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September 7, 2012 @ 1:15 pm
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Bucs Players Recognize Their Own, Announce Team Captains

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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On the eve of the season opener against the Carolina Panthers Sunday, the Buccaneers' players voted among themselves and announced their team captains.
On Friday the Buccaneers announced their team captains for the upcoming 2012 season, naming quarterback Josh Freeman and Vincent Jackson as offensive captains, defensively Ronde Barber and Gerald McCoy nabbed the honors, and on special teams Adam Hayward and Andrew Economos received the coveted distinction. 

Freeman, Barber, and Adam Hayward were also team captains in the 2011. 

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, received the team-voted honor for the first time. McCoy was pleasantly surprised by the nomination and felt privileged that his teammates would view him as a leader.

“Yes, it actually was (a surprise),” McCoy said. “I didn’t put in any campaign or (anything). I just [am] being myself. I told you guys when I first got to Tampa I was born to be a leader and that’s what I am going to be. That’s who they drafted be to be. That’s what I work to be. Apparently I have done enough to where my teammates want to put me in that position and that’s where they believe I should be. I would be doing them a disservice to not wear the title proudly. So that’s what I am going to do.

“Yes, [I] just love these guys and for them to think that much of me…(you) can’t beat it.”  

–Victoria Horchak contributed to this report
Last modified on Sunday, 09 September 2012 14:38

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  • avatar

    All preseason there has been so much hate of McCoy - I just don't get it. Yes, he's been hurt - but the guy is our best player on defense. There isn't a team in the league that wouldn't take him in a second and start him on day 1. Peter King says he's "at least as good as Suh", Booger says he's a stud, Coach Schiano says he's a special player...it seems only some Buc fans who want to throw the guy away. I suspect these are the same fans who wanted to throw away Steve Young after a couple seasons...guess that didn't work out to well for us. Let's have some support for the big guy, he's EXCELLENT!
  • avatar

    The guy played 20 plays in the pre season and got hurt again. He is a talent with no instincts or finish, on the play he got hurt he miss read the play, and the guard , stood flat footed and got cut. We must understand that Sapp or many other instinctual players would not have been in that position and thats just the facts. I would love to see his talents displayed for 16 games but i am not sure that is possible, he just doesn't read , react and shed blocks in a way that promotes a lenghy career. He can definately talk and find the camera so i guess if he needs to he can captain from the side lines so from that vantage point he is a good choice.
  • avatar

    Horse: Maybe if you were in the locker room and actually knew McCoy you'd think differently. Booger McFarland thinks he will be "special." Does the captain have to be the best player? If that's the case, my vote is for PK Connor Barth.
  • avatar

    And the suggestion that Nicks should be a captain just shows the total lack of recognition of what a team captain is. Nicks is new. He's a stud, yes, but until Joseph went down, he wasn't even the vocal leader on the offensive line. Captains aren't made captains because they're the best at their job. Captains are supposed to be the best leaders - two very different things.
  • avatar

    Jeez, some of you blow me away. Horse, it seems like you comment on every article, and I usually agree with or at least relate to your thoughts. I'm surprised at what you have to say on this, just as I am with most of you. I don't know how many of you have played team sports before (not many of you, judging by the rationale behind these opinions), but team captains aren't about who the best players are. Here are some team captains across the NFL: C Roberto Garza for the Bears (Forte isn't one; neither is Marshall); T Andrew Whitworth for the bengals (no Andy Dalton or AJ Green); Arian Foster is not one for the Texans; LG Ryan Lilja for the Chiefs (no Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki, or Matt Cassel); T Zach Strief for the Saints (no Colston or Graham); No LeSean McCoy for the Eagles. Those are only offensive guys that you wouldn't think would be captains based on their relative contributions to the unit. I'm sure that the defensive list is twice as long. The point is that being a captain isn't about sacks, or TD's, or even level of play. While many captains are strong in these areas, being a team captain is primarily about leadership and respect. That's it. I understand everyone's frustration with McCoy's injuries and production level to this point, but jeez, get off the guy's back already.
  • avatar

    My bad. I guess I haven't noticed them as much as on hockey players. Sorry about that guys! Sailor what a kidder! Pewter and Red? C'mon you cant fool me!
  • avatar

    I suspect if our All-Pro RG had not gone down for the season he would have been voted one of the offensive captains. I know Jackson earned the honor by his unselfishness in trying to help the other receivers improve their game but he did not show enough by example in the preseason the way Nix did, so I kind of wish they had honored Nix who has a whole lot on his shoulders now because if we are going to have any running game at all he is going to have to pick up the slack. Had Jackson gone down instead, Williams would have just picked up where he left off in his rookie season when he was the number one receiver However, I am glad the team chooses their captains and I don't think they did a bad job of it.
  • avatar

    I am VERY grateful that the players themselves vote for their captains and NOT message board posters! I find it ludicrous for any of us to argue the choices made by the players who see EVERY DAY who deserves to be a captain, who they WANT to be a captain and who THEY respect enough to vote for captain. Unbelievable. And personally, I think they did a damn good job in voting for the leaders they wanted for captains. Kudos and have a great season!!!!
  • avatar

    I am not even sure that McCoy has earned the right to start, let alone be a Captain, but maybe the confidence in him means something good. I hope he proves me wrong. Because we need him be a force on the line, and this will be a great test for him. Cam Newton. Can he put pressure on him ? Can he shut down the run ? If so we win. If not, oh boy, it will be a long day.
  • avatar

    I believe this is actually the 6th year of them wearing patches. In other breaking news the Buccaneers for the first year are wearing Pewter and Red uniforms instead of their usual cream sickle!
  • avatar

    Horse, apparently his teammates gave him the C for a reason. There are intangibles that make people leaders. I would agree that he does need to go out, stay healthy, and prove it on the field.
  • avatar

    Yes, captains now wear the C's... It hasn't been around that long though.
  • avatar

    McCoy did not earn this honor yet and I believe it is embarrassing to have him be a leader when he hasn't done much of anything. Clayborne or Bennett would have been more appropriate than McCoy.
  • avatar

    Obviously his teammates feel differently. Maybe they should have asked you who you thought should be captain...
  • avatar

    Mark, Your opening sentence confused me. "Unlike the NHL where team captains sport a big “C” on their uniforms, the NFL has no such tradition." Don't all the captains in the NFL wear a "C"? Am I missing something (Which won't be the first time)? Please explain. Thanks
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