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September 5, 2012 @ 1:52 pm
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Schiano: "At The End Of The Day We All Want To Win Championships"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following Wednesday's practice at One Buc Place. With the season opener against Carolina this Sunday, Schiano discussed the Panthers, attendance, and the importance of Josh Freeman.
Can you evaluate your offense now that you have been through preseason and everything?
“I think it is what we choose to do. We are going to try to play the kind of offense and the type of football that we want to play. It is complimentary football. So offense complimenting the defense, the defense complimenting the offense [and] special teams bridging the two. Part of that will be explosive [and] take shots, part of that will be [to] run the football; whether that keeps up with somebody else I don’t know that answer.”

What is your message to the fans to get them to come out here and support on Sunday?
“Oh just what it has been. This is the Bay Area’s team and we are going to do our part. We are going to do things the right way on and off the field. I think that’s what this area wants. That’s the kind of team they want. We are going to go play good football. We need your help. That can be and has been an awesome home field advantage - that stadium when it is packed. The heat, the elements, and the fans—that’s what makes for home field advantage. So we all want the same thing, right? At the end of the day we all want to win championships and we can all be part of it which is fun.”

You have emphasized from day one the need to protect the football and was that the greatest area of need when you evaluated this team?
“It was a big area. I don’t know if it was the greatest. There may have been some bigger nonspecific football issues that needed addressed, but it is one of them.”

You have talked a lot about football being the ultimate team sport, but can you overestimate the importance of Josh Freeman’s play is for the success of this team?

“A quarterback without a doubt is an important part, but I really believe that the whole 11 on offense make it happen [and] the whole 11 on defense. Does the quarterback...is his 11th the big 11th? Sure is, but everybody has got to do it. I think Josh (Freeman) is an important part to this team, but I don’t think he has to feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. He needs to go do his job just like the right guard has got to do his job and all the way down the line.”

Do you take the same approach with the defense facing the Panthers this week? Is the priority to put pressure on Cam Newton or is it to stop the run?
“Well, Cam Newton is kind of - stop the run and put pressure on him. They will run what is the zone read game where their back’s in the shot gun and Cam (Newton) is reading it and he is running it. He is also throwing off it. So there is a lot of different things [that] he does for that offense. It is going to have to be an all encompassing effort. He is certainly one of the elite athletes in the league. So we need to make sure we have different things to account for him. Someone asked the question earlier in the week about how do you shut him down? I don’t think you do. I think you just try to limit him.”

With the transaction you have another cornerback back and you seem kind of heavy at that defensive back position and on the offensive line are you concerned at all about the depth there?
“I think we still have ten guys on the offensive line so how you choose to do it if it is eight and two you know eight active and two on the practice squad, but I feel good where we are. At the end of the day you are only going to dress seven or eight anyway. So we are able to practice. We are not putting a load on anybody. Defensive back we have a couple guys that have nagging little things and you know they are going to play three wide outs and they are going to do those things. We are going to have to be able to have enough defensive backs to defend them. We just want to make sure that we the guys in house that can do it and Mac (Brandon McDonald) is a guy who was with us and knows what we are doing and did a good job when he was here. It doesn’t shock me he is back. He is a guy that I thought all along might be coming back. Just a little faster than maybe I first thought.”

What strikes you about Carolina’s defense especially they seem strong at linebacker?
“Well they are and with (Jon) Beason back they will really be strong. It is an attacking style defense. They are going to blitz. They are going to come at you in every different way and they run well.”

How does that rookie (Luke Kuechly) look on tape?
“Very good. Doesn’t surprise me.”

You are familiar with him then?
“Very familiar. Yes.”

What can you say about what your defense will look like?
“I think we will be a good mix. I think we will mix pressure and coverage. Movement and static defense. I think –to me the key is just don’t be sitting ducks. One time you are doing this [and] the next time you are doing that. Just change up. I think sometimes when you just change up a little bit people assume that’s pressure. That’s not necessarily pressure. It is just changing up a little.”

How prepared do you think this team is for opening week and how excited is Sunday going to be for you when you step out there?

“It is going to be exciting. We are not nearly as prepared as we will be this time next year, but we are a heck of a lot more prepared then we were five [or] six months ago. So that’s part of being a new group, a new staff, a new team, but we will be prepared to go play the game Sunday I promise you that.”

