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September 18, 2012 @ 11:20 am
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Shipley Back With Bucs, Hardman Released - Again

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers announced on Tuesday they have re-signed former Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley and released guard Derek Hardman for the second time in three weeks.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced today that they have re-signed WR Jordan Shipley to the active roster and released guard Derek Hardman.

Shipley was signed back in August and spent two weeks with the buccaneers prior to being released as the Buccaneers settled on their 53-man roster after the final preseason game.

The addition of Shipley most likely is an indication that Preston Parker, who suffered a non-specified foot injury on Sunday against the Giants, will miss at least Sunday’s game at Dallas.

Shipley spent the past two seasons with the Bengals, playing in 17 games with four starts. He has recorded 56 receptions for 614 yards and three touchdowns. He originally entered the league with Cincinnati as a third-round pick (84th overall) in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Shipley was a highly productive player during his college days for the Texas Longhorns. During his four-year career in Austin,  Shipley amassed  3,191 receiving yards on 248 receptions and scored 33 touchdowns.

In addition to his stellar work as a receiver, Shipley also produced as a return man, scoring four touchdowns as a punt and kick returner.

Shipley’s NFL career was derailed last season in a Week 2 contest with the Broncos in which the Temple, Texas native tore both his MCL and ACL ligaments, landing him on injured reserve.

Hardman signed with the Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent in 2010 and was cut back in August, but brought back shortly thereafter.

In other roster news Tampa Bay announced they added DE D.J. Bryant to the practice squad and released LB J.K. Schaffer.

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    Doesn't matter who our receivers are on any down or how open they get if Josh can't get his head out if his butt long enough to see them and pull the trigger. He's got to quit playing so scared! How fricken hard is it to know where your recievers are and go through your progressions of reading the coverage on each and making the best decision. With as much work as Josh has put in, in the film room and in practice learning this system why is he so bad? He decides who he'sgoing throw it to before they even beak the huddle these days. Speed up yourbrain son or do what you did as a rookie and a sophomore, play instinctively.Freeman has something to learn from his opponent every week but in particular some of Romos gunslinger would be great. Let it fly Josh!
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    Fair enough Roland - I guess we just have a difference of opinion on Williams. I think he has done a great job this year so far of getting open on short routes (admittedly while he got the 3rd down catch against the Giants he then inexplicably decided not to fall forward for teh first down) and is a huge threat in any 1 on 1 coverage. But I take your view on board that speed matters too. Let's hope whomever gets in on 3rd downs just catches the damn ball.....and falls forward.
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    EastEndBoy I'm very serious about Mike Williams coming off on third and medium/short. The Bucs have dropped back to pass over 30 times each game (counting sacks/scrambles). Williams has 5 catches for 71 yards. And 41 of those yards came on the game tying catch off the defenders helmet in NJ. 2 games and we have 7 first down conversions through the air... SEVEN. Mike Williams is a very good one v one WR deep, but getting open quick and getting off the line clean in a tight space is nothing short of improbable for him. Mike Williams is clearly a liability on third and medium or short (unless a off tackle run to his side is called as he can block well).
  • avatar

    Roland - I am happy to agree Shipley can do some hings to help, but you can't be serious about replacing Williams with Shipley/Parker/Stroughter. First, these three guys are okay at best, and second Mike Williams is one of the best WRs in the league at winning 1 on 1 battles for the ball with DBs...a pretty handy skill on any down. Go back and watch his catches against the Giants and then ask yourself if you really want to take this guy off the field.
  • avatar

    Agree buctebow about Andre Carter. He should have been here already to teach these young guys something. Undewood vs Shipley: I know speed/size doesn't seem to matter to this regime (as they keep running 180 pound Ahmad Black out there and his 4.8 40 time) but Shipley clearly should be on this team over Underwood. All you need to do is look at our 3rd down conversion rate to see why. Shipley is quick off the line and great underneath. He also runs as fast as any of our WRs (except Jackson) and he is adept at getting open underneath. Shipley will help on third and medium GREATLY. I would even suggest after Parker gets back that in 3 WR third down sets Williams comes off on third down and Parker/Stroughter/Shipley battle for reps at those 2 spots (obviously Jackson stays out there).
  • avatar

