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October 1, 2012 @ 5:48 pm
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Schiano: "We Will Get It Right"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano held his Monday press conference at One Buc Place and discussed the 22-24 loss to the Redskins on Sunday. Schiano believes tackling was an issue in the first half and the team needs to execute the game plan more effectively. 
Opening statement:
"Before we get started just [want] to ask everybody to keep Chuck Pagano in their thoughts and prayers. Chuck is as you know by now battling some health issues. Chuck and I were together at the University of Miami and [he] is a heck of a coach and a heck of a man. He is a fighter. He will fight this too, but keep him in our prayers."

Now that you have looked at the tape has anything jumped out at you from yesterday?
“Like I said last night, we missed too many tackles. [We] made too many mental errors defensively. Later on played better, but put ourselves in a hole. From a team wide standpoint, we did things penalty-wise that is just not us. Again, there are certain penalties you live with and there are others you can’t. Offensively, we threw the ball deep effectively in the second half. Probably needed to take more shots in the first half. Running the football, we needed more plays to be able to run the ball more. It is not like we didn’t run it effectively. We ran it—I think we averaged 4.4 yards a carry with a 20 yard run taken back on a hold penalty, but you just need more shots to do it. We need more plays to do it. So you got to convert on third down. That gives you more plays. Chicken or the egg. Does our first and second down keep us from converting on third down or is our third down not good enough right now. A lot of stuff.”

What have you seen with Josh Freeman early in games and does he look comfortable?
“I think he looks comfortable. He came out game busters the first three series this year. This game [he did] not. I look at this quarter of the season now, you step back with the bye week and you look at—that’s what we are doing right now is looking at our first four games. Then attacking some things in the next two days. If it were one thing he was comfortable with or not comfortable with we would just cut it out, but there are different things [and] different defenses. I think it is just—I just walked out of a meeting where we are talking about the things we need to do. Some of the things are just cumulative repetition. We just got to keep doing it and we will keep getting better at it. I did think the deep shots that he hit were as good as you could throw. Some of the lasers that he threw in there were as good as you could throw. We just got to get, like you said I do think there is some of that really pin pointing what we know he is most comfortable with and what our offense is most comfortable with. So that’s our job to do [and] make sure we get it right quickly.”

How are the injured guys doing such as Eric Wright and Ronde Barber?    
“Okay, you ask me the names and I will give it to you because I don’t have a list in front of me. Eric Wright has got to be evaluated further. It is a head [injury]. We [will] find out if it is the dreaded C word [concussion] or not I am not sure. Ronde (Barber) is going to be okay. We planned on resting Ronde this week anyway at this stage in his career, but he is going to be fine. There will be some guys that whether it be years of service that they—we want to make sure that this 12 week run after this—that they got rest going in. Or if they are bumped. So some guys will not be out there or be out there in a limited capacity Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s the guys you asked for.”

Is there anything behind the decision to put Jeremy Trueblood as inactive?
“Well, again everything we do is what we feel gives us the best chance to win that day, that Sunday. With position flexibility the way we were going we felt that Jamon (Meredith) gave us more position flexibility and we did it. It was a tough one because I love (Jeremy) Trueblood. I think he is everything we want. [He is] hard working, attention to detail, tough, but it is just when you are not the starter, then when you are a backup and you dress seven offensive linemen it is position flexibility at that point. Blood (Trueblood) is a team guy and he was excellent—disappointed but worked his tail off during the game helping us. I expect nothing less, but I am glad that he did that.”

On that last defensive series were those a couple calls you had back or was the execution not proper? Tell me what was good or bad about that?
“No not calls. Not in this instance calls I wish we had back. We didn’t execute them. We didn’t execute the calls.”

What didn’t get executed?
“That’s all I leave. If I start saying that then people watch the tape and say oh that’s what it is supposed to be. So if we screwed it up once, I don’t want to aid somebody going down the road and screw it up twice. Suffice it to say we made a mistake on two of those plays—critical.”

Was it the aggressiveness there, I mean you want to be aggressive?
“I thought it was a mix. If you look it is cover, pressure, cover. So we are mixing it up. We made some mistakes in the cover too. We didn’t execute well in that last drive. We executed very well the entire second half. We didn’t execute well that last drive, but you got to be able to in that situation to execute better. Do you get into some different calls? Sure, if you look at it now you say oh maybe we should have called that or maybe we should have called that, but we didn’t execute the call we did call. So you can’t judge it. Like I say to the players all the time, give us a chance to evaluate by doing what we ask and then we will figure it out from there. A lot of times I wish we didn’t not call what we called, but this instance is not one of those.”

What did you see out there in that first half in terms of tackling?
“We didn’t tackle well. Why? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question right now. I have some theories why that I am not going to get into, but we have to. Regardless of why, can’t, won’t, doesn’t matter—it has got to get done. The result is got to be we get people on the ground. We have been doing better. Like I said, first three games I though a real mark of improvement. The first half we missed 11 tackles. Got better in the second half. The second half much better, but we dug a hole. 21 points we dug a hole.”

