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October 3, 2012 @ 2:05 pm
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Schiano Feels Bucs Will Be Ready For 12-Game Run

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
At the final press conference of the week, Bucs head coach Greg Schiano discussed his thoughts on having an early bye, is pleased with Mike Williams so far this season, and expect Eric Wright to be ready for Kansas City. 
Could you talk about Mike Williams and how he has played this first quarter, sure you’ve been pleased you have a legitimate No. 2 receiver?
“I think he’s played every well. He’s a great competitor, comes to work every day and tries to get better, and he produces on the field.”

If you ask him, he says he’s not playing good enough. Is that a good mentality for him to have?
“Yeah, as long as it doesn’t put a damper on what he’s doing. I think he’s an intense competitor and he has a vision of perfection and as we all know, you’re never going to be perfect so that drives him. But he’s a really good player and I’m he’s on our team.”

Could you tell us about the newest tight end you signed yesterday?
“Yeah, Nate Byham. I’m familiar with him because we played against him when he was at Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh. He played with the 49-ers. Brian Angelichio our tight end coach is familiar with him. And we think it’s an opportunity to make our team better, give us a better chance to win.”

Have you talked about getting the tight ends more involved as a group?
“It’s not an attempt not to get them the ball, it’s just kind of how things have read out.”

You said you are still trying to get a feel for what Josh Freeman does best in the offense. Did you make any progress with that this week?
“I think so, yeah. Yeah, for sure we did.”

How available will Eric Wright be for Kansas City? 

Are you still trying to work with different combinations on the offensive line?
“Yeah, we are doing - this week because we don’t have an opponent so we’ve done some different things. Blood (Jeremy Trueblood) with Dot (Demar Dotson) taking over at right tackle, and there’s nothing permanent in this business, but for now if he keeps playing well then he’ll keep it. We’ve tried to move Blood around a little bit because I told you, I love his competiveness, I love his fight, his desire. So we’ve moved him around a little bit, take a look at him at different spots, we’ll see. You know I think when you lose a guy like Davin (Joseph) you have to really work to figure out what’s the best way to fill in – I won’t say replace, because I don’t think anybody is going to replace [him] he’s an All-Pro player, but how do you fill in for him.”

What are the challenges for a guy who’s not played inside who’s 6-6?
“It’s done. There’s guys in our division that are doing it. So, it can be done. It’s a matter of – are you willing to do the things it takes to get the job done. I know he is, can he is the question, and we’ll figure that out. But Ted (Larsen)’s in the mix still and Cody Wallace and Jamon Meredith, so there’s a bunch of guys and we’ll figure it out.”

Does the bye week help right now with the pain of losing so many close games recently?
“Does it help? Not really. No, it kind of delays the opportunity to get back at it and feel good again; the only way you get rid of that taste is winning. But, I’m not sorry the bye is now. I think this group has gone incredibly hard from July 26 to now and that sounds like a long time ago, right? But they’ve busted their hump and this comes at a good time and then we’ll have 12 straight which will be good.”

What is your message for your guys this week? Do you want them to get away totally from football?
“I think it is an individual deal. I don’t require them to do anything. I really would like them to relax and get feeling good again, get refreshed. We will have an extra day of preparation for Kansas City with Monday being a practice day. They will have the plan in their hand, at least part of it, before they normally would.  A good two days before they normally would. That is enough of an advantage for us. Again, looking at the one game season against Kansas City, but then as the head coach looking at 12 straight, we do not want to get too far ahead of ourselves.”

You come back Monday and will you be off Tuesday?
“Yes, we will go Monday [and be] off Tuesday. Then regular week.”

What are the challenges of that 12 week stretch after the bye?
“It all depends how healthy you stay. If you stay healthy it is not a challenge. You get on a roll and you get going and it’s great. Again, like you said I don’t make the schedule. As hard as we have worked, I am not sorry it is now. Maybe in week 10 I will say I wish we had it, but right now I am glad that these guys get an opportunity to get a rest.”

