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October 14, 2012 @ 6:09 pm
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Bucs Crush Chiefs: Locker Room Reaction

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers locker room was obviously a happy location to be following the impressive 38-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. PewterReport.com was in the locker room and below is a sample of quotes directly from the players.
The Buccaneers were facing a potential nightmare prior to Sunday's game with the Chiefs, in danger of falling to 1-4 on the season. After a shaky first half quarterback Josh Freeman rebounded in the third and fourth quarters and Tampa Bay exploded for 31 second half points to defeat the Chiefs by a score of 38-10.

Below is a sample of quotes gathered in the jubilant locker room following Sunday's win.

(On the playmaking ability of his receivers)
“Mike (Williams) is a guy that has been (making plays) since his rookie year. Vincent (Jackson) is a guy that we know is going to make those plays. It’s only my first year with him, but, even then, he’s made so many plays for us. Even Tiquan (Underwood) stepped up and made that play that he did. We have all the faith in the world in those guys. When we get a one-on-one matchup, we like to take advantage.”

(On what he expected from WR Vincent Jackson this season)
“We knew the kind of player Vincent was. You know he’s going to go out and make plays. It’s great to have Vincent, great to have him as a teammate, a fellow captain. He’s a leader and he goes out and he makes play after play on Sundays.”

(On WR Mike Williams’ 62-yard touchdown reception)
“He makes those catches. If you have one-on-one with a DB you just give him a high ball, give him a chance. I can’t say I’ve ever seen or played with a guy with the ball skills like Mike Williams. It doesn’t really matter where you put it, he’s going to find a way to make a play on it.”

(On putting the game away in the fourth quarter)
“I thought it was great to come out and see how we ran the football. I mean, Doug (Martin), LeGarrette (Blount), and the whole offensive line were at their best when we really needed it at the end of the game.”

(On bouncing back from his early interception)
“You can’t let a negative play or a really positive play affect how you approach each snap. You’re going to throw interceptions, it’s the National Football League, but you can’t buy into the, ‘Oh, you threw a pick, now the rest of the game is downhill.’ You just have to play it one play at a time.”

(On how big of a win this is for him personally)
“Nothing anybody says outside of our building has any effect on us. People will say they want to throw the ball deep or they want to run the ball, but we know who we are and you just have to continue to work, continue to prepare like we’ve been preparing, then go out on Sundays and just play. We’ve got the talent, we’ve got the pieces, we just have to go out and play.”

(On the victory)
“The win is what we want. I think everybody had a little bitter feeling going into the bye week after three straight losses. It wasn’t that we weren’t playing hard, it (was) just that none of our hard work was reaping any rewards for us. We all went in (to this game) with a purpose, came out with a purpose, had a good plan and executed very well, got some turnovers, and won a good football game.”

(On his 78-yard interception return for a touchdown)
“Just two slants, (and) I was covering the inside slant. EJ (Biggers) actually made a great play; he’s gotten the assist on a couple of my interceptions the last couple of years. Give him more credit than me, I just snatched it off the ground before it hit, and then it was a pretty easy 78-yard run from there.”

(On being a statement game)
“We’re not trying to make any statements; we are playing one week at a time. This is our Kansas City season, as Coach (Schiano) likes to say, and we won that one. We’ll look at it tomorrow; see the good things, obviously some bad things in there as well. Get ready for the next season. We’re not gloating – just like we didn’t pout when we lost those other games – we just keep going to work.”

(On his interception)
“I was excited about it. I actually wanted to score with it, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get my balance and get my head up, but I was happy with it.”

(On being a rookie)
“I feel like I’m getting more and more comfortable with each game I play. That’s going to help me out a great deal, because once I get comfortable, I can play faster, so hopefully I just keep getting better and better as the season goes on.”

(On slowing down Kansas City’s running game)
“It was just execution. Everybody communicated, everybody was on the same page, everybody did their job, and when we execute, we can play like that.”

