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September 17, 2012 @ 4:50 pm
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Schiano On Call At End Of Game: "It’s A Clean, Hard, Tough, Finish-The-Game Play"

Written by Dory
Dory LeBlanc


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano talked to the media Monday afternoon at One Buc Place following a 41-34 defeat at the hands of the Giants Sunday. Schiano addressed, for the last time, the controversial call to attempt to knock the ball lose at the end of the game while the Giants were in the victory formation as well as shared what was frustrating about the loss. 
You’re the talk of the league today. Day after – are your thoughts still the same?
“The play you’re talking about at the end of the game, that’s a play that we’ve done – we’ve caused a fumble four times in the last five years with that play and it’s something that we practice. To me it’s a clean, hard, tough, finish-the-game play. Some people disagree with that and that’s certainly what makes the world go ‘round; everyone has opinions. I don’t have any remorse or regret. It’s clean, hard football. We made - it was no sneak attack, we were down ready to go, and that’s how we do it all the time. If you study any tape of us, that’s how we do it.”

You’ve called the same play in similar scenarios?
“The exact same situation. Victory formation vs. this. So, that’s that. Now, having said all that – that’s the second time I’ve talked about it and we’re going to move on to other stuff. That’s not going to be the topic of conversation, because we have a football game that we should have won and we didn’t. That’s what I’m most frustrated with now. That’s where my attention is. We’ve turned our attention towards the Cowboys after evaluating ourself, but we got a big, tall order in front of us now.”

You don’t want to talk about it, but if you had a nine point lead would you have done it?
“I’m not going to deal in – I’m the one that makes the decision to call that. We have that in our playbook and if I choose to call it, I call it. If I don’t, I don’t.“

But you didn’t see any need to call it at the end of the first half [when Manning kneeled down]?
“Think about the question: the end of the game, if they throw the ball down and score – we lose anyway. At halftime if they do it, they get seven points and the game goes on. I don’t mean to be – but, that’s it. We’re going to move on to the next subject, guys.”

What are you disappointed by? 
“That’s the biggest thing that struck me is inconsistency. Some really good, and some not-so-good. We just as a team, we got to get better. As a coaching staff, we got to get better. Because again, we had an opportunity there and credit goes to the Giants. They found a way to win and we didn’t.”

Was it poor planned defense, did Eli (Manning) just have a big day? Hit the right passes? Catch you in the right defense? What was that?
“I think all of the above. Some technique errors. Probably a couple of calls we’d like to have back. Eli playing very very well. Identifying throwing the ball just as we were getting there. Perfect storm. If you look at it I think he had 227 yards in the last nine plays. I mean, fourth quarter, nine plays – that’s as good as you’re going to do.”

I think on defense you played over 80 plays?
“Yeah, well, we lined up I think to play 84. I think the official stat was 76. But we started with our hand on the ground to play 84 plays.”

You had three interceptions in the first half, so the blitzing was working, but when you ask the CBs to chase those receivers that long, do you have to consider that late in the game they get tired?
“They play 84 plays too. We roll guys in nickel, dime, and sub. More than the total number of plays is how they unfold. I always keep track of the time. Not only the time on the clock, but real time – how much rest they get. Like I said, there’s enough to go around on that one. You’d like to maybe have a call or two back, but some of those calls weren’t just in man coverage, they were in zone coverage – two safety high. At the end of the day, we didn’t get it done. Coaching, playing, all of us, we know what could have been and we know what wasn’t. And that’s the frustrating thing, but the beauty of this job is as soon as I’m done here I’ll have the radio show, then get locked in and put together a game plan for Dallas and go try and do it again.”

What happened on the blitzes?
 “I thought Eli (Manning) did a great job of directing protection. You can see him, and there were a couple where he threw it before we got there. It’s not where they were blocked.  They came free but he got rid of it and they made plays on the back end, they caught the ball on the back end. Sometimes you get there and it’s great and sometimes, you know, we really like three or more offensive plays. If we could have been somewhere around 57 or 58, probably a different result. It’s not that many more times that we have to possess the ball. But you look at that and that can be six or seven minutes but it didn’t. Ifs and Buts, right. That’s the sorry thing, you put all that into it and then you come away and it’s a zero sum game and you either win or lose and we lost.”

Are you saying you’re blitz package doesn’t need work?
“I think everything we do needs a lot of work. It’s early in the season. There are little things we need to tweak but we’re not going to have a wholesale change, because we had a not great defensive day. It’s the same defense that did have a great defensive day just a week ago, so. We are who we are. You can choose to up the percentages, however coach Sheridan decides to do it during the game. We do a lot of that during the week. And then we kind of adjust as the game goes on. But our identity of a defense is what we are. You don’t change that.”

