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September 12, 2012 @ 2:51 pm
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Schiano On Blount: "He Is A Competitor"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano addressed the media after Wednesday's practice and discussed LeGarrette Blount, the benefits of having former Giant staff members working for him as the Bucs face the Giants, and what he told the Tampa Bay players about the New York media attention. 
Can you update us anymore on LeGarrette Blount if you have any more information since we heard he was going for an MRI?
“No, I know Mark (Dominik) talked to you guys earlier. We don’t have any more information. We will know later. He was cleared to play again, but just things weren’t adding up and that’s why—you do it long enough and Todd (Toriscelli) has been doing this a long time (our doctor)—when things don’t add up you keep digging. I am glad we did because there is something that clearly has to be investigated and that’s what we are doing. As soon as we know we will get word to you.”

Was it an injury that came from the game?
“I don’t know that. I think we will know more of those answers today.”

Do you think he will be able to play or is it just too soon to know?
“I think that will all be speculation. I think we got to wait and see.”

How much does it help that Mike Sullivan was up there and Bill Sheridan and the fact that you were in the NY area for 11 years?
“I think Mike (Sullivan) yes that helps. Bill (Sheridan) was a while ago so yes a little bit. My being there absolutely zero. I didn’t—I hardly had enough time to do my job. I couldn’t watch them.”

How much can Mike Sullivan help you?
“Well there are certain things he can help [with], but we are doing certain things they did too. So they know it (and) their whole staff knows it. They have been doing it for years, right? So there are a lot of offensive things. Like I said the other day, there will be some subplots here with guys knowing stuff. At the end of the day it is players. What can you convey to your players and what can they do?”

Is there a lot of guessing games do you think on both sides?
“I don’t know. We are going to try to do what we do. That’s our game plan.”

What has LeGarrette Blount’s attitude been toward you since he has learned he is going to be the backup here?
“He has been good. There have not been any problems with LeGarrette (Blount). Certainly he is a competitor. So as Doug (Martin) assumed the position of the number one back, certainly he wasn’t jumping up and down saying good for him, but he is a team guy. I said that earlier that the plan is to play them off each other. Now we have to wait and see. That plan might be altered. I am disappointed about that, but let’s see. Let’s not put the cart before the horse.”

You said were going to go with the hot hand of the two when talking about those running backs and was that the case with Blount not going back in that game?
“Well, the hot hand was before we named the number one running back back in training camp. Then as we named Doug (Martin) number one, he was number one for a reason. He was going to get more carries (as) the starting running back does. If LeGarrette (Blount) gets in there and gets a hot hand then that would have occurred. You know if all of a sudden he starts ripping it because we timed it correctly. Sometimes you take—there are two different style backs—so you take one guy and now you replace him with one guy and he starts ripping it because it is a different style. (So) then you let it go for a while, but that didn’t happen Sunday. Not because of anybody’s fault. It just didn’t happen. So we returned to Doug (Martin) then the game kind of changed and we stayed with Doug (Martin).”

What are your impressions of D.J. Ware?
“I think he contributed a lot. He played in third down running back situations and he had a big first down run on a third down. So all good stuff. I think he is getting more acclimated to or similar to the Giants. Or not the Giants so you know there are different things. Different verbiage [and] terminology. Things that have grown and morphed a little bit. But DJ (Ware) is getting it very quickly.”

What are your thoughts on returning to Jersey?
“I don’t get real sentimental about that stuff. It’s my home but I’ve been a way for a lot of years, then I was there again for a lot of years. It’s nice to be in a familiar place. There’s a certain comfort level. We played in that stadium not too long ago, so I’m familiar with it. That parts good, but you don’t have time. You’re going up there to do a job. It’s not a social trip in any way.”

What are you telling the players in regards to media attention?
“Just that there’s a job at hand and it’s the Giants. Our preparation for the Giants season, that’s it. There’s not looking back. And I know often times in a situation your job is to look back and forward but these guys job is to just look forward. There is a little bit of an opposing will there and I usually just tell them, that’s this season, this New York season.”

Where will you be Thursday night and who are you pulling for?
“I’m going to be working, getting our Giants stuff done. And then hopefully I can get over there at some point in the game and, yeah, I’m pulling for Rutgers, those are my guys.”

What are your thoughts on Jason Pierre Paul?
“He’s one of the most dominant players in the National Football League. And he presents a lot of problems. You better know where he is every play and you better have a plan to account for him, because if you don’t, he not only causes havoc in sacks and hits, but he takes the ball away, he’s tremendous at swatting the ball out of the quarterback’s hand. He’s one of the elite players.”

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    Well said Flboyin Dallas. They have been trying to dig up, or when that fails, conjure up some conspiracy involving # 27. The guy has been nothing short of a model citizen and far exceeded expectations on the field for an undrafted free agent. Yet the media and some fans continue their quest to unearth flaws in both his character and his game. Even at the game Sunday, a fan in front of me commented that Blount was a thug. How so? Because he popped a guy who was in his face chiding him after the game ended. We all might have done the same.
  • avatar

    I watched the game again last night and looked closely at the play Blount was hurt on. My first thought was, “it’s a stinger”. I was in the medical field for quite a few years and I could tell right away that when he took the hit and his neck got bent violently sideways and then he stood up as his neck was still cocked to the side and one shoulder was being held much higher than the other shoulder, kind of like he was shrugging one shoulder. He lost coordination in one leg as a result of the temporary nerve damage which affected that side of his body from the neck down. That type of injury will send a burning sensation all the way down the nerve route even as far down as the leg. He wasn’t faking a leg injury at all…it was genuine. Then I read today that Dominik called it a stinger and that confirmed everything I believed I saw last night on the replay. I completely agree that Schiano and Dominik were being honest and forthright with the media and everyone else. The reporters at the local papers, as well as Mark Cook at Pewter Report, owe the Bucs an apology for basically (and publicly) calling them liars. You better damn well know for certain that someone is lying before accusing them of it. Whether it meets the legal definition of slander is besides the point. It’s slander nonetheless from a moral and ethical standpoint. This issue brings back into focus the problem with local media in regards to sports teams (and every other topic as well, especially politics). The media are too reactionary, quick to call someone a liar or to spin some sort of half-cocked conspiracy theory. What ever happened to the policy of giving someone the benefit of the doubt until PROVEN otherwise? Have the media lost all character and are nothing more than reactionary yellow journalists now? I'm highly disappointed in the local media's treatment of the Bucs in this case.
  • avatar

    FLBoyinDallas, Thanks for the knowledge. Yes, I agree with you that the local media need to apologize and quickly.
  • avatar

    What else can the coach say? Blount had an injury in the game and it was checked out as a stinger of some sort. Let's stay focused on the Giants game.
  • avatar

    Why don't The media leave the buc coach along for once. They one a big game sunday and they face the NYGIANTS. Can you imagine if the lowely Bucs they are all saying around the country. Remember Guys The BUCS DID win the SUPERBOWL in 2002. I am hoping this year for a 8 and * season IF they win more Great. Lets see how they do-GO BUCS, THEY SURE LOOK GOOD 75% of the time last Sunday.
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