How bothersome to you is it that that NFLRA referees will not be on the field for the games?
“I can’t control that. That is out of my control. I don’t worry about stuff I can’t control.”

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    There's no kool aid to drink. I have no idea how the Bucs are going to preform this year and this may blow your mind but neither do you. I don't know if they will beat the Panthers Sunday, but as a real fan that hasn't seen this team play a real game yet, I won't bet against them.You want them to prove it on the field but you won't even wait for the first game to be played before you declare that this will be a long season. I thought all the moves the Bucs made this off season would excite the fan base and bring some renewed optimism to Tampa. I'll stick to reading the articles not the comments. You can keep pretending to be an expert and dumping on your own team. Im sick of the negativity I read in these comments. Kudos to the readers that truly love Bucs football.
  • avatar

    Yes I know I could be totally wrong about this team this year and hope I am. Just a suggestion, you better stay away from most every other form of media that reports on the Bucs as well as avioding these comments, as you won't like most of those other opinions either. This is supposed to be a forum that allows everyone to state divergent opinions. If you only want to see "The Bucs are going to the Super Bowl", then print it on a sign and hang it over your bed. This is not that place.
  • avatar

    Xeric32x; You have the right to say what you want. We all have the right to express how our team and players are doing.
  • avatar

    or maybe when they prove it on the field, then I will drink the kool-aid. Keep your rose colored glasses. I heard Brad Culpepper say today (paraphrased) that when he was on the team and they installed a new defensive system, it took them 10 games to really figure it out, know their responsibilities and act instinctively. Only then did it click as a unit. I root for them to win on Sunday. During the week I state my opinion of where they are as a team. Label that anyway you want, it doesn't matter.
  • avatar

    After interviewing Greg Schiano, Woody Cummings said you have to be involved in this defense for 25-30 years before you completely understand it. Of course Brad Culpepper is smarter than the average Bear, but somebody should tell Greg and Woody that the average career length in the NFL is 3.5 years. NFL means not for long. I wonder why nobody asks the Little General about the dreaded and unnecessary 110X16 torture tests that devastated this team before camp even began. It still plagues the team, they have more DB signings than linemen because they are the only ones who can complete the gauntlets. DUH!! If there is anything equally stupid to force 300 LB linemen to sprint 110 yards 16 consecutive times in the Florida sun before camp even begins, its to force them to sprint those distances after camp is over. I would also ask him about all the silly rules like no hands on hips, dress codes and such. These are grown men, professional athletes, many are multi-millionaires. Tom Coughlin never won anything until he dropped all that petty foolishness. He used to send Jaguars to bed with out supper during training camp for breaking silly little rules. I thought all that crap died with Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant. The year is 2012 and petty tyrants are no longer going to be tolerated.
  • avatar

    Buctebow, you may just be an all around negative guy and that's cool, I have a couple buddies like that. You are right about opinions being like a$$holes. I appreciate all of the optimistic fans that will let the team actually play a game or two before they deem the season to be over. Take another peek at the roster this team has talent and nobody knows how the season will play out. I believe this team is more talented than the '05 and '07 teams that won the division and hosted a playoff game. Once the playoffs start anything can happen just look at the Giants. They won two superbowls with less than impressive regular season play. You can't lose a race before the gunshot. GO BUCS!
  • avatar

    buctebow this team may wind up with the same record as last years team because of exactly what you said "a lack of depth" plus a tougher schedule than last year. I don't expect coaching to be any problem. I believe this team will be more fun to watch. I believe it will become apparent that the star system is history and the team system is here to stay in Tampa Bay. Schiano will talk more to the press when he has something to talk about. What he is saying is football is a blue collar sport and success depends on hard work as well as talent. Schiano has stated that the goal of the Bucs offensively is to run the ball consistently and take shots down field. Schiano as well as we the fans, will find out if we have the horses to impose our will. We have 16 chances to impose our will this season. At the end of the year we'll know what we have. I think this year will be the worst year you see under Schiano and it will progress each year. Our division mates are up on us in talent and we are playing catch up.
  • avatar

    I wish I could be optimistic about this game but I don't think we have an answer for Cam Newton. Coach said something about not being sitting ducks. That is exactly what I am worried about. Not so much in the secondary, But upfront on the line. My prediction is no sacks, Newton scores on the first drive. My guess is 28- 10 Panthers. Bucs will have a hard time running without Joseph.
  • avatar