So your identity is to come after people?
“We’re more non-blitz than blitz and we never do it without a deep middle safety so there is somebody over the top the whole time. There’s not two, there’s one, so the when the ball is outside the numbers it’s hard for that guy to get there. But like I said, we’re a mix, we’re not a blitz every team, we’re a mix. That’s who we are.”

Do you understand what happened on Mike Williams’ play at end of game that was called an incompletion after being ruled a reception?
“I understand the rule. I do. There is some ambiguity to the rule itself. That’s the essence of the rule. Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t think you can have a concrete rule in something like that. That’s why I think it has to be that way. Look, there’s no one play in that game that decided that game. When you have a game of that nature there are so many different points where this could have turned it or that could have turned it, both ways. To pin it al on one play, yeah, sure, at the end you wish it was on the 16-yard line and now we have 12 seconds and a timeout and two shots at the end zone. Sure, I’d love to see how that ended. But (it didn’t happen that way) not that day, not for us.”

Can you talk about the two non-calls – the facemask to Doug Martin and the hit on the defenseless receiver? 
“We certainly turn those into the league, that’s procedure. My whole thing with the officials is this. I believe playing and coaching in this league is incredibly hard. And there’s 11 on each side at a time and a bunch of coaches on the box. Officiating in this league, there’s seven guys that are seeing the fastest guys in the world moving and it’s split second decisions. So there’s not a coach that ever comes out of a game is happy with the officiating. That’s just the way it goes. But again, that’s part of playing and coaching. You have to play well enough and coach well enough to win games. We’re both playing with the same circumstances. It’s the same field, the same weather, the same officials, and it’s my job and our players job to find a way to win. The Giants, there’s no secret why they are the defending Super Bowl champs, In a tough game they found a way to win. We’re learning and I’m sure we’ll be better for it. It hurts a lot and as I told you last week, I like teaching out of the win column. So we’re going to teach this week, and I don’t like teaching out of the loss column, but we don’t have a choice. So we’ll teach.”
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    76Buc : Thanks,that was really bugging me.I could see his face but not the name. Trey Wingo also showed footage of Phillip Rivers (LAST YEAR) trying to down the ball in victory formation when Rivers and Center fumbled the exchange and it rolled around (and forward) but the Chargers recovered.To all those who think it never happens,it happened last year.
  • avatar

    Props for Coach. The NY Fanbase/media/coaches/players all want to whine and cry, cool beans. But from where I stand it was a great move to get these players fired up. This team checked out for 10 straight games last year, and looked gutless and nutless in most of those losses. If we're gonna be percieved as a "dirty" or "chippy" team over going all out on the last play of a seven point game, then so be it. Rather be a bit "chippy" than look like a bunch of total quitters like last year. And the really funny thing to me is that most NY fans on other sites are crying foul but if the G-Men had lost 10 straight in a non-competitive fashion, they'd most likey sing a different tune themselves. Should coach do this again? Probably not. Not because it's breaking an "unwritten rule", but because he could lose his own players respect for doing so. I was really unhappy with G McCoy brushing the whole ordeal onto his coach, made it sound like he didn't support the move 100% and that mentality could creep into other players minds over the course of the year. Doing it one time was enough to show that Schiano isn't here to play around. He wants to transform these "youngry" Bucs into full-grown warrior men that aren't afraid to go all out any given Sunday. Props again Schiano, and if the Giants still want to cry foul and threaten TB with retaliation, let 'em blow their hot air. I get the feeling that by season's end BOTH of these squads will be sitting on the outside of the playoffs looking in. Difference? We're still putting the pieces together, while the Giants just don't have the mental toughness to take everybody's best shot week to week. Peace Buc Nation.
  • avatar

    FreemanMVP, the ex-players name is Antonio Pierce.
  • avatar

    Non-issue. 60 minutes. Giants knew they were coming by their stance. Much ado about nothing. At the same time the chance of success was less than 1 percent, but hey why not take a shot, you never know. That reminds me of a pet peeve I have at the end of the 1st half (not this year, but in the past) when the Bucs would run out the clock instead of taking a shot at the end zone because its safer......I hate that.
  • avatar

