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September 10, 2012 @ 4:21 pm
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Schiano on Blount: "LeGarrette Could Have Gone Back In The Game"

Written by Dory
Dory LeBlanc


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media Monday afternoon about the season opening victory over division rival Carolina. Schiano discussed the play of his three starting rookies, the offensive play calling in the second hand, and gives an update on LeGarrette Blount.
Couple of the guys in the locker room said they were unhappy the team didn’t close when they felt they could have. Did you have the same concerns?
“Yeah, we certainly were more productive offensively in the first half than we were in the second. So, if that’s what they were referring to, yeah, you know, I think even in the second half there was one big play I was not happy with, but the rest I felt defensively the guys were pretty steady.”

Offensively, was that your decision to pull in the reins and get a little more conservative or is that just the game went? How did you go about the play calling in the second half?
“Mike’s (Sullivan) callings the plays, he and I talk. I don’t think it was overly conservative. I think some of the things that happened in the second half didn’t happen in the first half. You know, we didn’t get sacked in the first half, we didn’t get pressure, we didn’t have a holding penalty on a 30-whatever yard reception. You know, those are the things that when you make those plays you got a great run-pass ratio working and you’re feeling good. When you don’t make those plays, now it’s all of a sudden it’s boop – so whether it’s conservative or whether we didn’t make plays, I don’t know. One time, it doesn’t help, we didn’t help ourselves in the second half when we were backed up in our own territory. Traditionally, we’ll be a little more careful probably down there. Because the consequences are much more grating if something bad does happen.”

How did the decision go to have Lavonte David calls the plays?
“I think it worked out well. It was more strategic thing on who was going to be out there at what times, defensively you can only have one dot – well, you can only have one dot – but, we just felt that was best. But, either one of those guys, really it’s more than just those two, Adam (Hayward) can do it, there’s a bunch of guys that are comfortable doing it. Lavonte (David) did it all spring and then parts of camp, so we felt like he was ready to handle it. And Mason (Foster) really does a good job of it, so I think it’s good there’s a few guys that are comfortable doing it.”

How instrumental was (Gerald) McCoy in the overall defensive scheme?
“I think Gerald (McCoy) is real instrumental as he’s a disruptive force. Even when he doesn’t make the play, he’s got such good get-off and penetration ability that he makes plays bubble, he makes plays redirect.  I thought Roy (Miller) did that at times as well. I thought Roy did a good job at the nose making plays redirect. So many times in defensive football it’s dictating daylight. If you can dictate the daylight you direct the ball back where you want it to be, then you have your troops there. But if you don’t, then it goes shooting out the front side and I think that’s what defensive linemen – kind of the hidden things they do that maybe people don’t realize, you realize the sacks and you realize the TFLs (tackle for losses), you don’t always realize what a great job a guy did setting the edge of a defense.”

Doug Martin had about 28 touches yesterday, is that ideal? How did he handle it? Is it a feel-thing during the game?
“I do think it is a feel thing during the game.  I think there’s a couple things that come into play, what kind of flow he is in; you know, he is a very good receiver, so we are going to throw him the football. The 28 touches, like you did the math real quickly – that’s a lot of touches. Now, has it been done? Sure. Has it been done by rookies? It has been done by rookies, so it’s not unheard of. But we’ll go one game at a time and then you just got to keep an eye on him as the season rolls on – how’s he holding up? He’s a finely conditioned athlete. He’s very muscular, works out a lot which is going to help him I think handle some of the load, but at the end of the day, that’s a tall order, so we’ll see.”

You’ve got to be happy – those were tough yards. He had one break out run for 15 yards, but most of the yards were yards after contact?
“Yeah, and as we talked pregame – they (Carolina) have a very, very physical linebacker corps. So, I thought we did a good job of blocking the front, but some of those linebackers put some wallops on him. And he won some and he lost some. He ran a few of them over too though, so that was good to see.”

Is LeGarrette Blount hurt? Can you clarify?
“LeGarrette (Blount) could have gone back in the game, so let’s make that clear. I don’t know if we’re all certain on what’s ailing LeGarrette. He came out of the game and we thought it was his leg. Now we’re not sure. We’re just keeping an eye on him to make sure it’s nothing more serious. I think he’s OK, but I’ll let you know Wednesday. Tomorrow they’re off but he’ll be around and we’ll let you know if there’s any more to it.”

What’s the status of Carl Nicks toe?
“Carl Nicks toe, left big toe, huh? It’s a big toe right. He’s going to be all right.”

Talk about Mark Barron and how he played – that big pass break up at the end?
“That big pass break up at the end, that was, whoa, from my vantage point I didn’t think he was going to get there. But that was good stuff. I think Mark did a good job. He’s feeling his way, too. This was his first NFL game and I thought he did a real good job in his preparation which allowed him to go out there and play and I just think he’s going to get better and better and better as he gets more and more comfortable. He’s going to play faster. And I thought he played pretty fast yesterday. But I think will continue to play the game faster as he gets more and more comfortable with all the checks. He and Ronde are in charge of directing that whole back end, and Carolina does a lot of stuff. They’re not at easy team to defend, so, I thought for that opponent and his first game, it was pretty good.”

