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October 2, 2012 @ 1:58 pm
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McCoy Says Fundamentals Are Key In Correcting Losing Streak

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Less than 48 hours after a crushing defeat to the Washington Redskins, Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said Tampa Bay allows themselves 24 hours to dwell on it, then it is on to the next opponent. McCoy also talked about spending the two days of practices prior to the bye week as an opportunity to work on fundamentals.
When a team is 1-3 there is obviously room for improvement. Despite having a chance to win all three games that resulted in loses, the thin margin of error may be attributed to fundamentals – or at times – a lack thereof.

The Buccaneers are preparing for their four-day bye week break, but before head coach Greg Schiano releases his players for the mini-vacation beginning Thursday, Tampa Bay is spending this week getting back to the basics.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy spoke with the media during the open locker room period and talked about what Tampa Bay is trying to accomplish before beginning their preparation for Kansas City next week.

“Really, what we’re trying to do, without getting specific, is get back to the basics,” McCoy said. “Our first quarter report, we saw a few things we need to fix and basically we just need to get back to the basics, things we started doing in the spring, how we cap off, how we started camp off with our fundamental drills, you know, just taking time. When you don’t have an opponent waiting on you in four days, you can get back to working on things without feeling rushed, so that’s kind of what we’re doing.”

The loss to the Redskins was particularly stinging for McCoy, who told PewterReport.com following the game on Sunday, that being on the field as a defense, with a chance to close out a game, is what his unit thrives on.

On Tuesday McCoy said as difficult as it was, the team has moved on.

“We treat everything like a one-game season and that season made me extremely angry,” McCoy said. “But it’s a 24-hour window. After that season comes you get 24 hours to deal with it and that 24 hours is over, and we’re moving on and trying to get better. The Washington season is behind us, so all we can worry about is the present and what we’re doing right now.

McCoy told the media he likes Schiano’s each game is a season approach.

“We go by seasons, each game is a season, but we also go by quarters and after evaluating our first quarter report we seen some things we were good at and some things we were not so good at,” McCoy said.

“Basically we’re taking this time to get back to fundamentals because during the week, a game week, all you can do is focus on your opponent and prepare. Well, now we can focus on what we need to do and get back to fixing our little things, instead of focusing on the big things when you face an opponent, it’s this scheme, that scheme. What we’re doing now is focusing on the little things we have to get right.”

Despite the three tough losses – which easily could have gone the other way – McCoy says he is seeing lots of positive signs.

“You know what’s great about this team is everyone is so encouraged,” McCoy said. No one is like, down. You can see by looking around you, it’s not like people don’t care, because if you can see our faces after the game, we care. 

“But we have that 24-hour window to care where we’re like, ‘oh we could have done this, we did that, we didn’t do this.’ It’s over now and now it’s back to being positive and building energy each week.

“I said at the beginning of the year, our energy has to go up each week. Well, we’re going into a bye week but these three days we have to prepare for Kansas City and we’re going at it full steam ahead. Whatever is behind us, it’s behind us. That’s the key point.”

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    Horse-Way to come around, Chief. I'm humbled by your admission on McCoy. First class all the way. Yea, Dallas Clark is almost running on fumes, I agree. However, maybe that position looks a little better once Josh improves his confidence with his backside reads. Let's hope. This team could be so much worse. I'm happy to support them.
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    Horse, I have always enjoyed your opinions. You do think we might need a tight end?
  • avatar

    After 4 games this is what I have seen. We are a competitive team and that Buc spirit is back! In the next 4 games Freeman has to improve in being consistent. We need a TE. It's time for Coach to let Blount play or trade him while we can get something for him. Trade Trueblood now and get something for him. Start alternating Barber during the games or he won't be able to play at the end of the season. Did I mention we need a TE? Defense just needs time to heal. I was wrong about McCoy; he can play. I think we need a TE, Clark is just about done. Dotson is most improved Lineman. Best linebacker is David and Barron is a monster. Last item; we need a TE.
  • avatar

    I just watched the pressers for both Sullivan and Sheridan and nobody is panicked about where we are as a team. I am beginning to understand that what they are trying to do on both the offense and defense is for one different than anything we’ve ever done before and require a great deal of skill and precision. My take away. This is going to take a while to get this finely tuned engine running on all cyclinders. For everybody who was expecting a 10-6 playoff season need to re-forecast now! I can see the improvements and I like the possibilities if they are able to put it altogether. I can tell by their temperment that this is not a quick fix and they realize that. I’m going to stay the course with them because I sense we’re on the right path. Close but no cigar, but close is better than we were before!
  • avatar

    macabee, Thank you for your well thought thru comments. I couldn't agree more!
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