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September 21, 2012 @ 12:50 pm
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Schiano: "Good Chance" Shipley Starts Sunday At Punt Returner

Written by Dory
Dory LeBlanc


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano addressed the media following Friday's practice at One Buc Place. Schiano discussed the re-vamped receiving corps, which has seen three new bodies come in this week.
Can you tell us about your latest wide receiver addtion?
"Yeah, Chris (Owusu) is a guy we really liked coming out and the opportunity presented itself to get him on the 53 and we took advantage of it. He's a guy that we think has some traits that can lend to our receiving corps."

All of the three receivers you brought in this week all seem to have versatility and speed. Are those two traits what you're focused on?
"Yeah, I think different levels of speed, you know what I mean? I think the three guys have three unique different skillsets. Sure there's carry over, because they play the same position so there's going to be certain skills that are similar, but I think they're different guys each one and that's by design as well to add to the guys we already have."

Most teams took him off the draft board because of his concussion history at Stanford, was that the case with the Bucs and after the preseason did he convince you otherwise?
"Well there certainly were concerns, but here's a guy that went through the preseason, he played on special teams. Again, as an organization you use all your resources - our doctors, our trainers - and made a decision to go ahead and I think he's going to be fine. If it turns out differently, you have to do whatever you have to do."

When you look at that receiving unit in terms of speed - how much speed do you think you possess at this point?
"Well I'm excited with what we're doing; I'm not excited that Sammie (Stroughter) got injured certainly, but those happen. As long as - I'm really excited that organizationally there's a plan. This happens, bang, we do this. That to me means we're ahead of the curve, in case of. And that's hard work by Mark (Dominik) and his departments and just constant communication. That to me is what we have to do as an organization. It's a long season; things are going to come up and we need to be ready to address them when they do come up."

Is the running game not quite where you want it to be?
"Not quite where I want it to be. Two weeks, you can see how it could be really good and then you see how we're one guy away from it being really good. And I don't mean it's the same guy or you'd change the guy. It's a block here, a technique here, a missed assignment here. But that's typical of early season right? Can we continue to get better as the weeks go on as we rep them more, we build more cumulative reps in each play. We know what we want to be in the run game, we have to build cumulative reps in the run game to get better."

What exactly is going on with Stroughter’s foot?
“Without getting into all the details, it’s pretty serious. I’m not sure yet (if he’ll need surgery). I think maybe but I think pretty soon he’s going to know that. You never know. When something first happens, you evaluate and then you wait but as time goes on you get a better picture. Sometimes it’s obvious, if a guy has torn something you know. But some of the other things are a little more tricky and this was one of them. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of our game, as we know.”
That happened in Sunday’s game?
“Sunday’s game, yes.”

Will Jordan Shipley be returning punts?
“Jordan is a punt returner for us, yes. Is he the guy? Good chance he’ll be the guy. There are other guys that do it on the team. But I’m thinking probably he’ll be the first one out there, yeah.”
Do you feel good about Arrelious Benn returning kicks?
“Yeah, I feel good and again, Shipley can return kicks, too. Tiquan can return kicks. We have some guys that can do that, but right now Regus is the guy and I feel very comfortable. I’m excited about him actually.”
How many receivers will be up?
“I’ll keep that kind of, that’s a little bit of a strategic thing so I usually don’t share that.”
You have a lot of guys that can play as the slot receiver?
“Again, strategically, I won’t reveal that before the game, but I think it suffices to say that in this system, there are ways to manipulate the formations to get whoever you want there and guys have done that even this preseason and in the early part of the year. We have enough flexibility that we’re going to be able to adjust. I’m not concerned about that. We just need to play decisive and fast. They give us so many different looks, Dallas does, that if you’re not on top of the game you can put yourself in a bad play. And if we can avoid that, well now it’s about execution. Before you get to execution you have to get yourself in the right play. And we’re going to have to work on that right up to kickoff because it’s a lot to get ready for in one week. By the same token, if we do that, we’ll have some good opportunities. We get ourselves in the right play, now you’re cooking. So, that’s going to be part of our challenge in addition to execution.”

Offensively looking at their defense?
“Yes, offensively looking at their defense. They present several different looks and challenges and I think we’re getting better every day at seeing it, identifying it, getting in the right play, but like I’m saying, it’s going to be right through – which is fun, right? That’s the chess match of pro football.”


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    I can't stand that camera hound, Jerry "Facelift" Jones. It's a wonder his ego can fit in that monument to himself of a stadium. Beat the Cowboys after the win over the Panthers and giving the Superbowl champions all they could handle last week and the mighty Bucs just might wake up our dormant fan base.
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    I remember Josh back in 2010 lobbied the Bucs to draft Shipley. I remember how disappointed I was that the Bengals drafted him. But, I am glad he is here now. go Bucs!!!!!
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