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October 19, 2012 @ 5:24 pm
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Bowers' Status Sunday Still Undetermined

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers wrapped up practice Friday afternoon in preparation for Sunday's matchup with the New Orleans Saints. Head coach Greg Schiano took to the podium at One Buc for his final post-practice press conference and talked about the Saints, the throwback game and where Da'Quan Bowers stands.
Greg Schiano wrapped up his weekly press conferences Friday afternoon and below is a transcript.

How is Vincent Jackson is that something you are concerned about with that calf?

“I think he will be fine. [It] is just precautionary.”

Can you tell us what was behind the release of Markus White and what it means for maybe Da’Quan Bowers?
“Well, I am not going to get in particularly who we are going to replace Markus (White) with, but there is certainly a reason [why] that we did it. We will make that move tomorrow [and] then move forward.”

Now that you have seen him for three days what is your summary from what you have seen so far from Da’Quan Bowers?
“I think he has looked good. He has not done a lot. Again, I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but from what he has done he has looked good.”

Is being in shape and being in football shape something that you think there is an actual difference between?

Can you get in football shape in a week or does it take longer to do that?
“No, probably doesn’t take the full 20 days, but you cannot do it in a week. Then again how much you ask a guy to play in different situations, right? You ask him to play 60 plays then you better be in great football shape. If you ask him to play 12 plays maybe it is not such a big deal. Again, don’t read into any of that. That is just answering your question. We have some options and we are going to explore those and then make decisions.”

Were you contemplating a change of kick returner?

Was there anything that clicked about the passing game this past weekend that didn’t the last two weeks?
“Well, I think some of the same things that clicked in the Washington game just clicked more frequently in the Kansas City game. I think what is happening is people are getting more and more comfortable with what we are doing and making some big time plays. Sometimes as everybody becomes more comfortable then true talents start to shine through. I think that that’s what is happening. It needs to continue to happen for us to be successful.”

Did the bye week help to bring that together?
“Probably didn’t hurt. Some self examination by everyone involved. Players, coaches, me—everybody. Then some practice too. It is a little different when you practice and there is not an opponent you are preparing for. So you can kind of just work on some things that are not specific to okay when 36 walks down and the corner starts to rotate over the top now you know it is this, where you are just working on kind of base fundamental stuff. So I think it probably helps some.”

In the AFC there are two teams with winning records and in the NFC there are seven. Is that something you look at and does this feel like a playoff game to you?
“That’s not something I look at to be honest with you. I’m so wrapped up in just trying to get the Bucs to play the best that they can play that that’s kind of out here for me. At the end of the day, if you work hard and you do things the best you can, you look up and you’re in a good spot. Sometimes. I mean there are two teams playing every week. One wins and one loses.”

What are your thoughts on the throwback uniform and the throwback game?
“I think it’s cool, it’s something different. People get excited about it. Again, I’m more concerned with what’s underneath that throwback uniform. But it’s fun for our fans and anything that makes it more exciting and more fun I’m all for it.”

Does having a big safety like Mark Barron help you defend Jimmy Graham?
“It’s very hard, no doubt. It’s kind of like this new wave, or not new wave, but the wave in pro football is these big tight ends that are really hard to cover. That was certainly a part of our discussions when we talked about Mark Barron because when you look in our division we have three of them. So we play one every time we play a divisional game. We had Game one with Carolina’s (Greg) Olson and now we’re stepping up to number two and then we’ll get (Tony) Gonzalez somewhere down the road so no doubt there’s matchup considerations there for sure. You get him on a 5-8 guy and there’s not a lot of doubt where the ball’s going to go.”

How much has Barron improved since that first game?
“I think he’s a considerably better safety now because he understands things better, he’s playing faster. I thought he played some pretty good football opening day, too. I think Mark (Barron) is on that kind of climb that you like as a coach – steady, he just keeps getting better and more confident in what he’s doing. I’m pleased with how he’s coming along. This is a huge test for him this week. Hopefully Sunday around 4:30 I can say we took another step.”

Was it you or Coach Bill Sheridan who talked about putting big hits on tape and how that helps your defense because other people see him coming downhill?
“That was Bill (Sheridan), but I agree.”

Have you scaled back at all in preparation for a short week next week?
“No, we’re doing everything we can to win this game. It’s already planned out what we’re doing next week. It’s all in the hopper and we just have to do the plan next week, which will be considerably scaled back. But we’ve got to take care of the New Orleans season now. That other season will be waiting there.”

Do you see a change in Mike Williams’ attitude when he has a big game?
“No, Mike (Williams) is Mike, which is fun. He’s got a great personality and he’s out there a little bit, which is fun. I like guys like that. I’m like that. Win, play good, play poorly, Mike’s sitting in the front row of that meeting room ready to go. That’s him and it’s fun to coach guys like that. Thanks guys.”


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    Remember when some questioned the wisdom of drafting the young WR who left the team in Syracuse?
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    I am just going with the flow. Coach knows what he is doing and I continue to support what he is doing. Go Bucs! Get this win!
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