    Well Guys the bucs will be ready for the Cowboys,When I saw the schedule I circle this game up here in Big Dallas, But it was bad timing, This Florida Boy from Tampa will be in Ohio and Michigan. Because I haven't seen my sister in over 26 years and Iam flying to Columbus to see an old basketball varsity HB Plant player in over 47 years. I will be rooting for the Bucs Sunday. I hope that Tampa will Run the Ball down the Boys throat. NYG is one team Dallas is another Its not the same teasm that went to the superbowl. Maybe just Maybe Tampa will do better this year It would be a great Pre-Birthday Present a week early when I turn 67 years young. GO BUCS TAMPA 31-Dallas 20 How that!
  • avatar

    Underwood was good, but I have to say forget all the talk about Julio/Roddy being the best 1-2 in the division - how about Jackson/Williams as the best 1-2...they looked fantastic, amazing catches, torching the Giants DBs and if not for the terrible call at the end Williams would have had another big catch and 2 shots at the end zone where he was playing 3 feet taller than anyone guarding him. How different the talk could have been post game if the replay judge understood the rule better on Williams catch (2 feet down while running towards the end zone encapsulates a "football move" by definition)...ah well what could have been. Still the best 1-2 WR and I hope they get to show it again against he Cowboys...GO BUCS!!!!
  • avatar

    Williams still isn't beating anyone route wise , i do like him but but every GM in the NFL takes Jones over him hands down, White may get an ever so slight edge over Jackson ( age) We are much better than last year. Josh is still a deer in the head lights at times and does not trust his reads. This is why he is much better when rolled out and he is reading half the field, rolled out not flushed out.Please Josh run when you have an open field.
  • avatar

    Williams has had issues with not being able to hold on to the ball over the past year. Williams also fails to get sepereation and get open. As of now, Jackson/Williams is not a White/Jones. Maybe the potential is there, but I don't see it yet. Jackson is otstanding, but Williams needs to improve.
  • avatar

    Did Underwood get picked up by another team?.... I mean I would rather see him come back than Shipley, much more upside and potential...
  • avatar

    I liked him as well.
  • avatar

    I hear the point Buctebow about the defense having to spend 70% of the game on the field....and I get it that they got tired....but what concerns me is a) they didn't start the game tired (or maybe they did and that was the problem) so where was the first half (or even start of the third quarter) DL performance (recall zero sacks, zero tips, zero pressures), and b) wouldn't it be the case that the Giants OL (which included at least one sub) should have been just as tired?.....at least for 1 play somewhere in the game when we would have recorded 1 sack amongst the 51 attempts? Manning is good but he's not exactly ellusive. That's what concerns me - a little bit - I'm not panicking, they may have just had a bad day or whatever, but it's the area I will definitely be watching against Dallas. Regardless of how poorly I think our DL played - I think the rest of the team played between acceptable (I blame the DL for the big pass plays as much as the DBs) and very good (note OL, WR, LB, RB and yes I think QB play) - and that keeps me squarely on the band wagon....I think 8-8 (or dare I say 9-7) is very achievable for this team and would be real progress. At a bare minimum they proved that the Bucs should be in every game they play this year - the 50 point blow-outs should be a thing of the past. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    Go away buctebow I mean really so you are going to just wait around for bad things to happen man these Tampa Bay fans....
  • avatar

    Bad things to happen? They had the game won and gave it away!
  • avatar

    You know what this team really needed? Another kick returner without top-end speed.
  • avatar

    Oh and for anyone that cares, I throw up the crow I ate last week! Yes there were highlights, but this team is too uneven to win consistently, especially the offense, which should be the better part of the team. We knew the defense would have some struggles, but it probably would be serviceable if the offense didn't put them on the field for 70% of the game. How about some first downs? These roster moves are unimportant, how about bringing in Andre Carter for a look, they need someone to pass rush still...
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