On second half offensive attack, are you comfortable saying ‘We’re going to protect this six point lead’”?
"I think it all just depends on the game, I really do. I look at each game as its own season, and I ask our team to do that. So let’s look at our opponent. Who are we trying to beat? And then you look at all three phases. How do we match up personnel wise? Ok, so we don’t match up well here, but we do match up here. There are advantages and disadvantages and then you put together a game plan accordingly. And I don’t think you put together a game plan with an offensive plan that’s independent of your defense or independent of your special teams. So we may throw the ball 60 times next week. And I do not have an aversion to, my thing is, what do we need to do to win? And then let’s put the plan together to do that. Now, we’re not always right. Our plan can be wrong or they have a say in it too. But that’s our idea. This week, that’s what I felt it was. This coming week, I haven’t studied it enough to know. I have as a little bit of an inkling because we offseason studied them, but I’m anxious to get back upstairs and unpeel onion and talk to the guys and see."

In a way, though, this was a blueprint for what you want to do?
“I think the ball security, absolutely. It doesn’t matter what plan we put together, 60 passes, zero passes, you better hold on to the football. Our line did have some good times, we also had some times where they TFL’d (tackle for loss) us. We had some good times where we TFL’d them on the front line and then there were times when they got downhill on us a little bit. There was give and take, that’s the way it’s going to be. I don’t ever expect to just dominate every play. That will never happen. But the ball, no doubt. That is the beginning and the end, so – important.”
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    The Steelers are deep at RB and absent an injury, would not trade for Blount. Steelers build through the draft. Blount will have his time to shine here, but the offense shouldn't change when he enters the game. Like most backs, he needs to carry the ball more than three times to have success. No way would I trade him.
  • avatar

    I don't see Blount going anywhere. He is still jumping over people and as long as he can do that he probably stays in Tampa. He is a big bruising back who can help us with ball control and a change of pace from Martin.
  • avatar

    @toofamiliar17, you may be right about not getting a high draft pick for Blount. But FYI and future reference, Blount was an ERFA, Exclusive Rights Free Agent this year meaning the Bucs owns exclusive rights to his contract and he could not receive or accept an offer from another team. He could only accept the Bucs offer and their offer could not be less than the $540,000 mandated by the CBA for players with 2yrs of service. The only free in ERFA is should a player refuse his offer, he is free to leave the NFL. If he stays with the Bucs next year he will be a RFA, Restricted Free Agent and in 2014, he would become an UFA or Unrestricted Free Agent. Hope this helps!
  • avatar

    I think we may need Blount before the season is over. Right now we have Martin as the primary, Ware as the third down, Lorig as the FB, and Blount as the alternate. The odd man out is Michael Smith. Smith needs to sit as he Kickoff retuns were pathetic. Not even one made it back to the 20. He does not look ready for the NFL yet. Put him on the practice squad and find a waiver guy that can help the team.
  • avatar

    The Steelers could use a guy like Blount and I bet we could get a 3rd pick plus a backup guard for him. Just thinking out loud here.
  • avatar

    Horse, I don't know why you think we could get anything close to that in exchange for Blount from ANYBODY. If the Steelers or any other team thought that the guy was worth that or anything like it, do you think LGB would have decided that his best option in the offseason was to sign his $540,000 1 year tender? The guy's best offer was a 1 year offer for close to the league minimum. And you think the Steelers are gonna trade a high pick and a solid backup level player for the guy?
  • avatar

    To trade Blount should be out of the question. The way we used Martin he won't last the season, then what? I'm sure he is not happy as they paid Ware more money than him but to sit on the bench is something else. If the Buc's don't like him you might as well trade him because he will not sign with the Buc's next year.
  • avatar

    I love the way this coaching staff approaches each game like its it's own season and because of that I think a lot of guys will get their chance to shine. I've made no secrets how big of a fan I am of blounts, but I hope he gets that he will be used and doesnt get discouraged. It's a long season and we need all the weapons we can get, again I think it would be foolish to trade him away for possible future contributers, especially with injuries and the amount of carries Martin had. PR-- it seems as though you are down on Blount, but it would be very much appreciated if you could provide some info on whether or not Bounts attitude is good or not? Btw thank you to everyone who went to the game that was the best atmosphere at a bucs game that I've experienced in a long time!
  • avatar

    At the time I thought LGB was having a seizure, though he does grab his leg toward the end of the incident and many media sites picked up on that. However, now that I see schiano isn't quite sure what it was, I'm back to tinking this might be a head thing. Hope its nothing serious
  • avatar

    I really like Blount. Sure he might not have the speed, elusiveness or patience as DM, but i feel he can contribute in a big way. I was at the game yesterday and i was really hoping they would bring him into the fourth quarter and run Carolina over but unfortunately that didn't happen. I'm sure he's okay since he was standing on the sidelines with everyone else spectating. I have this vibe that he will be traded or released which i hope never happens. DM is good but Blount still has a lot of potential and gas in him, after all it's only been two years. btw does anyone know what's with Sportcenter never doing a big 7-8 feature on us compared to the other teams??? All they really said yesterday for our highlights were Ronde's 200th start and he's interception, then they went to go talk almost 5 mins about Cam Newton..Just feels so bias.
  • avatar

    I didn't like how they focused on Newton either, but that's what sells; He's the big name, he's the "QB of the future". They should've been talking about G Mac! Another reason they didn't talk about them is because the Bucs had no huge, explosive plays on offense. No non-fan really wants to see a highlight of Martin rushing for 15 yards and a first down, ya know?
  • avatar

    Get used to that. The Bucs are the red-headed step child of the NFL. Even when they won the Championship - they had to open the next year ON THE ROAD. Cleveland doesn't even get treated like this.
  • avatar

    Great. Thanks for the update on LGB. We really need his contribution this year.
  • avatar

    Why put Blount back in the game -- I mean the offensive put up 16 points! I mean that's enough to win 16 out of 16 weeks.
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