    Hey Bucs fans don't despair. There are a lot of fans who take the approach that being pessimistic and letting the Bucs surprise is better than being optimistic and maybe getting disappointed. That's natural. Kenny's comments make no sense - Bowers is replaced by Bennett who has already shown up on several all-South teams - unless you think losing DJ has somehow destroyed the entire team....he's important don't get me wrong but he's only one man. If Falcons fans threw in the towel because of an awful OL, they would give up every year. We still have a better OL than them even without DJ. Look it will hurt, but we will still be competitive - this is a league of parity and teams go worst to first regularly. If I had a dime for every time the "experts" just picked the top teams from last year to go tops again I'd be a rich man. Should we be surprised the experts have the order Saints-Falcons-Panthers-Bucs...no, should we surprised when it doesn't finish this way...no! We are as good as most other teams out of the gate, the wins will go to teams that keep turnovers down, get their stars to step-up, and yes avoid too many key injuries (we can handle 1). GO BUCS!!!!!
  • avatar

    Hey Buctebow: you sound like an uncool person. Quit being a buzz kill and get with the optimism Of the new season. Stop being a fun sucker. That Is all.
  • avatar

    xeric32x: Don't be a stranger. I too am perplexed by "fans" who seem to almost enjoy pointing out the mole on Cindy Crawford's face instead enjoying the rest of her beauty. Most fans by nature tend to look for positive signs in their teams when outsiders don't notice. But there are a few posters who focus on only the flaws. They call it "being realistic". The reality is they merely note what is obvious to us all. At least they could be somewhat credible if they saw a bright spot once in a while. I guess Kenny is not happy with the coach today because he didn't reveal his game plan.
  • avatar

    I am pumped for the game because I believe we can win. Both defense and offense can not come out flat. Freeman has to be on with the first couple of passes and I believe we must go to a three TE game plan. Lets get the pass going before we try all the hand offs. On defense we have to blitz with more than one player involved. I hope to seemore of a 3-4 defense since the DL is weak in my opinion and compensate that with speed and good tackling. I am counting on the LB's, CB's in the blitz's to sack Newton or force him to run. We can win this game and I'll be there yelling and supporting our team. We are faster than Carolina and lets use that speed to our advantage. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Buctebow, I so agree.
  • avatar

    opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has one. I do too. I evaluated what I've seen so far. If they don't have multiple 3 and outs, can run the ball physically which is what Schiano claims is their plan, so they actually get to take a "shot" downfield and the Panthers don't run up 150+ yards on the ground, then I will re-think the "not gelled" perspective. Until then, you enjoy the game and stay positive. I hope Mary Poppins is going to the game to root for the Bucs as well.
  • avatar

    I'm on this website several times a day and I have been for years. I very rarely write anything because I know that nobody really cares about my opinion. A lot of the comments I read annoy me. I just don't understand why people who are Bucs fans are so pessimistic about their own team. With all of the changes this season, Bucs fans should be positive and excited. I have tickets for the opener Sunday and I'm beyond pumped. I cannot wait to leave my house and head for Ray Jay. How anyone can say the team hasn't gelled is insane to me when we haven't even played a f'n game yet! Pre season games are glorified practices played primarily by 2nd and 3rd stringers. Show some support "fans." GO BUCS!!!!
  • avatar

    I just read that the Patriots signed a tight end I've never heard of after Kellen Winslow failed his physical. That made me really think about how the Bucs have done an equally impressive job of letting former starting players go as they have of picking up new starting players this season. Seattle and New England passed on Winslow. Chicago cut Price. Detroit cut Sean Jones. I was disappointed when the Bucs released Tanard Jackson, but now that he's suspended for another year and probably smoked himself out of the league, I'm glad we dropped him before he could embarrass the team any further. These guys were all shipped out or not resigned for different reasons but the fact that other teams evaluated these players and decided they weren't worthy of a roster spot helps validate those decisions made by the Bucs.
  • avatar

    I was extremely positive after free agency and the draft, but now with losing Bowers and Joseph and not really seeing things gel, I think we are just too thin and under-talented to improve very much under the new untested coaches and system. It will be a long year.
  • avatar

    "Schiano the Red-Nosed Bucdeer" and the Island of Misfit players.
  • avatar

    The art of talking and saying nothing...Belichick would be so proud! You poor PR guys having to listen to this drivel.
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