    One more thing.I think we would sell more tickets if we got rid of EVERY local sports radio guys who *censored* and complain about EVERY,and I mean EVERY thing the Bucs do that isnt perfect.Screw them all!!!! Im not saying they have to like everything but there never happy unless were perfect and never lose. They should call it *censored* Radio instead of Sports Radio.Thank God for PR.
  • avatar

    Like Mike Gollic said.The Giants knew the Bucs were gonna do it by the way they lined up.Stop being Sissy's and play the game to the end!
  • avatar

    I'm with Coach Schiano 1000%. And Screw "The Commish" and his side kick and Ian Beckles and AAAAALLLLL the other Loser local radio host's that don't back Coach Schiano on playing 60 minutes.There is a lot of Ex Coach's and Players who had no problem with Coach.Mike Ditka,Mike Gollic,Greeny.There also was a former Def Giant Player who won a SB with Coughlin who said (on ESPN) they did that more than once when he was a Giant with Coughlin.I cant remember his name but i seen him on Monday on ESPN. GO BUCS!!! and GO TO HELL the rest of you sissy's!
  • avatar

  • avatar

    Seems funny how all these analysts talk about Coach Schano's inexperience with grown men. He has them playing like grown men. The Bucs literally knocked the defending champs on their knees in their barn. As a Bucs fan, nothing could be more encouraging. Win or lose, effort and team accountability is everything. There is certainly no shortage with either with this coaching staff.
  • avatar

    I love this guy.
  • avatar

    So I guess Coughlin and the Giants want the game to be officially over after 59:55 of play. Screw 'em!!!!!
  • avatar

    We are so lucky to have Greg Schiano as our coach. With Schiano, the bucs will bow down to no one. I WONDER HOW MANY MORE UNWRITTEN RULES THE CRYBABIES WILL COME UP WITH BY THE END OF THE SEASON.
  • avatar

    The game was still in reach if something happens there is the point everyone seems to be missing. I don't get Elis' comment either In no way is denying us another opportunity to score by kneeling a "friendly gesture of mercy" If the game was out of reach maybe I could see it differently but I think the cheap punches afterwards from the Giants should be the topic of discussion.
  • avatar

    They might have to change the term to SCHIANO-MOUTH football...
  • avatar

    Screw the pundits- our coach has a killer instinct..you gotta play until the final second runs out..
  • avatar

    Thank you Coach Schiano for being the type of man and coach that leadsby the example that you never give up. Screw you NFL network ANALysts who are calling the final play dirty. I think honestly the only reason why Coughlin was soo upset was because someone didn't bow down and concede to the sacred cows er mannings of the national football league. You don't do what in the nfl old man...play a full 60 minutes? play to win? cause another miracle at the meadowlands type play? Get caught with your pants down because you assumed that Schiano would just let his team concede to you and your sacred manning brother quarterback? I guess it was dirty when Marino fake spiked for a touchdown right? PATHETIC!!! If your offensive linemen are too ignorant to not recognize when a defensive line less than a foot away from there face are about to rush you, they need to retire along with you. Down more than 7 points, you can bet Schiano isn't making that call, but oh how i'm sure those nfl network ANALysts would be calling him a genius if they had actually been able to swat that ball from crybaby eli's hands...Brian Billick, Steve Marriucci, Dennis Green, this is why none of you will ever coach in the nfl again...real owners are interested in coaches who never say die and demand the same from their players...Thank you again Coach Sciano for upholding the integrity of the game and not laying down for anyone...nfl network ANALysts who want to criticize Schiano for comprimising player safety on a single play....you're hypocritical jokes who are doing nothing more than paying homage to the established sacred cows of the nfl....football is a VIOLENT game of 100+ violent potentially life threatening plays every game and you expect critically thinking people to side with you over one play that any well prepared team should have been prepared for...also mr. unwritten rule coughlin..if it's an unwritten rule then it IS NOT a rule but I dam sure didn't hear you saying a dam thing about "unwritten rules" when your defensive players started their "synchronized cramping" to put the breaks on hurry up offenses that were clearly beating your defense...NY giants and their coach are jokes bottom line. GO BUCS and !@#$ YEAH Coach Schiano. Please stay your course and remind the rest of the league and their ANALysts how the game used to and still should be played.
  • avatar

    I support coach 100% and hope to hell this media driven story goes away because I'm already sick of it. IT'S A 60 MINUTE (ONE FULL HOUR) GAME. It's NOT a 59:58 minute game. Most of us get that. Unfortunately too many sportswriters and radio jocks do not.
  • avatar

    I so support our Coach. I think some of these questions were unnecessary.
  • avatar

    He's right!!!!!
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