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October 13, 2012 @ 2:36 pm
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Talib Suspended Four Games, Tests Positve For Adderall

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Just as it appeared Bucs' cornerback Aqib Talib has turned a corner in his life personally and professionally, the NFL announced on Saturday that Talib has violated the NFL's policy on substance enhancing medications and has been suspended for four games beginning Sunday against Kansas City.
Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib has been a model citizen for Tampa Bay since head coach Greg Schiano took over the program last January – or so it appeared.

The Buccaneers announced Saturday afternoon that Talib has been suspended four games for violation of the NFL’s performance enhancing substance policy.

Talib issued a statement through the team early Saturday afternoon confirming he tested positive for the drug Adderall.

"Around the beginning of training camp, I made a mistake by taking an Adderall pill without a prescription,” Talib said. “This is especially regrettable because, for the past several months, with Coach Schiano's help, I've worked very hard to improve myself – professionally and personally – as a player and a man.

“I am truly sorry to my teammates, coaches and Buccaneers fans, and I'm disappointed in myself. I will work diligently every day of this suspension to stay in top football shape and be ready to help this team in the second half of the season. I have chosen to be immediately accountable for the situation I put myself in, which is why I will not exercise my appeal rights and will begin serving the suspension immediately."
Schiano commented on the Talib suspension.

"We are disappointed to learn that Aqib Talib will be suspended for four games, which will begin with our game tomorrow against Kansas City,” Schiano said. “I have spoken with Aqib, and he knows that he made a poor decision that let our team down. Certainly, other players will have the opportunity to step up while he serves this suspension."

On the season, Talib has 21 tackles, seven pass break ups and one interception.

Talib's suspension begins immediately. He will be eligible to return to the Buccaneers' active roster on Monday, November 5 following the team's November 4 game against the Oakland Raiders.

The former Kansas Jayhawk is in a contract year and this latest black mark could have a bearing on the Buccaneers decision to re-sign the troubled cornerback. This also marks the second time Talib has been suspended by the NFL. Talib missed the season-opener of the 2010 season following his arrest for an altercation with a cab driver.

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  • avatar

    Bucs win 38 to 10........Talib who????? :-D
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    the reason why it would be banned in the nfl is because it's a stimulant and highly abused. it's in the same class as meth. Schedule 2 controlled substance (categorized with oxycodone, morphine, etc). It would be a felony to be caught in possession of it. despite my frustration with Talib, it would only make sense to suspend him from games.
  • avatar

    Tanard Jackson's second comin... Was he ever prescribed adderall ? Now if he was prescribed the pills or iin between refills of the scripts,this is a bunch of horse pucky...BUT if he has taken it without the direction of a doctor and its a controlled substance in the eyes of the league,ol boy f@&ked up.. Talib has got to know he is under a very watchful eye and that the commish was looking in his direction as he knew he would slip up again.. If he was prescribed the meds at some point,this is a BS technicality- if he got it from a friend or by any other means,he could be headin to play with radio in DC. He is a professional athlete- meaning he must remain professional both on and off the field,clearly Talib missed this point.when you are paid millions of dollars to play football you got to follow the rules and make the right choices- not just what's right for you.this is a team effort and he again has let the team down by thinking he is above the rules.. Thanks a lot Talib...
  • avatar

    Enough is enough. Talib invites trouble. Sign him to an extension and then trade him ASAP. At least get a 5th or 6th pick or a player of need. Every year it's something else. A lessor talent with average dedication would be an upgrade over him. I believe he just doesn't want to be on this team.
  • avatar

    Once again, Talib will fail to play a full 16 game season whether it be due to an injury or a suspension. Quite a contrast to our Iron Man Ronde Barber!
  • avatar

    Scuby I'm with you. The fact is you can't trust Talib to do the right, or should I say smart things to help his football team. It's a banned substance period, it requires a skript that he didn't have. Trust was one of the first things Schiano said when he got here. You just can't trust Talib. I believe Talib will no longer be in the Bucs long range plans.
  • avatar

    Countless kids and their mothers are taking Adderal and a plethora of similar drugs that are likened to "speed" because it "helps them "pay attention" in school, "behave better" and suppress their appetites. If it's so wonderful, why not have the government pass it out in public schools to raise FCAT scores without doing anything else? Fact is, petty or not, the League declared it banned and fact is, Talib knew it and fact is, he admitted taking it. Having supported Talib for his childish/juvenile acts and allowing him his day in Court to defend his unproven charges in Texas before convicting him; this time I'm not so forgiving. My guess is that he will be allowed to finish out his rookie contract and be encouraged to make his way to Washington DC to become Dan Snyder's problem. Sad.
  • avatar

