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October 14, 2012 @ 5:08 pm
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Schiano Says Bucs "Did An Incredible Job" Stopping Charles

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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Facing one of the league's best rushing attacks, the Buccaneers were able to hold the Chiefs running game in check, and came away with a dominating 38-10 victory. Head coach Greg Schiano spoke about the efforts of the defense, and also the performance of his offense immediately following the game on Sunday.
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano addressed the media following Sunday's 38-10 dismantling of the Chiefs. Read the full transcript here in this weekly post-game feature by PewterReport.com.

Can you talk about the defense today and how they shut down Jamal Charles?

“Yes, I thought just in general just shutting down the run game that was the challenge. They came in here one of the best running teams in the National Football League. I thought the guys did an incredible job. I think something like 2.7 yards per carry. If you can do that in the NFL you got a chance to really play good defense.”

Can you talk about the difference in what you are seeing in this front four?
“Well, I think when Bill Sheridan and the defensive staff they have done a really good job of getting the guys to understand that each play is its own entity and you have to do your job on that play. Today I think our guys really did a good job of executing their job. That’s the whole secret with us. You do your job, and 11 pieces add up, and it can be a good result.”

How big of a day was this for Josh Freeman?
“Yes, I think it is a big day. It is a big day for our offense [and] for our team to get back on track. For Josh (Freeman) especially I thought he kept his cool throughout the game when things didn’t go well, and I think he did a great job on some of those runs that popped. It was all him. He identified, and it was not an easy identification. He identified and changed the play and we hit some nice runs. Not only throwing the ball... it’s the hidden stuff that I think he is really growing and becoming a complete quarterback. Sure there are going to be throws he wish he had back and things he wish he did differently, but it is a slow process. He is getting better.”

Did you guys make any adjustments during the bye week?
“Well I think each week the way we approach each game is you have to find out what we think is the best way to win that game. It is not necessarily the best way to win last week’s game or next weeks, but this game. I thought it was a good plan. I am sure as we watch the tape we will say oh what were we thinking there? But that is always the case. Again, my hats off to the players because they executed their job and that to me is—if we can get that to be the norm where we are doing our job every play—these guys can be real good.”

Was there more of an effort to give Doug Martin tosses?
“A little bit, but not like that’s the reason that he had—I think it was really kind of similar stuff. The one pass he caught and made the big game on he was not the primary receiver. I thought he did an excellent job of Josh (Freeman) 1,2, 3 ok, still got him, throw the check down and let Doug (Martin) do the work. He had a guy right on him. He made him miss and the rest is like a 35-yard gain after that.”

Can you talk about the defense and how they played today?
“I was really pleased. I mean really pleased. That is like I said earlier [a] potent running attack that is running the ball against some of the better defenses in this league. I am sure the plan was to come in here and run the football. They threw it more than I thought they would. To be able to stop that running game [and] hold them to 80 yards that’s pretty darn good.”

How much was this win needed?
“Well I think it is important. I promise you we never relax in the ones that we did not finish out. We have to learn to do that. Again, this is too simple people don’t want to hear this, but all it is is staying focused on your job and doing it all the way through the whole 60 minutes. I thought our guys did that. You could hear it on the sideline it was very, very evident play this whole game and I am proud of the guys for doing that.”

NFL coaches don’t get a lot of opportunities to smile before the end of the game, but today was one of those performances right?
“I tell you, there are very rarely 38-10 (games) in any league. So that was a nice way to have a little fun with the players. We worked so hard. I am always on to the next thing on to the next thing and I got to make sure that when we do something like this that we do enjoy it a little bit. Now tomorrow we will watch the tape and we will be sick about a thousand things and have to get it fixed. For a couple hours-- nice thing about a one o’clock game is you actually have a couple hours to enjoy it and then get back on and get ready for New Orleans.”

Does having Vincent Jackson help Mike Williams to get in position and make some of those catches?
“Well, just having Vince (Vincent Jackson) out there helps coverage scheme wise. I will tell you Mike (Williams) has done some incredible things with body control. I saw it when we first got here and our coaching staff saw it. Let’s see if it happens in the game. Well it has happened in five games. It has happened. Mike (Williams) is an incredible weapon and if they are going to try to take away Vincent (Jackson) you just keep going and all of a sudden Mike (Williams) makes a few and now you start going to Vincent. That is a nice ham and egg there that you can do. We need to make sure we keep doing it. Tiquan (Underwood) makes that big play in the slot. I mean great concentration. That is a big play in that game. We keep growing at that position and Josh (Freeman) keeps growing that can be real potent.”

You have to like how some of these guys are fighting for the ball, right?
“Well, that’s their job. You know finish the play. The easy ones most guys can catch. It is those difficult ones that Mike (Williams) caught and Vince (Vincent Jackson) caught [and] Doug (martin) caught [and] Mike Williams caught. Those are the plays that separate you from the rest of the pack. It was good.”

Are you committed to having Aqib Talib back on this team after the suspension is served?
“He has got the four-week suspension as well chronicled and when he gets back then we go with him. But when he is away I am really, really proud of the way (E.J.) Biggers stepped up and everybody. It is a trickledown effect. You are one guy back in all your sub groups. Guys didn’t miss a beat. They went out and played Buccaneer defense. That’s really what I am very proud of them.  When Aqib’s suspension is up I really believe he will work hard and be ready then we will go from there.”

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    I never look at an opponent as "supposed to win" because they all can beat you. A supposed "good" team like the Ravens barely beat these guys and let Jamal Charles run all over them.
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    I really liked the differences in approach today, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. It's not often that I would say this, but from watching the game today, you might have thought that the coaching staff read PR articles and reader comments, gave them some thought, and implemented some of the ideas in them. The 3 big things I wanted to see from a schematic standpoint - (1) open up the offense for Josh. CHECK. (2) Don't necessarily run less, just run smarter - play to DM's strengths, stop trying to force feed him 22 times, mix LGB in more. CHECK. (3) Try something to correct the issues with run blocking - the team shook things up both roster wise and in the lineup. CHECK. I know it was just the Chiefs, but good or even just decent teams are supposed to beat the Chiefs like we did. I think that's a positive sign. I would have been bummed about a 3 point win that was close the whole way. Keep it up, Bucs.
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