(On his touchdown reception in the first quarter)
“It was just called ‘double go.’ I told Josh, we knew they were going to give us single-high man press coverage. We [have] been saying all week that it’s disrespect towards us. They [are] both good corners, but we still think that’s disrespect towards a receiver when you play single-high man coverage and he [Josh Freeman] called double go and he threw it up.”

(On catching the ball at its highest point)
“That’s just like I’ve been saying my whole career. Every time somebody asks me, man, just put it in the air. I’m not going to fail you, because it’s either going to be incomplete or it’s mine.”

(On his relationship with WR Vincent Jackson)
“It started throughout training camp, us gelling together, us working together. Us realizing both of our strengths and weaknesses [so] that we can go out here and do some damage to some corners out here with some defenses if we work together, and that’s what we’ve been trying to do.”

(On Jackson as a teammate)
“It’s great, man. They couldn’t have brought in anybody better. It’s outstanding, I’m glad they got him. He’s an awesome teammate. I hope we play a lot more years with him. He helps me after practice, before practice, before games, in the film room. He changed my game a lot by meeting the mental aspect of the game.”

(On the win)
“To come out with a victory is awesome. It feels good; we did a good job on special teams, defense, and offense. It was a full team effort.”

(On his long runs)
“The line did a good job on staying on blocks and finishing guys and the holes opened up and sometimes I did my job and made the guy miss. Overall, the offense was just clicking.”

(On G Jamon Meredith)
“He stepped in and played very well. He had a good practice and he’s doing an awesome job. He did a good job staying on blocks and staying low.”

(On his 62-yard reception)
“It was a great play by the defender, he got inside and had a great PBU (pass break-up) but fortunately enough, the ball bounced where I could still catch it. I just had good concentration and just tried to make a play for our offense.”

(On the offense)
“Coming into it we knew these guys played a lot of man (coverage) and rightly so, they got some great corners on the outside in (Brandon) Flowers and (Stanford) Routt. Guys stepped up and just made plays today. Josh (Freeman) put the ball where it needed to be and we were executing pretty well throughout the day.”

(On what the offense did well today)
“We know as an offense that, when we’re balanced, we’re pretty tough to stop, and we did that today. We just executed pretty well and the defense helped out giving us the ball. We’re just going to build on top of this victory”

(On the offense)
“That’s the way we play, you know what I mean. We are going to take our shots each and every week. You know if we got a one on one matchup we are going to be aggressive. We always talk about being aggressive toward the ball. We may not make every play but we’re going to fight for it and we’ll win our share of battles out there.”

(On his relationship with WR Mike Williams)
“It’s been great. You know, Mike (Williams) has been a professional. He jumped in when I started with the team in March and we came in, sat down and talked, and our relationship has been great. He’s a hard working kid, he wants to be great. We come out each and every day, we make sure we work hard and make each other better. With a guy like Josh there’s no room but to improve and sky’s the limit for us.”

(On how he has helped Williams)
“Probably just focusing on daily routines. Just each and every day, and each and every practice, focus on the small details of your game, whether it’s releases or block-ins, just trying to be a complete receiver.”

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    I can't find the game on nfl rewind. Can anyone put up a link. Thank you
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    it's how a team, or a soldier reacts after getting punched in the mouth that defines whether you have a player. Most people would probably look at this match up and say, two teams that are not the Patriots or the Ravens; but, that's people who are not playing or coaching; we had players out as much as the Chiefs did; but, the bucs look like they've put it together finaly against a team that has more talent than it looks; i think this is a statement game. I'm excited to see the players getting along and enjoying the game. At least, that's what it sounds like to me. Can't wait for Talib to get back though! Shoot, the Bucs might even get Bowers back. I see I don't have to tell the coach to be conservative about making the decision to get him back in pads. Shoot, I find I don't have to say much! that makes me very happy!
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