    I dont want to make excuses but this is ridiculous. Why is this even banned by the NFL. The commish needs to be fired, hes drunk on his power and if you ask me, has been looking for a way to hit AT since he got off his gun charges in the offseason. That being said, he knew this was on a list of banned substances and took it anyways, and thats just a bad decision on his part. Why put millions of dollars on the line for it when you dont have the prescription to use it (not sure if that wouldve made a difference)? Gonna suck not seeing him on the field for something so stupid.
  • avatar

    I notice a lot of forgiving excuse makers here and other places. Talib very well knows because of all his past antics he is under intense scrutiny by the league. So, there is no excuse for him not following ALL NFL rules to the letter, period. What he did was stupid and selfish. If bust back-up Quinn lights up our secondary Sunday I just wonder if all the Talib apologists will still be so accommodating to him.
  • avatar

    I am disappointed and thank you Talib for your apology and I accept it. I believe that Talib knows that the next thing that happens to him no matter how minor that he will be suspended for a year. This has put the Bucs and Talib in a position that it will be difficult to negotiate a contract with any type of up front money being involved. Why didn't this suspension at least be issued at the beginning of the bye week or at least this past Monday; totally unfair for the team and the fans to do it 24 hours before a game.
  • avatar

    As a fan, I'm upset that he's suspended. As a rational person, I have to ask: why is Adderall banned? Is it as bad a steroids? Is caffeine going to be banned as well?
  • avatar

    Actually this is a surprise. If this were marijuana or a steroid I would say it was no surprise for an NFL player. I need to know if he just between subscriptions. It just sucks to lose him for four games over something he was using to correct a chemical imbalance in his brain.
  • avatar

    Pinkstob, you may be right but the proper way to address that situation is with a prescription under the advice of a physician. I don't think this is how Talib came into possession of his medication. Through thick and thin I've been a supporter of Talib and unlike some I'm not calling for his head now. But you gotta admit, this was not performance enhancing, this was stupidity!
  • avatar

    It is known to players that they cannot take it. He did anyway. He said the right things but..........as a fan I am PISSED! There is NO excuse for it, not that he's making any, but he let down the team, the coaches, players and fans. Again, I am PISSED and feel that once again we've been cheated.
  • avatar

    We'll miss you #25, but get your $hit together. You are saying all the right things, and from this fan's point of view I've been excited to watch you come back from some down times. Remember we do our greatest learning through tough times, and like a fire, when we encounter obstacles in life, we overcome them and rise higher because of them. Keep learning, keep growing, and hopefully turning into the man you want to be.
  • avatar

    Unfortunately the commish has been looking for a way to get Talib after he got off from his troubles this summer...Talib served it up to him. I have to say, though that 4 games while it seems extreme, is the same you get for smoking dope, and which is worse, recreational pot smoking or illegal use of prescription drugs? One is a naturally occurring plant and one is a manufactured controlled substance, so though a 4 game suspension is maybe a bit much, I am glad to see the penalties for the two at least match.
  • avatar

    Oh well! So goes life in the day of a Buc fan. This team can't catch a break. This means my life is in the hands of Myron Lewis. Oh Lord!
  • avatar

    Good CBs are so hard to find. Too bad the Bucs didn't take Morris Claiborne during the draft (as many of us hoped at the time)...too many off-the-field issues with Talib. Wonder if they'll move Barber back to CB or even nickel now.
  • avatar

    This is bad news. We simply don't have anyone else who can play at his level. Man, get past one disaster and you go out and create another ? I hope he doesn't get cut after this.
  • avatar

    4 games is lame for so little and it was at the start of training camp 1 or 2 maybe but 4 makes no sense
  • avatar

    stupid adderall isnt serious college kids take it to concentrate and little kids take it for the same reason just because he didnt have a script makes it seem worse but its not like hes blowing coke or getting a dui....4 games is way too much i could understand 1 game but 4 is bull!!!
  • avatar

    it's also highly abused. it's in the same class as meth. Schedule 2 controlled substance (categorized with oxycodone, morphine, etc). so it's a felony to be caught in possession of it.
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