made today, an occasional update now and again isn't too much to ask I don't think. Especially for readers who for some reason only use one site for their info. I agree that some of the articles here are well thought-out and detailed, while others in my opinion are not (such as the article this morning calling the teams moves stupid & filled with mistakes).
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    Uhhh. I posted the the Vandervelde story less than 9 minutes after we were informed of the move. The Ware Story was also posted within an hour. I would hit refresh on my computer more often, you might have missed it.
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    Pewter report has said this many times to the Sound Offs that are not a you first heard it here Web Site, but a place that provides further detail information and thought out information. Go some where else if you are not happy.
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    Don't worry Coder01, PR is a little slow with the news. Bucs claimed defensive tackle Corvey Irvin, guard Julian Vandervelde and center/guard Cody Wallace and running back DJ Ware so far. They also signed WR Bert Reed & OL Brian Folkerts to the practice squad, as mentioned above.
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    K2 cut from Seattle.......hmmmmm.......
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    matt tenant, ol , saints. claimed by pats ???? really BUCS ? have we claimed any OL players yet to fill in for Joseph ? if the pats can improve their line we certainly can try too.
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    is Leonard Johnson the emeergency qb
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    PTR, if that's all you have to contribute..........why bother?
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    As bad as reading Raheem Morris answers.
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