Is there anything you would do different in that series where Connor Barth kicked the field goal - your play call and team still had one time out?
“That is a tricky one. If you are on the 24 yard line there is no trick to it, but we start the drive it is a 52 yarder or a 53 yarder. Now Connor (Barth) is kicking the daylights out of the ball, but still over 50 yards is over 50 yards. Right? And so you want to get it closer. If you hand it off and it gets stoned you do eat clock, but it is still a 50 something yarder. That’s not an easy one and if you make the play you are right, but if that thing gets intercepted we are deadly wrong and then it is incomplete and stops the clock then you are wrong. if it is complete, now you are not only right, but you are eating a whole other set of clock because it is a first down. Really that is one of the tougher spots on the field, especially when you have a good kicker like we do, because then it makes it even more, but we went through every scenario. Pregame we went through the scenario right then and reviewed it, would I have changed it? I won’t say how, but I would have changed that three play sequence. I would have changed [it] slightly. I don’t want to give away strategically again what we should have done. It is not a drastic change. It is just small. That’s where you earn your keep. We make the field goal again we make it is there too much time? I don’t think. You go out and play defense. That’s what we do. You run two minute drills and you defend two minute drills. We just came up short this time. I wish it were a little clearer cut situation on that offensive possession because if it was it is easy in retrospect to say we should have handed it off. But if those are two stops and then you miss a 52 yarder, then why didn’t you throw it? That’s not an easy one. We will get it right though.” 

