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September 30, 2012 @ 9:23 pm
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Freeman Says Bucs "Just Didn't Get It Done"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Josh Freeman looked two different players at times on Sunday against the Redskins, struggling with accuracy on some throws, then threading a needle on the next one. After the game, Freeman took to the podium, and discussed the 24-22 loss to the Washington Redskins.
Quarterback Josh Freeman was noticeably dejected after Sunday's 24-22 loss to the Washington Redskins, dropping the Buccaneers to 1-3 heading into the bye week. Below is a full transcript of his post-game press conference.

Even though you came up short there is that something to build off of offensively and for you?

“Honestly, losing [or] losses whatever you want to call it is not acceptable. There are no moral victories. Like any other week we are going to go back and evaluate the film [and] try to get better. Things are going to get better, but when you lose you didn’t play well enough to win. That’s the goal and that’s why we are all here.”

Can you talk about the difference on how the first half felt for you as far as your rhythm and how the last 20 minutes felt?
“I felt the exact same the whole game. When you talk about getting in a rhythm and things of that nature, I look at it from one play at a time. Don’t let anything get you too high. Don’t let anything get you too low. Just go out and continue to fight, execute the offense to the best of your ability. We were able to make some plays.”

Were you unhappy that in the last few drives you didn’t get all the way into the end zone?
“I am unhappy we lost the game. You can look back and you can point at any number of things. Ultimately it’s a team effort, team game, and we needed a touchdown on either of those two drives. Call it what you want, but we just didn’t get it done.”

How do you feel about your relationship with Coach Schiano?
“I definitely feel like I have a great relationship with Coach Schiano. I spend a lot of time talking with him, matters of football, and matters of life. His door is always open. I think we definitely have a great relationship. We’ll continue to build on that and make it stronger as we go on.”

As the Redskins lined up for that field goal, can you just describe your emotions?
“In this league you can never be content, never relax. You hope for the best. When they lined up, you just hope for the best. Hope somebody gets through a block or that he shanks it. It didn’t happen for us tonight, but I definitely think that as a team we’ve just got to stick together, keep working, and when we get to the next game, find a way to end with a ‘W’.”

Is it really about finishing games at this point?
“When you look at the margin of how many games are close, more often than not, overwhelmingly, games are decided within seven points. So it’s going to be a matter of playing four quarters. You never know how the game is going to go. It’s a matter of taking every opportunity and trying to maximize its potential.”

Was that third down call before the field goal a safe sort of pass to get the ball closer or was it an aggressive play to try to get a first down?
“Honestly, it is depending on what type of coverage they play. The last thing you want to happen is try to drop back, run routes down field maybe somebody gets free and maybe you got to throw it out there, but it was kind of both. It has kind of a low risk [with] potential for a high reward. Just a play that we felt like we could get it out and get it into the hands of a playmaker and you know it is what it is.”

–Mark Cook contributed to this report



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    Horse, Jon Gruden - I am in complete agreement with you. Josh Freeman is the problem with this team. He is going into his 4th year and he looks worse than a rookie. Cannot make a decision or release the ball quickly. I believe he has trouble reading the Defense. Here's a thought - if Coach Schiano is holding everyone accountable for their performance, why is Freeman exempt?? At halftime in the Skins game, we scored a total of 16 points is 6 quarters of football. That is not getting the job done - make a change for the betterment of the team. Until Josh gets his head straight, put Orlovsky in there - give him a start and a chance to move the team. Josh may have had good stats in the Skins game but he is not gettings Ws. C'mon Coach - put your money where your mouth is....
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    I am trying to find the link to watch the game. I can't find it. Can anyone supply the link. It would be nice if Pewter Report would put up the link as soon as it is available since the NFL doesn't want anyone to find it. To the Glazers, the USF game sold out on Saturday. You have sold out 2 games in the last 2 years. Stop blaming your customers and lower your prices.
  • avatar

    Wow - tough crowd. 62% completions, 300 yards passing, a couple of highlight reel long bombs, he even strated running this week as the critics wanted - yes he threw one INT as well and yes he could have played better in Q2 (although we could have stopped trying to run the ball ineffectively a little earlier too you know). People are grasping to blame Freeman here because it's obvious why we lost this game: we played deep prevent defense with 1:42 remaining ahead by 1 point ....a recipe for a loss which is what we got.
  • avatar

    Same as it always is. The offense will never show up 4 full quarters with freeman as their QB. Didn't extend drives and way too inconsistent. Yes, the defense wad bad, but that doesn't change the fact our qb is outplayed by much less experienced QBs.
  • avatar

    When Tampa takes shots downfield they look a lot more impressive than when they try to dink and dunk down the field. The shots downfield open up more running lanes, it creates more space underneath for those shallow crossing routes that they are absolutely in love with. My only gripe with the defense was their inability early to stop the screen plays bc regardless of what anybody says about the final drive those were the only points they gave up in the second half and we should have won in spite of that. BUT the screens were obviously going to be apart of the gameplan and im not sure why we were continually gashed for big chunks early in the game. If you have a rookie QB that took the beating RGIII did last week against Cinci then obviously the goal will be to get the ball out of his hands quickly. I feel the preparation isnt always top notch when it comes to Schianos staff. Schianos gets no pass in my book this is the 3rd WINNABLE game that we have played this year. Also blitzing when u have a mobile QB in the shotgun is a recipe for disaster so please stop doing it in crunch time...see the Giants and now the Redskins film for proof!
  • avatar

    Josh Freeman started off and ended well but had some indecisive play in the middle; but he is not the reason for this loss.Giving up 400+ yards on defense sure contributed didn't it? Ten penalties contributed didn't they? Had the defense made a stop on the last drive or the Redskins missed that last kick people would have been talking about the comeback led by our young QB. This is a team game, not baseball where it's pitcher vs pitcher. Blame the QB, blame the coach is just a little too simplified.
  • avatar

    scubog, I agree with you, but his continual inconsistentcy will not get us to or past a playoff game; as of right now.
  • avatar

    Josh is the problem he is not consistent enough THE END!
  • avatar

    Next year I don't think the Bucs offer Freeman a long-term contract. I think they franchise him to give him one more year to prove himself because he is in a new offense this year.
  • avatar

    When is the bucs offense gonna show up for four full quarters of football? I can't remember the last time the bucs offense produced a solid four quarters..they either show early and Peter out or show up in the second half just to lose by a few measly points..it's annoying.. This better be a decision year when it comes to keeping freeman at the helm- we might just have to face the fact he shouldn't be starting in this league..
  • avatar

    No Josh you were a problem again today because you were inconsistent more than half the time and you are still making rookie errors. Whatever is the problem Josh, I hope you can correct it. It was disappointing at times because it reminded me of a deer in headlights; I would have thought by now you would be past that stage. It's time for you to be a franchise quarterback.
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