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October 2, 2012 @ 1:23 pm
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Schiano Is Confident In Martin's Ability

Written by Dory
Dory LeBlanc


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media in his post-practice press conference on Tuesday and discussed the upcoming bye week, where he sees the Bucs four games into the season, and where he would like the running game to be.
How much preparation are you doing this week?
“Mostly fundamentals.”

Are you going back and pin-pointing some of the issues you saw when you did your self-scouting?
“Some. Some are just things you work on regardless that are key elements to the rest of the season. Some new installations, too. Some things that we’ve waited - we installed most of the offensive, defensive, and special teams playbook. There’s a couple things we’ll get in here at the bye week.”

What’s the update on Eric Wright?
“[We’re] Waiting. You go through tests, so he’ll do tests today and see someone tomorrow, but he’s feeling better, which is good.”

After four weeks, where are you?
“We’re 1-3. We’ve played some good football. And not good enough to be the other possibilities 2-2, 3-1, or 4-0. But they’re believing in what we’re doing, they’re working their tails off so as long as we keep doing that, we’ll be good.”

The running game hasn’t been that consistent, What is the identity of your offense? 
“I think it’s – what we want it to be and what it is right now, there’s little bit of divide, a little separation, but we’re still going to be that. And some things have changed, too. You lose Davin (Joseph) – that’s a big loss. But we’re going to try and make it happen with him or without him. It may take a little longer without him. Throwing the ball though, I think we’ve hit on some down the field plays; we have to hit on more of them. You throw the football to score, you run the football to win, if that makes sense.”

What has been the biggest problem with the running game? Do holes show up on film or is it more a case of run blocking?
“Combination. Yeah. I wouldn’t say it’s one more than the other.”

Do you think there are opportunities not being taken advantage of by the ball carrier?
“Some. Again, I can run through a hole. What do you do after the initial play? Can I make someone miss? Can I run over someone? If it’s all blocked up, an average back can make yardage. What are you making on your own? What are you creating as a running back? And that’s where I’d like to see us continue to grow. The front part - let’s make sure we do have the guys we have people for, let’s cover them up, let’s move them, create some daylight. People we don’t have people for – that’s where the back’s got to do his job.”

How’s Arrelious Been coming along? And is Tiquan Underwood an option in the slot? What are their two roles and the relationship?
“Well, all of our receivers – the flexibility of the system and the way they learn the system – all of our receivers can play in the slot, which is a nice thing and you’ve seen that. You’ve seen Vince (Vincent Jackson) there, you’ve seen Rej (Arrelious Benn), you’ve seen Tiquan (Underwood), you’ve even seen Mike (Williams) there. So that part, we can kind of mix-and-match. Rej is coming off a long recovery and I think he’s getting stronger every practice; I think he’s working his tail off. I’m glad we have Tiquan (Underwood) as an experienced guy, who has a nice calm way about him. I think we’ve got a good mix right now at the receiver position. We just need to keep developing that timing and rhythm between Josh (Freeman) and them and work the tight ends into that mix maybe a little more, a little bit more on the check downs to the backs and I think we can have a really efficient, productive passing game.”

What are you feelings on the blitz package?
"Some of the stuff we do are run blitzes so we got a lot of TFLs (tackles for losses). I don’t know where we rank but every week we come up with a good number of TFLs. So that gives you a chance to get people into, for the defense, positive third-down situations. So we’re playing good third-down defense. If we can do in the three quarters moving forward what we did on third-down defense in the first quarter we’d probably lead the league. We’re playing good third-down defense. A lot of that is the TFLs on first and second down. A lot of those come from the run stunts and blitzes. The ones you’re referring to are the ones against the pass. We’ve had moderate success. I wouldn’t say overwhelming. The ones you remember are the ones that get caught. I think we’ve generated a good amount of pressure, some sacks, but a good amount of pressure. But in the same token, I like our down four rush. I think we can be productive rushing four right now. I like the position we’re in right now. Depth is a concern with that front four, but right today, I like the position we’re in to do either or."

Would have anticipated more explosive runs by Doug Martin?
"We had one in the early game too, where he popped it out to the bench side that was a pretty good run too. Would I expect it? I don’t know. I don’t know what my expectations were? Would I want it to be more? Yeah."

Do you know why it hasn’t happened yet?
"I wouldn’t judge it yet. Four games in I’m not ready to say…He’s had a few. I’d like to have more. I’ll like to give it a little more time until the offensive line gets settled down a little bit more. I’m confident he will. He’s got that kind of ability. The more LeGarrette feels good and we keep getting him in there, the more that’s a different back and forth different styles, I think that will also help in Doug’s production."

How is Lavonte David grading out?
"He is. He’s playing very well."

How Barth stacks up as a kicker?
'Well, I’ve never been around a guy like him, I tell you that. We’re blessed as an organization to have him."

What’s making him successful?
"The stuff that you would think. I’m not an expert on kicking. I know enough to be dangerous. But I know enough to stay away from him and let him do it the way he’s doing."


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    Bucs bringing in another tight end, Stocker not living up to his draft status. Dom misses again?
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    Start Blount!! Look at what the Giants have done with their first round back David Wilson, bring him in slowly and let the vet start. We need something and Blount has big play ability, just ask the Packers!!
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    Martin and Blount should be alternated and should be able to do the same things which is to run, block, catch short passes; if they can't then they are not right for this scheme? I believe we line up mostly with one back because we use 2 TE's. Speaking of TE's, this should be a Top 3 priority for next season.
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