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    Everyone is so quick to use this "improvement" word and that they are so happy Schiano is here. Last time I checked Raheem Morris had a MUCH less talented team at 4-2 with wins over both Atlanta and a better Saints team through six games last year. Of course everyone points to the epic meltdown that occured at years end but mark my words...IF and of course i dont want this to happen, but IF McCoy goes down again then the defense will get trounced again and all will be the same. Losing 3 consecutive winnable games is not a sign of growth in my opinion. This is a team thats capable of winning and I want results not week after week of moral victories.
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    stlbucsfan- "Improvement" is a word that everyone should use because that's all that really should have been expected from this team at the start of the season. A rookie head coach, first-time offensive coordinator, a QB that has shown no consistency over the course of 4 years, one of the youngest teams in the NFL, no depth at some key positions and other positions that seem devoid of any real talent altogether. Fans can't get all butt-hurt just because the Bucs lost three games that they could have won. Happens all the time in this league. Tampa won their season opener against what we can all see now was a clearly overhyped Carolina squad and now some fans act like the sky is falling and we stand no chance of winning our division and advancing deep into the playoffs lol. Let me ask you this: Are the Bucs really underperforming to the standard you set for them BEFORE the season began, or are you being help prisoner of the moment from a week one win? Could they have won the last three? Yes. Should they have? Doesn't matter now. I maintain that it's still refreshing just to see them put up a fight and hang tough with more talented teams. The ship will get righted, just maybe not this year. (Funny, because I thought everyone already knew/said that...) If you're taking Buc losses this seriously during this season, maybe you should root for and follow a good AFC team for a season lol? Just a thought. Peace Buc Nation.
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    Vicious00cycle- Are you even a Bucs fan? Saying things like "taking losses this seriously" "root for a good AFC team" you're the typical fair weather fan that I dont typically address but ill enlighten since you clearly need it. Tampa Bay went 10-6 in 2010. Before losing McCoy, who we clearly see makes a dramatic difference on the entire defense, they were 4-2 and tied for first place in the division. They have the talent to compete in the league and win but they continually miss the opportunities to win when they are present. Now everyone is so quick to credit Schiano with this "turn around" but on Sunday I saw a team that missed as many tackles as when Raheem was there and that needed Freeman to perform another miracle to compete. The difference is that they have drastically upgraded the talent from last year yet the results are WORSE than before. Tampa was 3-1 through 4 games LAST YEAR...now if 1-3 is an "improvement" then maybe i need to double check my definition. But this wont bother you much since a worse record is what you expected, lol. Bucs fan? I think not!
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    Look man the big difference is last year this team would be 0-4 and blown out of each game. Even after losing our best Olineman and DE we're still competing even with all the mistakes being made. That's the IMPROVEMENT you need to see. Coaching has a lot to do with it. Why do you think Washington sports the worst secondary in the league? Its because of Raheem Morris!
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    Maybe im confused are we talking about the same team that has ONLY beat Carolina and barely held on at that? Last time I checked beating New Orleans and Atlanta, both playoff teams, is a much greater feat than beating a team thats already jockeying for draft position. To say you dont like how Raheems team responded to pressure is ok but to say this team is better is absurd they havent beaten anybody yet. They have only managed to "play close" which apparently counts for something. The only fact that really matters is that Raheems unit was 3-1 through 4 games and Schiano is 1-3 through that same period with a vastly improved team. While everyone seems to be issuing a pass ill continue to judge him critically but enjoy your "moral victories"
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    stlbucsfan- Dude. Chill. I was poking fun because you're getting all bent out of shape. What would you do different if you were in charge? How would YOUR Tampa Bay Buccaneers be different? I'm saying I see a team that through 4 weeks is fighting for every damn inch they get on the field and that beats the hell out of the team that "started 3-1" and then, let me see if I remember right, LOST TEN STRAIGHT AND LOOKED LIKE THEY'D GET WHOOPED BY A DIVISION II TEAM. And you say "vastly improved team" referencing what? Who? Where is our elite talent? Talib? Healthy McCoy? V-Jax? Wright? Our rookies? I see some upgrades in a few spots but I'm still struggling to find that elite DB, WR, DL, LB etc etc. And playing close does count for something in this league boss. Like I said before, teams win and lose close ones EVERY WEEK. And more often than not it comes down to a lucky bounce, close call, time mis-management, and a other lucky/unlucky breaks along the way. You wanna jump Schiano's *censored* for 3 close losses to some pretty good squads, cool beans. I think I'll sit back and enjoy watching my team play like grown men that care again. Peace Buc Nation!
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    Im not bent out of shape at all. I think people forget that this team won 10 games 2 years ago and before the injury to McCoy was in first place last year through 6 games. We are not the massive rebuilding project some fans make us out to be. People assumed that this team needed more discipline and they would be fine, im just struggling to see how these results differ any from the end of last year. We are all Buc fans so we can agree to disagree. Go Bucs!
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    The first year coaches need some time to make their own adjustments and learn the nuances of the game at their positions. Sheridan is only in his second year being a D-coordinator so he needs some more experience under his belt. I love seeing this team play disciplined ball again, and I do think we're on the way up. If after the bye we drop one to KC at home I'll probably frown a bit at that one because there really should be no reason that Cassel lights us up but I take the last three as very painful learning lessons. I will concede to your point in regard to McCoy needing to stay healthy, but it further illustrates my point about being devoid of true, game-changing talent at the DT position. Hell, even the depth at that spot is shakey at best. Dominik and the Scouting Dept. need to start getting the next couple of off-seasons right for the future of this franchise. I point to San Fran in this area. For years that team was picking top 10 in the draft in all rounds and their dept. found some real talent in those drafts, Gore, Willis, Vernon Davis, a beastly offensive line, and the pick-ups in free agency helped put this team in a great spot. Insert Harbaugh and all of a sudden this is a 13-3 team that goes deep into the playoffs. If we could scout HALF as well as San Fran has over the past few years, could be a very different team under coach. Peace Buc Nation.
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    The bye week is coming at the right time for our new coaching staff. It's a chance to assess the original plan and make the necessary tweaks. No major overhaul needed in spite of the opinion of some who only see wins and losses and not the improvement from a year ago. Sometimes a win can mask poor play and it is allowed to continue uncorrected. A loss causes good play to be disregarded because the tendency is to focus attention on what got you beat. In our four close games, it's easy to see that just a little better play could have made all the difference. When you lose by the margins of last season, there is little hope with too much to fix. In 2010 those 10 wins, where Freeman was clearly a major part of the success, hid the fact that the team wasn't as good as the record. So far this year the problem is the lack of consistency on both offense and defense. On defense there will be a series of good plays where the team is dominant followed by a missed assignment or two. On offense, there just isn't any rhythm and often it seems like we are drawing up plays on the sideline.
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    scubog, right with you.
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    I'm with NYBuc, it seems like Schiano is smart enough to look at the mistakes and learn from them and it's evident they have. Two games ago, it was the defense that let us down, then it was the offense, this game it was a little of both, but I can honestly say that it looks like they are learning from their mistakes. Just hard to handle since we've been so close...
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    I am so happy to have Coach. We are such a better team.
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    I'm glad coach is wiling to admit that adjustments need to be made, and that they may not have managed the game well in the last 4 minutes. Overall, I hope they let Freeman air it out more. The only thing he is good at is throwing the deep ball.
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    Is it no wonder why the BUCS are a BLACKOUT team?? Look at the product that is on the field. My buddy and I drive down from Orlando for the home games in Tampa year after year. And year after year the BUCS continue to put slop out there for the paying customer. True, there is marked improvement over the "Coach Rah" days but the results are the same - a Loss is a Loss. With a 1-14 record in the last 15 games, we start to question how to spend our enterntainment dollars. Not to mention the gas, food, parking and tolls. When it stops being fun is when we discontinue our Season Tickets. We are very close to that point.
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    huge bummer that we let this one get away from us, should of could of went for it on that 4th n 4 and keep the drive alive and kill that clock down some more to secure a win, and force redskins to burn the rest of their timeouts. go bucs! play harder smarter n faster!! lets kick some kansas city chiefs @$$ after this bye week
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    Well with that attitude Dixie if the Bucs go 8-4 over next 12 games I fope all you fair weather fans still stay home. This is a work in progress. Look how long it took Eli. Josh is still a young kid.
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