As you are trying to make Josh Freeman feel more comfortable do you consult tape of previous years or do you just sit down and talk to him?
“I have watched our tape in preparation in the spring in the summer, [but] I am not going back to that right now. I think we understand Josh (Freeman) very well. He understands us very well. When I said earlier in the week figuring out what he does best, it is more of we have this menu of plays. We don’t need them all. You don’t need them all. You cannot run them all in a game. So let’s just really prioritize the plays that he feels the best at and go from there and that is really what we are doing right now. It is just kind of narrowing our focus and it is good. Has been a good week of self evaluation and anxious to get back on Monday.”

Did you see anything in your self scouting the last few days that maybe you missed the first time around that made you feel good or felt some promise about?
“Well, certainly there are good things that get lost when you lose. Right? Just as there are bad things that get lost when you win. As a head coach it is my job to make sure it doesn’t happen to any kind of substantial level. When you look at things as a four game clump and the ability you have with technology to look at all the power plays together—we can do that anytime we like. But there are time constraints. You are putting together a plan. So generally what you are doing is you are looking at a self scout on paper. You are looking at plays from the game that you just played and then you are moving forward to the next opponent. It has been a really good exercise and one that we are going to do again. I think the way that the Thursday night deal falls we will do a little bit more there three games from now. Then we will make another. Every quarter as you examine your books as a business, you examine your production as a team. I think it is a good idea.”

I know you want to use all your weapons, but is Dallas Clark a guy that you would think have more of an impact these next 12 games?
“I think Dallas (Clark) has had a big impact in our organization. On the field, I am sure he would like some more touches. Hopefully that will happen. You can make it happen, but at what cost? You need to run the offense and as we start exposing other areas then Dallas (Clark) won’t get attention. I think it kind of feeds off one another. He has been awesome as far as being a leader and being a guy who is just as steady that you would expect him to be.” 

-Dory LeBlanc contributed to this report
Last modified on Wednesday, 03 October 2012 17:33

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    I have been driving stick shift vehicles for years yet every time I drive a diferent one I have to get use to the clutch. SAME THING WITH A NEW TEAM! Coach will get use to driving it and before to long he will be drifting it around corners. IT TAKES TIME! THIS IS NOT ALL GOING TO BE FIXED OVER NIGHT! I am proud of our team and the way they have been playing very physical and down hill. This team is already way better than last year cause they have been in every game. Even when we won 10 games 2 years ago it was against crappy teams. Remember! We couldnt even hang with a team with a winning record, we were getting blown out. The skins have the best offense in the NFC and we almost had them beat. GO Bucs!!!!
  • avatar

    Well I think the coach is a fan favorite. He tells it like it is no hear or there answers. I thought 8 and 8 was a great record the coach first year. But if the NYG and skins turn around. then Tampa should had been 10 and 6. But I'll stay with 8 and 8 and see's what happens. Go Bucs
  • avatar

    georgehicks, I see a much improved team and a 4-5 win season is pratical as coaches and players learn more. Next year after another Free Agency and Draft we will be a legit 8-8 team; remember that other teams are getting better too. Go bucs! Keep it going!
  • avatar

    Wow @georgehicks, 8-8? Before the season I saw the Bucs 4-12. The wins I saw were Panthers at home, Washington at home, KC at home, and St. Louis at home. Bucs lost to Washinigton. Where are the games you think they will win? Just curious really, not trying to call you out. Anyone who think the Bucs will win 7 more games this season, which ones? Thanks.
  • avatar

    likewise horse, awesome questions!! i cant wait to come back after the bye week we are going to be fired up ready to kick some kansas city arse!! PR whats the status on Bowers how come we dont hear anything about him i mean i know he is on the pup list but is he making progress?
  • avatar

    He is doing well and most likely will be able to play when he comes off the list
  • avatar

    Good questions and answers. We are definitely heading in the right direction with Coach. I am glad that they are evaluating the TE situation and are trying to make adjustments. Interesting about Trueblood being tried at thr Guard position.
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