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October 10, 2012 @ 3:33 pm
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Chiefs' Mistakes Could Lead To A Bucs Win

Written by Dory
Dory LeBlanc


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Chiefs enter Sunday's game against the Bucs with an NFL-worst -15 turnover ratio. The Bucs have to capitalize on Kansas City mistakes to ensure a victory this week. 
The Buccaneer defense has done a fantastic job forcing turnovers in the first quarter of the season, with eight total through four games. There’s a good chance they’re about to increase those numbers.

For the most part, the defense has been Tampa Bay’s bread and butter this year and with that, an astounding six players have recorded an interception through four games and three players are responsible for the team’s four forced fumbles.

This Sunday, the Bucs are facing a Kansas City squad with a league-worst minus-15 turnover ratio. Two weeks ago, the Chiefs’ offense committed six turnovers against San Diego, and last week against the Ravens, Kansas City coughed up four more.

Coming off a bye week, the Bucs defense will have an extra day to prepare for an offense fourth in the NFL in total yards, but who commits costly mistakes.  
Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel is well aware that turnovers are a big reason Kansas City is 1-4.

“You know that in the NFL this is a 60-minute game and you got to play 60, no matter the circumstances are.” Crennel said. “And we got behind early on this year and I think we started to press to make plays instead of take what was given. Then when you turn the ball over sometimes it goes from bad to worse and that occurred with us early on. So we’re trying to get a handle on the turnovers and I think that will allow us to be more competitive.”

Unfortunately for Kansas City, the only consistency with the turnovers is that the offense commits several per game.

“A lot of different areas and for a lot of different reasons.” Crennel said. “There is not one thing that you can put your finger on and say it is this guy or it is this technique or anything like that. It has been several different things. Two weeks ago we get the ball ripped out a couple times. Last week we dropped the ball. And then we fumble a QB center exchange. It has been different things. We tip balls up in the air and they get intercepted. Then sometimes we made a bad choice and threw the ball in a bad place and it got intercepted. It is several different things.”

Many fans felt Chiefs’ quarterback Matt Cassel, who suffered a head injury last week against Baltimore and has not yet been cleared to play, was largely responsible for the majority of the turnovers and the team’s one-win record.

Crennel disagrees.

“If you take away the turnovers he has had, we probably wouldn’t even be talking about him.” Crennel said. “But the turnovers did occur - all of them were not his fault, because it’s not a one-man show, and you just have to deal with them. So we’ve been putting emphasis on protecting the football and not turning the ball over, not only with the quarterbacks, but with every skill position, everybody who has their hands on the ball.”

There are several members of the Buccaneer defense that would like to get their hands on the ball, and have so already this season. DE Michael Bennett who has two of the four forced fumbles for the Bucs this season said getting to the quarterback is his No. 1 priority and hopefully some more fumbles can result from it.

“At all times you’re thinking about getting to the quarterback, all the time.” Bennett said. “I know they have a lot of turnovers and that’s one of the things we’re focusing on on defense is trying to continue that streak with the turnovers they have.”

Not all members of Tampa Bay’s defense are focused on creating turnovers. For linebacker Quincy Black, the focus remains on finishing assignments and getting the job done. Black says if the Bucs can execute, the Chiefs will make mistakes.

“We’re focusing on doing our job, honestly.” Black said. “When you try and do too much, trying to force those turnovers is when you kind of slip up and not do your assignment. You want to make sure you’re doing your job, believe in the tackling system and all of that stuff and turnovers will come.”

Cassel, still questionable to play Sunday, has nine interceptions to just five touchdowns on the year. Cassel’s back up, Brady Quinn, hasn’t seen time in a regular season game since 2009, but has ten touchdowns and nine interceptions in his six-year career. The Chiefs will be relying heavily on RB Jamaal Charles and with good reason. Charles has 551 yards on 102 carries this season. There is however, a catch – Charles is responsible for three fumbles in five games, losing two of them.

As simple as it sounds, if the Bucs defense can force turnovers and Tampa Bay’s offense can capitalize and score points, the Bucs have a good chance to win this week. If not, it may be a long 11 weeks.
Last modified on Thursday, 11 October 2012 06:52

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    No win is an easy win, guys. Sorry for making it sound that way. But forcing turnovers is one area the Bucs have been successful and making them is an area KC has excelled in. The Bucs haven't lost any game by more than a TD. Capitalizing on turnovers could be a difference in this one.
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    When I hear talk of easy win, winnable game, Bucs 3.5pt favorites, Chief's melting down - then you throw in a possible sellout and Trueblood starting at RG, now I'm getting really nervous!!
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    This is a winable game; but we shouldn't count on Chief's turnovers as the path to victory. How about our team simply goes out with a sound gameplan and executes it?
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    DL, imo great insight on an easy win for our Bucs. I'd say two to three take a ways w/0 for us is a winner. Go Bucs!! Thanks for the great article. Pittbullbuc.
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